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CONFESSION TIME! I steal story lines from Bones. This is based off of the childhood of everyone's favorite loony bin crazy ass sifter (also known as a psychologist) DR. LANCE SWEETS! I swear I love that boy way more than what is healthy, and Jack Hodgins, but we wouldn't go there. Small hints of Brennan's childhood too, but not as much. CONFESSION NUMBER TWO! I like naming fics after Spring Awakening songs! I think I have a problem. But if you haven't heard the song "Those You've Known" or just any from SA in general go to youtube and look it up because they are absolutely amazing! And I'm going to see it in October and am SO excited! I have to give big thanks to everyone who reviewed my other two BTR stories! This probably wouldn't have gotten finished if it weren't for those fabulous people! LOVE YOU ALL!

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It seemed as though every kid at the Palm Woods was in the pool. The hot sun had taken to burning the city of Los Angeles to a crisp. All a cross the city people were either cooped up inside, air conditioning blasting, or taking refuge at the pool/beach.

The only person in sight who was not taking this opportunity to cool off and splash around with friends was a skinny boy with pale skin and dark hair sitting in the corner of the pool deck buried in a book, his eyes flitting back and forth so fast you wouldn't believe he was drinking in every word.

"Logan, get in the pool!"

The boy looked up to see his friend, James, standing in the shallow end. His usual tidy hair soaking wet and plastered to his face.

"I'm reading!" Logan yelled back, holding up his book as though James needing proof.

"Dude, I will come over there and throw you in!"

Logan just shook his head, chuckling softly. James was usually all talk and no action. Sure, Logan had been thrown in the pool by his friends numerous times, but mostly they just joked about it. He returned to his book, letting the threat pass over his head.

It was a surprise when he felt arms around him, lifting him up off the chair and walking towards the pool. "James, put me down!" He squirmed, trying to break the larger boys hold, but James simply laughed. "I'm serious man! Put me down!"

"Ok!" James immediately dropped him into the clear water below.

The water was cold, but not unpleasant as it surrounded him. His head broke the surface and he gasped, taking in a lung full of air, then his attention turned to a hysterically laughing James, standing on the deck, mere feet from where he was now.

"JAMES!" Logan said angrily as he swam to the side and lifted himself out of the water. His black t-shirt clung to his body and he unstuck it with a small 'pop'.

"I gave you fair warning." James said, holding his hands up defensively. "All you ever do is read. Now we can all have fun together! You should be thanking me."

At that moment Camille walked over, a towel in her hand, and trying to keep a smile off her face. Not that she would ever admit it, but she found the whole incident hilarious. And James was right, Logan spent to much time reading and not enough in the pool with everyone else. Come to think of it Camille couldn't remember one time she had seen Logan swimming.

She held out the towel to him, which he took gratefully, wiping the water out of his eyes. "Thanks Camille. But James, I swear to god, if you ever do that again-"

"Chill down dude. We're just having some fun."

Logan was still visibly upset, but it was fading fast. He could never stay mad at anyone for more than a minute. That's just the kind of guy he was.

"Take your shirt off Logan. You'll be able to dry off before you go into the lobby. Bitters hates it when people drip on the carpet." Camille said, picking up another towel and throwing it at him.

Logan paled slightly and shook his head. "It's fine Camille. I'll just go up now." He walked away briskly, not looking back as he did so.

"What's up with him?"

"I don't know." James frowned slightly as he watched Logan's retreating form and turned back towards the pool.

When it came to Logan sometimes even his best friends were in the dark as to what when on in his head. They had all known each other since first garde and knew practically everything about each other, but there were times when Kendall, James, and Carlos felt Logan was hiding things.

For some reason Logan had an odd aversion to taking his shirt off. Back in Minnesota he had always been first to hockey practice and was dressed and on the ice before anyone else had even shown up. Then after practice he wouldn't change in front of anyone. He always told them that public showers freaked him out, but they had trouble believing him.

It was the same during sleepovers. Logan refused to change in front of them. He would go into the bathroom to change. When they asked him about it he just mumbled that he wasn't comfortable with his shirt off. That's when they started to worry about him, because Logan was a bean pole, and him being "uncomfortable" with his body worried them. They didn't want him to do anything drastic.

Then they moved to California and instead of wanting to spend every day at the ice rink, Carlos, James, and Kendall wanted to spend every free moment in the pool. Despite their best efforts they could not get Logan, willingly, in the pool. He had been thrown or pushed in many times by his friends, but that was always followed by a mini Logan blow up. Then he would run up to their apartment to get into dry clothes.

The first time this happened Bitters stopped and yelled at him for a good ten minutes for dripping all over his lobby and told him he better not do it again.

They kept throwing Logan in the pool though, hoping that he would grow out of his insecurities. Sadly they were proven wrong every time. They waned to help Logan, make him think more highly of himself (he was their best friend after all), but every time they tried to breach the subject Logan would go slightly pale and babble about school or the weather.

James approached Kendall and Carlos, both of whom looked amused. "He leave?" Kendall said. James nodded.

"Yeah, and he's probably getting water all over the lobby and Bitters will yell at him for the millionth time."

"I'm gonna go follow him, make sure he's ok." Kendall stood, placing his sunglasses on the top of his head.

"Why? Logan can't stay mad at people?"

"But he always gets annoyed after Bitters chews him."

They both nodded and Kendall took off towards the lobby. Walking in the building he saw Bitter was behing his desk, screaming into the phone. Kendall exhaled glad, that meant he wasn't giving Logan one of his famous lectures about what water did to carpet. He felt a small wave of relief.

Logan always hated getting yelled at, no matter who was doing the yelling or what it was for. It caused him to flinch and shrink down even smaller than he already was. He looked like a lost kid who needed to be saved.

That's why Kendall was so protective of Logan. He wouldn't ever stand up for himself so Kendall who did it for him. Because that's what Kendall did, he looked after his friends.

He entered the apartment. No one seemed to be home, but then he heard the sound of a dresser door closing coming from his and Logan's room and proceeded to the door. Without thinking Kendall opened the door without knocking or announcing his presence and stopped dead in his tracks.

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