Summary: When at the hospital meeting with an informant, Jack and Sue meet a deaf girl called Raven. Raven is involved with a notorious drug/guns/smuggling/theft/fraud ring called the Strikers and she has been as long as she can remember. She was abandoned on the street and members of the gang took her in. Her tough persona has awarded her a high position in the gang and exchange for a lighter sentence and help finding her family, Raven promises to help the F.B.I get inside the group. Meanwhile, the team welcomes a temporary member to their team, Leslie McDaniel, a friend from the past. Lots of stories are shared until a threat to national security puts the entire team on the top of death list of a high powered terrorist. Death is the name of the game as the team races to find the answers in this face paced episode.

*Note this is not really an episode.

Hi, Agent Striker here, this is my first multi-chapter Sue Thomas fic and well, I just have to say that I'm such a perfectionist when it come to writing about this TV show that if I don't like it I might start over…just a warning. Anyway, on to the story.

"Levi, get Sue." The handsome Jack Hudson said to the golden-haired dog lying on the floor by the feet of his golden-haired owner.

With a mighty stretch, Levi nudged his owner, getting her attention then directing it toward Jack, "What do you need?" Sue asked with a smile.

"I just got a call from Metro, they just got a call from St. Michaels, it seems that one of your informants was brought in with a gunshot wound and he's asking for you."

Already reaching for her purse and Levi's leash Sue asked with a slightly worried expression, "Who?"

"Keith Glover." Jack said, referring to a man the team had 'drafted' only a few short weeks earlier.

"What could have happened?" Sue wondered aloud as she, Jack and Levi made their way to the elevator.

"I have no idea," Jack shrugged as the elevator doors opened and the trio stepped inside, "He's in stable condition and the nurse that I talked to said that he was going to be all right. Maybe he has something for us."

It was Sue's turn to shrug, "Maybe…I guess we'll see when we get there, huh?"

Jack smiled, "Yea I guess we will."

The ride to the hospital was quite and uneventful. Each of the passengers in the car were lost in their own thoughts. One was thinking about rabbits, one was worrying about the man in the hospital and the third was thinking about the lady in the passenger seat.

When they arrived at the hospital, Sue stepped out of the car and said to her partner, "It's such a beautiful day; it must really stink to be stuck inside the hospital."

Jack couldn't agree more. The summer air was begging to fade and the cool fall air talking its place. It was one of those rare days when it was sunny but there was a nice breeze and it was just about 75 degrees.

Once inside the hospital, Jack inquired at the reception desk, "Can you tell me what room Keith Glover is in?"

With a flirty smile the young nurse drew out the words, "Itttttssss rooom 465."

"Thanks," Jack smiled back, and for some reason the action made Sue feel ever so slightly jealous.

"Ladies first," Jack held his arm out toward the elevator, "Excuse me, I meant to say ladies and dogs first."

Sue laughed and entered the elevator with Levi right beside her. Jack pushed the '4' and silently stood while the elevator hummed its way to the fourth floor. When they arrived Jack, Sue and Levi made their way to 465. On the bed lay a young man of 19 with thick brown hair. His tall frame looked uncomfortable in the hospital bed and he was pale but he smiled when Sue entered the room.

"What happened?" Sue asked as she moved closer to the bed.

"I was coming home after I worked the late shift and this huge guy, I swear he was built like a Mack truck, shoves me into an alley and tells me to lay off being an F.B.I rat or else I was going to die, courtesy of the Strikers. Then he pulls out a gun and says 'This is just a warning,' and shoots me." He said his eyes on his pretty 'handler'.

"Did you get a look at his face?" Jack asked.

The young man tore his eyes away from Sue and shook his head, "Sorry man, it was way too dark..."

Sue asked another question, "Did you see or hear anything at all that might help us find him?"

"Nope. Nothing." Keith looked nervously between the two F.B.I team members, "I'm not so sure about this informant thing…I really don't like getting shot up in back allies."

"If you back out then you get to go to prison, if you stick this thing out then you get protection and no prison time." Jack said, "What's it going to be?"

Again the young man looked between the two, "How soon do I get my protection?"

"As soon as I call the office and they send someone over here." Jack said as he pulled out his cell phone.

"Okay I'll take the protection…"Keith stopped and looked at Sue, "Are you guys going to check out the Strikers?"

Sue glanced at Jack who was telling the person on the other end to get someone over here and tell Tara to do some checking on the Strikers. "It's already in the works," She smiled.

The boy smiled back and as Jack hung up his phone he said, "Someone is about 5 minutes away, we'll hang around until they get here."

The minutes past quickly and soon Jack and Sue were on their way to the elevator, "I feel sorry for him," Sue said as they made their way down the hallway.

"Why-" Jack stopped and turned back toward the sound of breaking glass. A burly doctor charged down the hallway toward the room and an interested Jack and Sue followed.

"What's going on?" The doctor yelled at a telephone flew toward the door. The thrower was a tall, well muscled girl of 17 or 18. She had medium length shiny, natural back hair. She had a cast on one arm, bruises dancing across her face and she looked terrified. Her hands were moving in odd ways and suddenly Sue gasped, "She's sighing!"

The doctor and the two nurses turned toward her, "What?" The doctor asked.

"She's using American Sign language!" Sue stepped toward the girl who stepped closer to the wall and signed, Who are you? Where am I? Who are those people?

"My name is Sue Thomas, you're at St. Michael's Hospital, and these people are trying to help you, they're nurses and doctors." Sue signed and spoke.

Turning toward the doctor she asked what happened.

"She was brought in early this morning, all beat up. The guy with her just dumped her off and split, she was out so we fixed her up and then suddenly she's freaking out." The doctor said, "I guess she didn't remember getting here."

Sue nodded and turned toward the girl, "What's your name?"


"Raven What?"

Just Raven, I don't have a last name.

"Everyone has a last name."

If I do then I don't know what is. Why am I here…and how did I get here?

"You got hurt or beat up and a man brought you in."

What are they trying to do to me?

"They want to help you, let them."

The girl looked less scared but then she turned to Sue. After scrutinizing her face she signed, only if you stay with me.

Sue looked at Jack and when he spoke, she nodded to Raven.

"I'll call the office and tell them we'll be a little late…and to look for any missing girls who are deaf and named Raven."

Sue smiled, "You read my mind."

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