Author: Rokutagrl

Title: 15 Reasons Why Not To Date Hamada Yoshirou

Pairings: Mentions of SuyaSama, AbeMiha, maybe others… Main pairing of HamaIzu (HMIZ).

Warnings: Yaoi? Me trying to push the HMIZ fandom a bit farther.

Disclaimer: Do not own!

Summary: Izumi tries convincing Tajima as to why he shouldn't date Hamada. HamaIzu/HMIZ


"And that's, uhm…"

"I'll have to think about it." Izumi curtly interrupted. "I'll, uh, see you around, Hamada!" The batter twirled on his heels, getting ready to jet out of there.

"…Wait! Er, Izumi?" His taller friend tried, but repelled his statement once Izumi actually turned to look back. He hid his face beneath his overgrown bangs—Izumi had promised a week ago to cut them—and dismissed his friend with a quiet, "Never mind. See ya…"

Izumi ran from his dejected once-sempai, or rather walked as briskly as his legs could take him. He didn't want to show the other how desperate he was to escape. He was just glad he couldn't see Hamada's face in those last seconds. He'd probably agree under the influence of sympathy or some other pathethic crap he wasn't sure he was capable of or not... Or something to that effect.

Izumi shut the classroom door behind himself and slid to the ground in a relieved huff. His heart beat wildly against his ribcage, the momentum churning wildly throughout his lower stomach. The brunet wondered if heroines ever felt this way in horror manga when they weren't sure whether they had eluded the monster stalking the halls outside.

"I-I-Izumi-kun?" A bewildered Mihashi questioned his teammate's disposition. Still engrossed with his fantasy of consternation, Izumi involuntarily jumped at the meek sound of his classmate worrying over him. Though he hadn't meant to (hence the 'involunary' motion), the movement freightened the tough-as-a-nest-of-mice-Mihashi into apologizing. Quicker than Izumi could run to first, or process the chain of events, Mihashi had all ready exited through the second set of doors. And at that pace would probably be long gone before Izumi decided whether or not to pursue it.

He'd just apologize tomorrow. If Mihashi wasn't too scarred to come out from underneath his bed. Had it been any other day, Izumi might have laughed at the perfectly accurate thought, but it wasn't and he didn't. Instead his stomach sank further and he groaned, wishing that Mihashi had taken him as well.

"What was that all about?" A half-asleep Tajima wondered, having woken up when his brunet friend entered. Normally he would have all ready been making himself comfortable in the Mihashi residence, but something in Izumi's expression kept him seated.

Izumi quietly made his way over and sat at his own desk, knowing that he'd be safe in the hands of his dimwitted friend. He needed to take his mind off of the unnecessary things tossing and tumbling in his stomach. Tajima was good for forgetting.

The brown-eyed teen waited impateintly in the silence for, "Nothing!" and then blinked. He turned in his own seat to sit opposite Izumi.

"Well, what did Hamada want?"

Tajima watched as his close friend turned red, then muttered, "Don't worry about it!"

"Whaaaat?" Tajima asked, incredulously. "You gotta tell me now!"

Izumi told him to forget it again, but obstinately the star player began shaking the table with multiple cries of, "IZUMI! TELL ME! What did Hamada waaaaannntttttt!" The teen was practically whining now.

"That's not gonna work with me." Izumi said, flatly.

Tajima stuck out his tongue, "Fine. Then don't expect me to take notes for you anymore!"

"You don't even take your own notes."

"Then don't think I'll let you copy Hanai's notes!"

"He's not even in our class. Besides, I take my own." Izumi countered.

"Only when you're awake."

Izumi consented this to be true. "But I'm still smarter than the three of you."

Tajima had no way to deny this, for their test scores proved the other right. So he went back to shaking the desk between them and complaining about friends telling each other everything.

Izumi continued ignoring him in favor of the view outside. Tajima ceased his actions again, this time realizing something felt… wrong, cold to his usually charismatic teammate.

Yes, Tajima knew that there was more than a blank expression to his friend. Heck, Izumi was one of the best friends he had at Nishiura and the two were often in trouble for tormenting Mihashi (out of love), or causing some other mischief. But Tajima could tell that even when he was quiet or not seeming to pay attention, the slightly taller boy was always in a good mood. Right now, he was more melancholic.

"Are you sure you're all right?" Tajima worried. He could read Mihashi like a book—or better yet, a baseball playbook—but Izumi was just a bit beyond his level of comprehension. More like a novel.

"Yeah…" Izumi sighed.

"If you tell me what's wrong," Tajima instigated, "I could help you solve it."

Izumi continued to stare into space for the longest time. Tajima busied himself with making airplanes out of pages in his notebook. He was a good friend, honestly, but his attention span suffered.

Finally Izumi confided, "Hamada confessed to me."

It took half a second for the information to sink in, and another half for the boy to add it all together. "Congratulations!" He offered with the goofiest grin he had in stock.

Izumi stared, unguarded, at his rambunctious companion. "…"



"...You agreed, right?" Tajima tilted his head.

"…I told him I would think about it…"

Tajima jumped to his feet and spoke as though justice had been punched in the gut: "What do you have to think about!"

Izumi snorted at the other's antics. "A lot of things. Like that we're both guys."

Tajima laughed. "And you think that stops Mihashi and Abe? Or like, Sakaguchi and Suyama? Or—"

"I get it," Izumi interrupted. "Everyone's gay. But that doesn't mean I have to go out with Hamada."

Tajima looked over his friend with new eyes. The teen looked sweet somehow. His hair flushed over his face in ways that made one want to play with the thick strands. Rather than his usual scowl, his eyes were unfocused and eyebrows un-knit. His normally pale cheeks were stained pink, accenting his light freckles. Tajima hadn't even noticed how long his friend's lashes were until this moment. From his angle looking under Izumi's chin he could see how well defined and coal black they were, as if the brunet wore lash-defining mascara.

Izumi was pretty, he realized belatedly. No wonder Hamada asked him out. There weren't many girls with his unique charms, either. Not that Tajima had come across.

"Why not give it a try?" Tajima prompted.

Izumi's scowl returned for a moment. "Why should I?"

Tajima frowned, the action feeling very foreign. "What reasons do you have not to?"

Izumi decided then and there to halt the conversation. Even on the walk home, and their time in the convenience store, or even after dinner playing video games Izumi ignored the idea altogether. Tajima decided not to press the subject too far, but he did wonder what had his friend so preoccupied.

"Fifteen." Izumi told Tajima the next day when everyone else was getting ready to leave. The star player wondered what his friend meant, but he was told to wait until the last student had left. So Tajima busied himself drawing manga characters over his not-notes, only acknowledging a red-faced and stuttering Hamada when he said his adieu's. He even watched the awkward eye-exchange between the blond and his brunet friend.

Izumi only looked away.

"So…" Tajima began after he sent Mihashi home alone once more. "Fifteen what?"

"Fifteen reasons why I shouldn't date Hamada," Izumi answered back, pulling a piece of leaflet paper from his bag and smoothing it out onto the desk.

Tajima noted how it had even been neatly titled, "15 Reasons Why Not to Date Hamada Yoshirou."

Well, that was convenient.

"Only fifteen?" Tajima joked, but asked his friend to continue with his examples. This was going to prove to be an interesting day, the baseman concluded when Izumi began with the first reason.

This should be about 17 chapters long, with a reason each chapter.