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** Bottoms-Up! **

Chapter V:

Fat-Bottomed Girls

'Ah, you're so cute, Lovi… so very cute… I just can't handle myself around you…'

Antonio smiled and kissed me again. This time even more demanding than the last kiss, but it still was very sweet, very tender and very good. Oh yes, it certainly was good. I leaned more into the kiss and had to remind myself I needed to keep a hold on the parcel, for the thing was slowly slipping away. A-and it's pretty damn difficult to stay focused on stuff like that when a hot Spaniard is trying to nibble and kiss his way into your mouth.

Because… Antonio was excellent at kissing. A-and he was a darn good… l-lover. Well, no shit he was, since he was also the fucking country of passion and all that jazz, but still… there just was no one better than him. I was sure of that. In fact, I really liked the idea of me paying a quick visit to each and every country in Europe (too lazy to go further), just to rub those losers in their stupid faces that my lover was the best of the fucking world, and that they and their lovers all sucked, compared to Antonio.

And then I'd fucking run for the hills.

Of course, I was too much of a lousy coward to actually do that, but it still was nice to fantasize about it.

Now I wasn't bad at doing sexy stuff either. I never heard Antonio complain about my performance in the bedroom, so naturally, I also was freakishly good. Not surprising at all, of course. Hell, I was in the top 5 of world's best lovers, too! You bet I fucking tapped that Spanish ass!

…well. Not really. Usually, that Spanish ass tapped mine.

Which didn't feel good or anything. No, it didn't. I was just really convincing at pretending it did. Although I didn't exactly dislike it, either. His hands were always so firm and warm and this sure as hell wasn't me talking, but still that fucking poisoned omelet France gave to me. Fucking egg made me think all kinds of hot—I mean, embarrassing stuff, dammit!

A-anyway, tonight would be different! Tonight, I'd be the one in charge! I'd be the one who did all of the stroking and kissing and biting! And you bet your sorry ass I was ready for that!

…but when I heard myself moan a little the moment Antonio's hands disappeared underneath my shirt (still going up and down my back, up and down, so slowly), I thought I'd better do something drastic quickly, before I (maybe kind of) willingly ended on my back once again.

Yes, I should do something.

He wrapped his arms around me tighter and deepened the kiss, his tongue softly rubbing against mine as he happily hummed something sweet.

Y-yes. I really should do… something…

His hands went down further and further, until I felt he was stroking and caressing the curves of my ass, slowly pulling me closer to his own body. I sighed a shivering sigh. Oh my god, he already was very… and I felt I also… and… his hands… and his mouth… and his… tongue…

I really really really really absolutely should do something now. G-goddammit, if only he'd let me think for a moment!

H-however, as long as we just kept kissing, I… I guess there was nothing to be worried about, right? H-he was allowed to dominate the kissing-part, that was alright…

Too bad kissing in this position was kind of… painful. My arms were all cramped up, dammit. My left arms was bent awkwardly around Antonio's back and my right arm still had that stupid parcel to take care of, while I really wanted to h-h-hold that moron a bit b-better, I really wanted to be very, very close to him right now, I wanted to feel his warmth and his touch and his kisses better and I really should put the damn box down already. Carefully, of course, because it was a exquisite, delicate dress. From France the Fuckface.


Maybe I should burn it.

Antonio suddenly pulled one hand out of my pants to grab my right arm and catch my attention. He carefully slid down that same arm and stopped kissing for a moment to look at me. His breathing was hard and heavy, his eyes a bit darker than they were before.

'Lovi, would you… come closer? I can't hold you the way I want to hold you like this…'

I stared at him with dazed eyes and tried to recollect myself. What was that weird sound? Oh god, was that me making those noises? Was I fucking panting already? Holy fucking shit.

'Lovi…' Antonio's voice was soft and hopeful, as he took a hold of my hand and intertwined his fingers with mine, '…ah, I've longed for this evening to come for so many months… I really think it's about time I give you the attention you deserve so much… so please, let me hold you… let me love you, my lovely Lovino…'

Well, you could practically mop me up after that.

So I instantly dropped the parcel on the floor with and winded – no, threw my arms around Antonio's neck, pulling him close.

'O-okay, I'm closer, so… g-go ahead… you can… you can h-hold me… c-continue, please…'

Then I closed my eyes and puckered my lips expectantly. Okay, you bastard… kiss me. Kiss me kiss me kiss me kiss me please kiss me I want you to kiss me I love how you kiss me so much so kiss me and—

'Hey, a parcel!~' Antonio chirped.


I opened my eyes and the minute I saw Antonio looking at the fallen parcel beside me in curiosity, I knew the moment was gone. Woosh, thrown right outside the window. Just like that.

And just when it was about to get really good, too. I gritted my teeth. That stupid moronic awful idiotic Spanish evil bastard! Fuck!

'What's in it, Lovi?' he asked me, his eyes green and bright and not at all dark and dangerous anymore when he looked at me again, '…ah, could it be a present? For me? Ah, that's— ouch! Why did you pinch me for!'

'Because you're an inconsiderate bastard, that's why,' I growled and heaved a sigh, pushing him away. '…thanks for ruining the mood, dammit. I'll tell you what's in the fucking parcel, alright? Just shut up and get your hand out of my pants.'

He pouted. 'But I want to keep it there! Your butt feels so nice!~ Ah, I almost forgot how kneadable and lovely it is! And soft, too!~ I want to squeeze it and maybe, tonight, I'll even go down and lic—'

'Oh my god, get your hand out now or I'll slam it out!'

That worked. Which was a good thing. So I wasn't disappointed at all when he retreated his hand.


'A-anyway,' I said, smoothening my cloths and picking the parcel back up, '…l-let's go upstairs. T-to our—your bedroom. Then I'll show you what's inside. Okay?'

Antonio stared at me for a while. Then a loving, reassuring smile appeared on his face and he nodded, taking my hand. He gave it a soft squeeze.

'Okay Lovi, let's go to our bedroom.'

I closed my hand around his. 'Y-yes…'

I didn't even correct him.


'Well, here we are, then!'

Antonio laughed and flopped down on his enormous bed, hopping up and down for a while because of the super-springy mattress. He looked really stupid, all jumpy and exited like that. Idiot. I rolled my eyes as I shut the door behind me. Ugh, he was just like a kid, wasn't he?

'I can't believe you're getting all fired up because of this stupid parcel.' I said.

He chuckled and shook his head. 'Silly Lovi, it's not only because of the parcel, you know.'

I blushed. 'Oh.'

'No, it's also because of my fever!~ It makes me act kind of weird!'

'Oh.' My blush faded a bit.

He smiled. 'And also because of you, my lovely Lovino… ahahaha…'

'O-oh.' There it was again. God, I hated my face.

Okay, enough of all that flirty-shit, dammit. I took a deep breath and walked over to Antonio… just to stay put right in front of him. I looked at the empty space next to him, fidgeting clumsily. I wanted to sit next to him, but I knew that would be a vulnerable position for me. I mean, Antonio was bigger and stronger than me and if I had the guts to sit beside him, he could easily push me down as soon as his hormones kicked in again – something that could happen any moment now. And something inside of me told me that I wasn't going to struggle when that happened, so really, I should keep standing in front of him. That made me the bigger one, too, so there was nothing wrong with just… standing.

…but I really wanted to sit next to him, d-dammit…

'Lovino?' Antonio moved over some more and patted on the – now bigger – empty spot beside him with a bright smile on his face, '…ah, don't just stand there, come sit with me.'

'I don't know if that's a good idea.' I muttered, but shuffled closer to the bed.

Antonio didn't get it at all at first and blinked when he saw me acting like an insecure virgin. Until it finally clicked in that dusty brain of his and a weak blush started to color his cheeks.

'Lovi, I know it has been a long time, but… you don't have to act that shyly. I mean, sure… y-you look so very cute and you bet I'd like it a lot if I succeeded in getting you even redder than you are now, but it's only sitting, Lovino… just sitting. Nothing else. Okay? I won't jump you or anything.'

'You won't, huh?' I observed his face with a scowl.

He laughed uneasily and fumbled with his shirt. 'W-well, not right away… but after you've explained the meaning of that parcel to me, then I'll probably… y-yeah…'

I knew it. 'Fucking pervert.'


'Asshole.' I shot a disgusted glare his way and sighed, after which I did the stupidest thing possible: I sat down next to him anyway. And I just didn't understand why. Why did I do that? It was like a fucking invitation for that horny jackass, for God's sake! The only thing that was missing was the bow on my ass! Shit, why the hell did I still want to sit next to him so badly!

And then, as if fate was screwing around with me just for the fucking hell of it, Antonio carefully placed his hand on top of mine and smiled at me.

'I like it when you sit with me.'

I didn't say anything right away. I slowly moved closer to him and nodded, ignoring my once again burning face.

O-okay then, so maybe I did know why I wanted to sit next to him, in spite of all. J-just shut up already, dammit…


We sat for a while, quietly. It was pretty peaceful, just being together like this, just holding hands like this… I-I liked it. Antonio also liked it, as he wasn't complaining or whining about the parcel anymore.

…but he did stare at the parcel on my lap a lot.

I bit the inside of my cheek. Part of me wanted to show him the dress and just make him wear it already, but another part warned me that I wasn't going to like that. I mean, guys in dresses really gave me the fucking creeps. And if Antonio wanted to wear the dress – and I knew he wanted to, because he was a simpleton like that – I might run away from the sheer horror of seeing him in a frilly babydoll…


I had enough with me postponing stuff that were going to happen anyway, so I suddenly pulled my hand free, grabbed the parcel and shoved it on top of Antonio's lap.

'H-here. It's for you. J-just look inside of it already…' I mumbled and turned my head away from him to stare at the red carpet.

'Ah, so it really was for me?' he squealed happily, '…thank you very much, Lovi!~ I love getting presents – especially when you are the one giving them!'

He grabbed my arm and leaned over to kiss me on the cheek. I kept my eyes on the carpet under my feet and muttered something unintelligible, cheeks still way too red. I heard him unpacking the parcel and knew it was too late to stop him now. Shit.

It suddenly became quiet in the room. Crap, he must have seen the dress. Oh god, he was probably thinking all different kinds of things now, like how dirty my supposedly oh-so-innocent-but-not-really mind had to be, and how dangerous it had to be for him to be around a filthy piece of shit like me, since I had never told him before that I apparently wanted to do naughty things with him while he was wearing a disgustingly slutty dress.

Which was fucking ironic because I sure as hell didn't want him to be in a dress if he was going to do me – shit, I-I mean, if I was going to do him. No, I'd rather see him in a cool matador-suit or with a tight pair of dark jeans and a sexy/sweet/slug/sly/other kinky adjectives starting with a "s" -smile on his face. And with a random tomato in his mouth. Oh god, yes…

B-but that was not important. Not right now, anyway. What was important, was the simple fact that Antonio could be thinking things I didn't want him to think, thanks to that stupid babydoll-dress. Fuck. Why the hell did I even accept that evil blue frilly thing from the fuckface in the first place!

God. I was so stupid. I screwed it up big time, right? I fisted my hands in my pants. Dammit. Dammit dammit dammit.

But then Antonio all of a sudden started to laugh. A confused, yet amused laugh, without sounding like he was mocking me.

'It's a dress!' he said, '…oh wow, and it's a really pretty one, too!'

Okay, the bastard still sounded stupid (= normal). That encouraged me enough to look up at him. Slowly.

I saw Antonio held the dress in his outstretched arms. He studied it from this – safe – distance and then turned to look at me with a surprised grin on his face. 'It's nice, Lovino!'

I felt more relieved and gave him a small smile. 'Y-yeah? Do you like it?'

'Yes! But… oh my, I didn't know my Lovi was such a creep for liking stuff like this!'

Oh crap. His voice sounded cheerful, yes, but I realized something just wasn't right about it. My heart skipped a beat. Oh no, oh god no, he didn't really think I was a pervert, did he? He didn't, right?

'S-Spain, don't get the wrong ideas now!' I stammered hastily.

'Ah, it's okay, Lovino…' He moved a bit farther away from me, '…maybe I can still escape from you through the window, it's only the highest floor of the House anyway!~'

'W-what? No! N-no, you don't have to do that!' I grabbed his arms with something I could only call pure desperation and almost started hyperventilating, '…just throw away the dress! Throw the damn thing away! No! Better idea! Let's set it on fire! Or let's send it to Switzerland and see what happens! I'll get the handbook to look him up! And let's bomb France, just for the fucking hell of it! B-but don't you walk away from me, you bastard!'

Antonio just stared at me with a strange look on his face and wanted to say something, but then he started to shake and chuckle. Yes, he fucking chuckled. As if the damn bastard had heard the best joke in the world.

'The fuck.' I said, narrowing my eyes dangerously.

'Tricked you!~' he laughed and hugged me, kissing my forehead, '…oh Lovi! Lovi Lovi Lovi! Ah, I knew you were pretty gullible, but I hadn't thought you'd be this naïve, ahahahaha!'

'It was a joke?' I slowly said.

He nodded. 'Of course!~ I'd never leave you for something cute like receiving a dress as present!~'

'A joke, Spain?' I glared at the soon to be killed Spaniard.

'U-um…' Antonio got a bit uncomfortable when he saw the look on my face and pulled away, '…s-sorry Lovi, but I just… I adore that cute honesty of yours and… and I thought it would be funny to joke around with you… for a bit… ah, shouldn't I have done that…?'

He laughed again. It was a nervous laugh, though.

I didn't say anything. I just did what anybody else in my place would have done: I stomped my foot in his face.


A little while later, Antonio climbed up on the bed again, moaning and groaning non-stop while he did so. That's right! I had kicked that misleading bastard in the face, right off the bed! And it felt damn good, too!

Bastard… that'd teach him to scare me like that, d-dammit…

He sat down next to me again – carefully. He softly rubbed his nose and smiled weakly at me. 'I-it was only a joke, Lovi…'

'Shut the fuck up!' I hissed back, folding my arms, '…damn, and I thought you were a lousy liar… tssk.'

'B-but I am a lousy liar!' he said, eyes spread open wide, '…I mean, you did find out I was lying, right?'

'Yeah, but only because you were pretty much on the verge of exploding from laughter, you shitty asshole! Hell, you were seconds away from pissing your pants!'

Antonio made a face. 'That's… ew.'

'No!' I suddenly pointed a shaky finger at him. 'It is you who is ew!'


Cue deafening silence in which I wanted to yell at myself for acting like a melodramatic, nerdy girl and in which Antonio couldn't stop his jaw from hitting the floor.

Finally, he blinked a few times and then hastily turned away from me, trembling a bit while making choked-up noises.

I flushed. 'Y-you better not be laughing, you jerk!'

'Ah, but then I would be lying again, wouldn't I?~' he said in a teasing, singsong voice.

I flushed more. That bastard! 'S-shit! Do you want to kiss the floor again that badly, you stupid—'

'Ah, enough, Lovi.'

Antonio's eyes all of a sudden met mine, just as fast as his hands grabbed mine. He had a soft smile on his face – fucking master of a thousand faces – and intertwined our fingers again, raising my hands to his lips to kiss them. That shut me up disturbingly quickly, as I became quiet and watched him, scowling so much it hurt.

'What are we doing, Lovi?' he asked with a sigh and pressed a light kiss on the top of my nose, '…ah, not that I don't enjoy our little fights of ~love~, but… we could spend our time on more… fun things to do, you know?'

'F-fun things?' I repeated muttering, not stopping him when he nuzzled my face.

'Yes! Like kissing, and hugging, and kissing a bit more, and undressing ourselves, and kissing even more, and having amazing and very long-awaited sex...'

'S-stop bragging about it already, d-dammit…'

'Oh?~' He raised a brow. '…stubborn, aren't you? Want me to convince you, hmm?'

Normally, I would probably just fall flat on my back and spread my legs, instantly giving him access to everything he wanted to have access for, but this time, there was a blue dress lying on the floor that could be the key to topping the Spanish nation. And since he was okay with the dress – and since I'd kill him if he "changed" his mind again – I decided to give it a try.

'O-only if…' I had to stop and take a deep breath when I felt he was trying to push me down on the mattress, before I grabbed his wrists and looked him in the eyes demandingly.

'…only if you put on the fucking dress, you mentally-challenged comedian.'

And that actually did the trick.


Antonio picked up the blue dress and pressed it against his body. He looked down to it, frowned, walked to his standing mirror and stood in front of it for a while. Then he cocked his head to the side and observed himself critically.


I could see myself in the reflection of the mirror, sitting on our— dammit, his bed in a weird kind of lotus position. The color of my face had turned into the darkest shade of red I had ever seen – this week – and I looked unsure. Restless. Maybe even a bit guilty. I just sat there, tugging on the sheets, hoping some vital and urgent amount of testosterone would come by and help me out here, because I wasn't feeling really dominant right now.

But! That would probably change the minute Antonio had put on the babydoll-dress, so I suppose it was just a matter of seconds now, before the manly man inside of me would wake up and top that weakened bastard in front of the mirror like whoa.

I gulped when Antonio took off his shirt and I shivered a bit spastically when I ran my eyes over that perfectly tanned body of his, so sexy and broad and sexy and handsome and sexy and no, I wasn't drooling, dammit, and I certainly wasn't making creepy panting noises or squeezing my legs together really tightly because something was doing something! Not at all!

…my god, had he secretly worked out during his sickness? Fucking bastard.

'Um, Lovino?' Antonio suddenly turned around – which made me jump up a bit – and looked at me with a apologizing look on his face, '…ah, I'm sorry, but I think there's something wrong with the dress…'

'W-what do you mean?' I huffed, pressing the back of my hand against my cheek to check if I really was as red as I feared I would be, '…what's wrong with it?'

He hesitated, but then pointed at the upper part of the babydoll-dress. 'It's too small for me, Lovi. I'm too… ah, how do I say this without sounding like I'm flaunting…'

'You're too fat for it.' I stated.

Antonio gave me a broad smile. 'Ah! That's perfect, Lovi!~ It doesn't sound flaunting when you say it like that whatsoever, so yeah, let's go with that!~'

'Oh, cut the crap!' I said, annoyed because of his stupid, smiling face, and beckoned him with weird arm-gestures to come back at me, '…give me that fucking dress, you asshole. I'm sure you'll fit into it, you just didn't try hard enough!'

Antonio obediently came back to the bed and handed over the dress, firmly shaking his head when I carefully pulled the soft fabric.

I noticed it and shot a glare at him. 'What!'

He winced a bit, but recovered quickly. 'A-ah, it's just… it's no use, Lovino, it's just too small! Here, let me try widening it… see? The material doesn't stretch out, not even a little bit.'

I saw what he meant, pulled on the dress one last time – just to be sure – and groaned loudly when I realized the bastard was right. Shit. So that fuckface France had given me a worthless dress Antonio didn't even fit into, dammit! In the end, visiting that molesting leech had turned out to be a fucking waste of my time! That was just great! Thanks for nothing, you fucking French pervert!

'It really is a narrow dress…' Antonio muttered, poking the babydoll-dress, '…ah, I bet it's even too narrow for you, Lovi.'

He shouldn't have said that. He really, really shouldn't have said that.

'Wait. What was that? What did you say?' I snapped, immediately looking up at the startled Spaniard, '…are you saying I'm also too fat for that dress?'

'No, no!' he stammered hastily, shaking his head again, '…I-I'm just saying…'

'I know what you're saying, dammit!' I growled, rose up from the bed and approached him some more, putting my hands on my sides, '…you're saying I'm fucking huge!'

'N-no, Lovi! Not at all! You've got to believe me!'

I looked away from his desperate – and so fucking beautiful, dammit – eyes and made a 'hmpf!' –like sound. Of course I believed him. He was way too nice to say or even think mean things about me, everybody knew that.

B-but for now, I didn't have a choice other than being a fucking pain in the ass… I-I felt the neutral atmosphere was changing into a steamy one. Rapidly. T-that was risky, dammit! So I had to be the one in charge now, especially now, and if that meant that I had to act like a spoilt little brat in order to stay in full control of the situation, then so be it!

H-however, I highly doubted I was able to keep this up for much longer, because when I looked at Antonio again, his expression told me he was pretty damn fed up with the constant delaying of the amazing sex he was longing for.

Oh god. He was going to jump me in less than a minute, wasn't he? Oh god oh god oh god.

'A-anyways,' I hastily said, trying to concentrate on the dress-subject again, '…I'm not too fat for that damn thing, alright? I'm sure it fits me perfectly. I just wanted to make that clear. Bastard.'

Antonio gave a tired sigh and opened his mouth, ready to tell me the things he knew I wanted to hear, but he closed it again. Then a small smirk appeared on his face, the kind of smirk that turned my legs into jelly and my heart into an unstoppable, bonking, squishy piece of organ.

'Actually, I don't believe you.' the Spanish nation said and leaned over a bit, stealing a kiss from me that might had some tongue in it. Might.

'W-what?' I heard myself ask him a little breathless when he leaned back again.

He smiled and gave a short tug on my shirt. '…ah, you know what I mean, Lovi. I don't think you fit into that dress.'

Oh? Was that fucking bastard challenging me or something? Asshole. I frowned and slapped his hand away. 'I sure as hell fit into that dress!'

'I still don't believe you. You'll have to prove it.'

'Oh yeah?' I pushed the Spaniard away and grabbed the dress off the bed, '…okay, I'll fucking show you I fit it, you jerk! Move over!'

I stomped off to the bathroom and slammed the door shut with a satisfying loud bang. Time to show that moron that no dress was too narrow for the Southern half of fucking Italy!

I started undressing me right away!

…after locking the door.

Shut up, I-I needed privacy, dammit!



Since I was a part of Italy, and since Italy wasn't really seen as one of the most… brightest nations in the world, I was known, just like my younger brother, for being pretty damn thoughtless and oblivious about certain things.

Like… political stuff. And economical stuff. And international stuff.

And watching-out-for-smooth-talking-Spaniards-who-wanted-to-get-into-your-pants-slash-dress -stuff.

Yeah, I was so, so very, so painfully slow about that.

Because I finally – finally – began to realize that Antonio could have tricked me into getting into a dress (again, that bastard), when I happened to take a look in the mirror on the wall of the bathroom.

There I was, wearing the blue babydoll-dress. And I was… well. I was looking pretty cute, actually. The dress fit, just as I thought, perfectly. The fabric felt really nice, too. Very soft and silky. It was as if the damned dress hugged my body and made me look really, utterly…


And no, not "just" gay, but destructively gay. With sparkles on it. The kind of gayness you wanted to run away from really fast. I shivered and looked away from my feminine reflection. God, I couldn't even remember the last time I looked so freaking… topable.

I slowly grabbed the knob of the door and then stopped in my movements when I realized another thing.

I wasn't going to top Antonio today.

One last look into the mirror was enough to convince me of that. Come on, I was wearing a dress! Oooh, weep and fall on your knees – Lovino in a slutty nightgown! How powerful!

Ugh. So that meant Antonio was going to top me again.

…o-oh well…

I took a few deep breaths and went into the bedroom again.


I was greeted with the sight of a very red-faced Spaniard, who shot up from the bed as soon as I walked in again. He flushed even more when he saw me in the blue babydoll-thing and I heard he had to swallow a couple of times before he was able to say something.

'Ah, you were… you were right, Lovino… that dress really looks like it was made for you…'

I blushed, but for once it wasn't as impressive as the intensity of Antonio's blush. Which was really weird, but also kind of cool.

'Y-yeah, shut up already… I-I can't believe you got me into a dress again…' I huffed.

He laughed softly and cleared his throat. 'You look beautiful, my lovely Lovi. Absolutely beautiful. Ah, can I please hold you?~'

'Y-yes.' I stubbornly folded my arms and knew I was going to kick myself in the morning for smiling at him like I was doing right now, but I really didn't care.

Antonio was very surprised and thrilled to see me smile and smiled an exited smile back. 'Y-you're so cute!'

I studied his enthusiastic face, bit my lower lip and couldn't help but laugh – just a bit. '…w-well, so are you, you… you… ugh, j-just come and hug me already, dammit…'

'Okay, Lovi.' He chuckled and walked towards me with arms wide open, but he had to stop halfway because he was stumbling a bit. No, not a bit – a lot: he even fell on the carpet. He seemed to be dizzy. And in pain.

I-in pain? Oh, fuck no…

'Spain?' I asked worriedly, rushing over to him, '…h-hey, are you okay?'

'Ah, of course I am, Lovino!' he said happily, refusing to grab my hands as he shakily got up from the floor, '…t-the room suddenly started to spin around, that's all!~'

I looked at his face a bit better and paled when I saw that it wasn't a blush that made Antonio's face so incredibly red, but his fucking fever. Was it going up again?

'Shit.' I cursed and pressed my hand against his forehead again. I immediately pulled it back. Fuck, he was burning up! When did this happen? He seemed fine just a moment ago! Why the hell was he panting and wheezing for all the wrong reasons again, dammit!

Antonio smiled weakly and put his hands on the sides of my face, suddenly giving me a kiss that felt so freakishly good and passionate that I instantly forgot about his fever for a bit and gave in to him, instinctively wrapping my arms around his neck to pull him closer. I even tried to stand on my tiptoes, just to give him better access to my mouth and encourage him to deepen the kiss, which he did.

I-it felt fucking amazing, kissing like this, being in his arms like this, but… but he was sick, dammit, he was burning from the fever, he was – v-very much groping my ass again.

'Aren't you the cutest…' he whispered when he finally pulled back, and slowly stroke his thumb over my moist lower lip before pressing our lips together once again. I knew I should be protesting and telling him to stop it before he passed out again like he did the last time we tried to have sex, b-but thinking was such a difficult thing to do when a Spanish tongue was lazily dancing around with my own.

So before I could something to prevent it from happening, we already were lying down on his- n-no, our mattress, Antonio's hands impatiently pushing down the straps of the babydoll-dress while he just kept on kissing me like his life depended on it.

I moaned and half-heartedly tried to struggle. 'S-Spain…'

He ignored me and I almost shrieked when he pulled up the lower part of the dress.

'Spain! F-for God's sake!'

He now started to tug on my pair of boxers and that's it, that was the fucking last straw!

'Goddammit, Antonio, cut it out!' I snarled and grabbed his face with both hands, forcing him to look up at me.

'O-ouch… W-what's the matter… Lovi…' The stupid idiot breathed heavily and gave me a weary glance, clearly disappointed I made him stop, despite his gasping for breath.

I felt my chest rising and falling quickly and was glad I managed to get him to listen to me. That was good. I sighed and stared at him, carefully stroking his hot cheek while thinking of what to say.

'…a-are you okay, Antonio?' I finally heard myself mutter again, quietly, still breathing kind of rushed.

Antonio just looked at me, his green eyes softening as he nodded slowly. '…yeah.'

I frowned. 'Really?'

He chuckled and nodded some more. 'Really, Lovi. I can do this. Trust me. But… ah, I'm so happy you're worried about me…'

I scowled some more. 'A-am not, you fucki—'

'Please shut up, Lovi.' He pressed our foreheads together and cut me off with a forceful kiss, '…just shut up and make love with me.'

'T-that'd be nice…' I mumbled hoarsely, entwining my wavering legs around his hips as I let him undress me completely.

Hopefully he ripped the fucking useless dress up in the process, dammit...