So it was like dis, I couldn't sleep dat night, and I didn't know why. So I walked down da stairs to see light comin from the livin room. I snuck over dare expectin to see Granddad to watchin TV, but it was Huey. I could hear the Colbert report playin. I den here a sound that sounds so weird.

"Uhhhhh huh huhh hhuh."

I coverd ma mouth tryin not to laugh. Huey's laugh sounded so weird. It sounded like if he was just talkin. I decided to ga back to bed.

Da next day I couldn't stop laughing. Huey was askin me what was so funny, even to da point where he was threatinnin me ta stop. Dat night I took ma phone to record him laughin. And sure enough, He was laughin. I recorded it and set it as ma ringtone.

Da next day I saw Jaz walkin down da side walk. I go up to her and I say:

"Hey Jaz, sceck out ma ring tone."

"That's hilarious! Wait, is that… Huey?"

"Yeah. He laughs every night when he watches the Colbert report."

"Oh. if he found out you were doing this he would kill you!"

"You wanna come ova and watch him?"

"How can I refuse!"

So that night the two hid behind the corner and both laughed as they heard huey's laugh. When they heard the TV turn off, they ran back up into the room.

Yeah so what happned was Huey came back up. And asked why Jaz was here. He den heard my cellphone ring.

"Riley, what the fuck is that?"