Emrys Hikari (formally known as Harry James Potter) got off the train, expecting to see his family again. Instead, he felt a sharp tug and the feeling of being pulled into a tube too small. He turned and snarled...at the Headmaster. Dumbledore's eyes twinkled, as he dragged the boy to his aunt's house at Number 4 Privet Drive.

"Why the hell won't you leave me alone?" demanded Emrys, furious.

"My dear boy, this is for your own good."

He forced him into the house, and talked to Vernon Dursley. The large man's eyes gleaned with malice, and Dumbledore left.

"Oh fuck."

"Sirius, where's Emrys?" asked Remus, worried.

"Draco, Hermione, Fred, George! You seen Harry?" Sirius called out.

"He's not with you? He was the first one of us to get off the train!" said Hermione worried.

"I remember hearing a pop five minutes after he left the compartment," said Draco in horror.

"You don't think...?"

"I hope he didn't Moony."

"What happened?" asked Bakura, worried. He knew his girlfriend would freak out if something happened to her son.

"I think Dumbledore kidnapped Emrys."

Vernon threw Emrys into the small bedroom he called his own for about a month. His malicious smirk gave Emrys all the hints he needed to know that his former family was going to kill him...or worse.

At first his uncle just beat him, like he did before. Then he started drinking, and it got a whole lot worse.

Every time Vernon came into the room, Emrys would clutch what appeared to be a cross, and tried to back far away. The bruises that his uncle left on him would be almost impossible to see...if you didn't know where to look. The one night, as Vernon came up the stairs, he spotted the snake around his wrist. He scrambled to remember the name.

The door opened...


A snake, almost a hundred feet long, shot out of the bracelet curling around Emrys as it came. It's eyes held pure rage, and killed Vernon Dursley in an instant. The floor could not hold the great serpent, and buckled. Emrys yelped as they fell to the bottom floor, and killed his Aunt and cousin. The snake was not finished, as it let it's wrath destroyed the house and wards. Wards that had turned it's master into a prisoner.

By the time the Aurors arrived, every man, woman and child was fleeing from the serpent, which curled protectively around the boy. They watched in shock as a black abyss widened underneath the snake, and took them in.

"That goat-fucking bastard! I will kill him!" roared Sakura, when she found her son.

"What's wrong?" demanded Sirius. He tried to hold his godson, but the boy whimpered and drew closer to his serpent. The only reason Lillith had not killed him yet was because she knew Sirius would rather die that hurt the child.

"It looks like Dumbledore finally figured out how to break him. It will be almost impossible to heal Emrys."

"Emrys, what happened?" demanded Sirius, which only made the boy flinch.

"I can guess. I'm afraid we have only one option to save his mind. We have to de-age Harry and send him away for a while."

"WHAT? We just got him back!"

"We have no choice!"

"Where will you send him?" asked Remus.

"I'm sending him to the colonies in the realm of 'Gundam Wing'...L5 to be exact. And to ensure that he can survive there, I'm turning him into a four year old."

"Where in L5 are you taking him? Or are you going to just leave him there?" growled Sirius, freaking out. He remembered what happened to L5 in the show.

"Relax. For this to work, I'm taking his memories as well. Most of them anyway. He'll remember us, but he won't remember the Dursley family...that, and I'm taking him ten years before the Gundam suits were sent to Earth. So he'll be safe."

As Emrys glowed, and shrank, Sirius watched on helplessly. To keep him from going to him too early, Sakura told him he would accompany them to the colony until they had to leave.

A 4-year old Harry Potter lay in Lillith's scales. He was sound asleep as Sakura picked him up. He seemed to curl closer to her, especially when he sensed the other's presence.

"Come along, Sirius."

Aki opened the portal the Earth, and they went through. Sakura took Emrys with her as she got the papers to change his citizenship to the colonies. He would have to live there for two years, but that was easy.

Sirius looked on in shock as they flew into space. He had never been amongst the stars...neither had Sakura, who growled at him for blocking the window. (Not to mention taking the window seat!)

They went to a hotel, and Sakura had Lily watch over Harry while she took care of things.

When the Elder had the vision of a midnight black dragon, he thought he was hallucinating at first. When it gave him a light wound on his cheek, he knew it was real.

"I am Huanghun. I come to you now to ask something of your clan."

"What may we do for you, honorable one?"

"I protect a child who has been broken by a dishonorable man. I would like your clan's assistance in healing him."

"How may we help?"

"I want you to raise him as one of your own. He comes from a long line of sorcerers, and your clan will be compensated."

"Why our clan, honorable one?"

"I have spent some time watching your young heir, Wu Fei. I want him to help influence my charge. Your clan was the most honorable on this colony. Or anywhere on Earth for that matter."

"You honor us with your praise, honorable Huanghun. I must discuss this with the clan."

"I will return in a week's time. In the meantime, take this as a token of good will."

When the Elder awoke, he found the wound, as well as what appeared to be a pair of swords. They were beautifully made, as they glinted in the sunlight.

Their edges were razor sharp, and tapered at the end. It was clearly the work of a master sword smith, as the engravings blended around both sides, weaving in an interwoven pattern of a celestial dragon. The obsidian-colored steel later proved strong enough to cut a gun in half.

((I know swords can't cut guns...or even other swords for that matter. But this is a MAGIC set of blades, made from pure Shadow Magic, and tempered with both dragon and phoenix fire.))

Wu Fei showed an interest in the swords, and as the clan's heir, was allowed to hold them. Their balance was perfect, and the hilt seemed to shift to the wielder's hand to insure a perfect fit. One experimental swing later, and Wu Fei accidentally let go. The blade flew from his hand, towards the Elder.

The sword phased through the man, and landed in the wall, vibrating.

"Have you made a decision?"

"We shall take the boy. May I inquire to his name, Honorable one?"

"Emrys Hikari. Formerly known as Harry James Potter. Be on the lookout for a black hound in the morning. He will lead you to the child. I only ask that you be patient with him, as he is frightened of adults."

Sirius wasn't too sure of leaving his godson with this clan, until he saw how they acted around him. The Elder calmly approached Emrys, showing he meant no harm. He spoke gently as one would an injured Centaur. Emrys approached him, but only came within an arm's length.

The old man kindly lead him to the house, where Emrys met a boy about his age with hair as black as his own, with clear Asian features.

"Wu Fei, meet Emrys."

Wu Fei was lead away to take lessons. Emrys was given a day to get used to being in the house. Much to Wu Fei's surprise, Emrys did not make the mistake most Western folk make, and knew to slide the door open. (Which meant Wu Fei didn't have to repair it...)

When Emrys sat down with Wu Fei, and listened to the teachers, he seemed unusually attentive for a four year old. He was also far too quiet. Even Wu Fei was making noise at his age.

((For the sake of the story, Wu Fei is only six months older than Emrys.))

The next morning, Emrys gave them all a shock, as he greeted them in perfect Mandarin Chinese!

Even more surprising was the arrow that appeared above the child's head, saying "I forgot to warn you about his knack for language."

Emrys looked up, and grinned.

"Mum likes to surprise people a lot. She says it makes life interesting."

"How many languages do you speak?" asked Wu Fei, curious.

"I was told I spoke around 15 human ones, and 3 non-human."

"Non human?"

"Snake, wolf and cat."

Wu Fei looked at him in shock. He nearly jumped when Emrys hissed and a snake actually appeared.

Its scales were a midnight black, its eyes a deep amber. When the light hit it right, the scales turned an emerald-black. It looked at Emrys, and hissed. Emrys grinned, and held out his arm. The snake slithered up and curled around his neck.

"Snakes like me."

One month later...

The dreams started. At first, Emrys could handle them, he just curled up closer to the snake he talked to, named Kek. (This is the same snake he bought in Japan first year.)

That is, until he nearly squished the snake while asleep. Then he started to lose sleep. Wu Fei happened to walk past his room one night and heard him whimpering in fear. He quietly slide the door open, and realized the boy was asleep. He tried to wake him gently, then gave him a good knock to the head.

Emrys sat up with a yelp, then gave Wu Fei a look. Wu Fei couldn't help his snicker.

"You could have knocked my head loose!"

"With a head as thick as yours, I doubt it." retorted Wu Fei.

"And with a head as hard as yours, I'm amazed you can't break rocks with it!"

And so it went, they continued for an hour, both grinning while they traded insults. Finally, they both ended up asleep in Emrys' room.

This happened for a week straight, and they grew closer together. Emrys treated Wu Fei as an older brother, while Wu Fei watched out for him like he would a younger sibling. The Elder approved, and started filing certain papers...

Emrys' fifth birthday (again)

The Elder approached the two boys, and talked to Wu Fei alone. Emrys didn't bother to try and overhear. It was clan business, so he continued improving his Kata.

"Really?" exclaimed Wu Fei, happy.

Emrys fell over, then looked. Wu Fei was very happy about something, what, he had no idea.

They had a small party for Emrys, who grinned like a loon. Then the Elder announced the true surprise. Something everyone in the clan agreed upon.

"The adoption papers came through. Emrys, you are now Emrys Guang Chang."

Emrys looked in shock, then his grin grew even wider, if that was possible. Wu Fei even hugged him, to his delight.

"Which is why you were registered as Wu Fei's brother."

Brothers? Could the day get any better?

Huanghun= Chinese version of Tasogare's name. Both mean Twilight.

Guang= Chinese version of his last name. Has the same meaning as Hikari. Means Light.