Chapter 1:Whim

The raven haired man with onyx eyes surveyed the huge gates in front of him. He had left that place a long time ago, when he was still a kid. People had tried to stop him, one annoyingly persistent dobe in particular.

'Konoha…' the man whispered to himself.

It was the place where he had been born, the place where his entire clan had been massacred by his elder brother, the place of his ex- team mates. He had had a lot of emotional ties with Konoha village.

It had become, therefore, a weakness. He was an avenger. The only feelings he could allow himself to harbour were those of hatred and revenge.

So he had left, vowing never to return. Funnily enough, he found himself standing there with mixed emotions.

A slight wind blew, rustling the leaves of the trees. The man remembered something his sensei from Konoha had told him once.

'If revenge is what you seek, then at the end, all you will be left with is a hollow feeling. If you immerse yourself in revenge, you will ultimately lose yourself.'

Had he lost his mind? Why was he back? What was that tight knot he felt in his chest as he looked at those familiar gates?

For the first time since he was 7, nearly 15 years ago, the man was unsure of himself. He took a step towards Konoha and stopped.

A presence. Somebody is spying on me.

He moved faster than Jiraya confronted with a naked young woman, grabbed the spy by the neck and pinned her up against a tree trunk.

Sharingan met Byakugan.

'Hinata Hyuga.' He said emotionlessly, as if he was stating a fact. He released her, and Hinata sank to her knees, gasping for air.

'S-Sasuke Uchiha.' She said the six most infamous syllables of Konoha. 'W-What are you doing here? N-Naruto…w-we thought you were dead.'

The Sharingan faded away and the onyx eyes once more strayed to the huge gates. 'I came here on a whim, but I think I'll stay.'