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Before the tenth slap on my ass even hits I am in tears. This is much better than when I first started. Before I could barely make it to two slaps before I broke down. Now, rather than make me feel better, the beatings mainly hurt a lot. I still feel the release of guilt, but I find myself having to work up to it.

Five slaps, that is all that Isa will allow once she sees my tears; enough to get me to let go and cry my eyes out. My mother always told me that sometimes she just needed a good cry to make her feel better. I never understood until Isa. I didn't understand a lot before Isa came into my life.

Once I am done sobbing in Isa's arms, she softly kisses the top of my head through her veil. Isa is no nonsense, get spanked, sob and go home. She is a nameless, faceless deliverer of justice.

I get dressed and start to leave when Isa grasps my wrist before I can reach the door handle.

"You are very close to being healed, Edward," she tells me in a raspy voice. It almost sounds as though she has been crying herself. I am shocked to hear her speak at all. I realize that until this moment I have never heard Isa's voice.

"How can you tell?" I turn to face her, awaiting her answer.

I watch, transfixed, as Isa bows her head and raises her hands to her veil, lifting it up and over her head.

"Because, Edward, you are close to believing me when I say that I forgive you."

I stare at her in curiosity for only a fraction of a second before she raises her head and looks me in the eyes.


It can't be!

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