Chapter 1: Prologue


Sometime I can't tell if I were dreaming or actually a part of it. I would often found myself surrounded by nothing but white. Sounds of the paint brush were often heard through the silent room. And I always found my heart in despair of unable to reach for the sound or the one who made it. He had long blue hair that resembles someone I know, and he always wore a whit long sleeve shirt and dark blue jean, painting his artwork. Sometime he would notice me, but other times we just stay silent and listen to our heart beat. But now and then, he would say a few words or made a gesture for me to come closer so he could show me his paintings. Even though some people would have utterly bored to death, but me; I like the silent. It helps calm the minds, and even if we don't say anything, our heartbeat said everything for us. It somehow made me fall even more deeply into his World of no return.