Sakura had cried for a while before she got up & left the forever scarring area. She wandered which soon felt like a lost eternity to her, lost in her own world.

She stopped in her tracks as she looked up & saw bright, red, shaped eyes. They froze upon her, hypnotizing & Sakura felt lost in their presence. "Sakura-chan…" he paused, bending down & closely observing her depressing behavior & her filthy disclosure.

She was absolutely dreadful. Her hair was oily & she smelled of urine & spoiled eggs, no doubt she hadn't showered for weeks. Her pink dress was a dark oak color & her feet were as black as soot. Her body was covered with open wounds & scratches & her face was shrouded with muddy water, from her dirty face & pouring tears. She was crying like a leaking faucet.

Itachi continued to watch her sad behavior. He felt bad & winced slightly as she cried on his shoulder, drenching it in snot & tears, but he didn't care. He cared about her even as new friends. "Come." His voice was low & she stood up slowly & hesitantly, sniffing & trying to catch her sorrow lost breath. Itachi turned the opposite way into the village, quiet as night, with the torn cherry blossom following behind.

"Itachi-kun, someone killed ki-ki-ki…" Sakura stuttered as if she were to collapse into depression again. Itachi stopped & turned back towards Sakura, placing his hand in hers & continuing on the walk. She blushed lightly, staring at the entwined fingers. "I know, Sakura. But I'm here now." He whispered.

He continued on, trying not to tug, but rush her. Her blush grew deeper & the tears came to an instant stop.

Perhaps about 3 miles into their walk, they came to a stop in front of a crisped apartment building. It was a charred green & yellow building that suffered a psychotic suicide awhile back. The building went abandoned after the death. It stood there for years, still abandoned. Still empty. Still hopeless.

Itachi walked towards the empty building. No rats, no mice. Not even flies. Quiet; still; empty. It was depressing. It made Sakura think about Kisa even more about wether she would've liked or disliked this place. Then her vision went dark.

"Itachi-kun? Itachi?" she screamed. He chuckled beside her ear, leaving the silhouette of his breath on her neck. It gave Sakura a sensual tingle & turned her cheeks rosy red.

"Hold on, Sakura." He whispered. She was being led up a stairs & heard a loud creak as Itachi made her cover her own eyes to open the ashy black door. The atmosphere soon rubbed against Sakura's cold skin. It felt warm & homely.

"Welcome to your new home, Sakura." Itachi pulled her hands from her vision. She instantly began to tear in aw.

The little apartment was the size of a volleyball court. The walls painted a light pink & the rug, a fluffy caramel brown. The studio apartment furnished a t.v., couch, table, dressers & a bed. The kitchen was a decent small, with a stove top, icebox, sink & cabinets hung over. The separate bathroom held a shower & toilet that seemed to be the source of the strong smell of Japanese cherry blossom. Surprising to Sakura as well, the electricity was on. Sakura was overwhelmed. "Itachi, is this your home?" she exclaimed. Itachi smiled proudly & simply nodded. "Yours as well, Sakura." He added. She felt breathless & faint. Itachi wrapped his arms around the flabbergasted young lady. Her cheeks turned a rosy scarlet as his breath dragged along her neck. "Th-thank you Itachi." She stuttered nervously.

"You've been a friend to me, so I want to be a friend to you." He said. She quickly turned around & wrapped her thin arms around Itachi. He was warm, & her cold body & weeping face made him flinch pitifully. "Th-thank you, Itachi-san." She cried. He smiled & wrapped his arms around her again. "I promise, I'll never leave your side, Sakura." He whispered. A giggle escaped her lips & she cried aloud.

Though Itachi held her tightly, not intending to let go, but she suddenly surprised him by releasing him seconds later, clearing her throat & wiping her face. "So we have food?" She asked brightly. Itachi nodded & pointed toward the new fridge. "I'm a good cook." She said, making him turn his attention back on her. "What was that?" he questioned. She merely walked over to the fridge, still shining brightly new. As she opened it, the cool air blew upon her face. She pulled out soba noodles, vegetables & chicken broth, placing them on the new, shiny black countertop. "I'm a good cook." She repeated & giggled. Her rosy cheeks never faded away.

He continued to stare so blandly but seriously at the curious little girl. She rushed in & out of the kitchen, looking for cooking utensils. He stood quietly behind her, watching her thoroughly. "& I promise to cook you a delicious meal every night." She giggled, smiling cutely. Itachi chuckled & kissed her oily head. "It's a deal. But you have to shower every night, now that you have a house." She laughed & nodded. "I best get me some new threads, huh?" She laughed; stopping what she was doing & leaving everything on the counter.

Sakura then began waling toward the single bathroom. As she opened the pearl white door, the sweet scent of Japanese cherry blossom simply engulfed her nose. When she walked in, she quickly noticed the neatly folded clothes. "Are those…?" Overwhelmed yet again, she paused & Itachi finished her statement with a simple nod. Her hand covered her mouth as she felt a surge of excitement creep up her throat. She turned back at Itachi, leaning forward & pecking him softly on the cheek. "Thank you." She said, blushing & pulling away. He gasped lightly & his pale face grew a crimson red. She smiled & giggled. "Okay time for men to get out of the bathroom." She laughed, pushing him out of the tiny room & closing the door behind him.

Minutes passed as Sakura walked out of the bathroom, reeking of the blossom. She wore a pink dress outlined in white, revealing her skinny legs. She looked even more porcelain then before, removing the dirt from her face & making her jade eyes glow even more. Her pink hair shined brightly, as well as her healing teeth. "Clean." She said, spinning around 360, for the Itachi to see her more clearly. Itachi smirked & nodded approvingly. "So how about those noddles then?"