One day in big green apetrully was sipping his tea ( this was after everyone knew he was a monkey and he was always an early err monkey) when he heard a knock on the he opened the door his jaw dropped ''hello again apetrully'' jerry said ''but i i thought i was done with the mission you have to leave if big green finds out i'm a spy they will freak out'' apetrully said trying to close the door ''relax'' three girls voices said ''who are they?'' apetrully asked ''they are you new partners just say there your cousins and no one will suspect a thing'' jerry said ''yea i hope you didn't forget i am an acual monkey!'' apetrully said ''come on please we always wanted to come here and we don't have to hide that we are spies from you so can please please stay'' alex said with pleading eyes ''well alright but i feel like there is someone else isn't there'' ''why yes you remeber sally don't you?'' jerry said apetrully looked at her and tried hard not to blush but the girls noticed a light pink on him ''yes i rember sally hi'' he said his blush getting stronger...When the girls got in and alex whispered in in mighty ray's ear ''apetrully has a huge crush on sally so try to get everyone to say something real nice about him ok?'' she siad ''got it'' he said he ran all across big green and came back ''done'' he first went to second squad ''hey comander apetrully how's it going'' apha girl said running up to him ''comander? wow that's a high ranking'' ''thanks'' apetrully said blushing a they went to the air force to apetrully's embarrestment all they talked about was him and how nice he was and how wise, and a good comander he was he blushing really hard...After the last persone sally hugged apetrully he now very red like a tomato ''um let me show you to your rooms girls'' apetrully said alittle blush still on his face.''Clover you will be rooming with apha girl '' he said ''ok'' clover said highfiving apha girl ''Sam you will be rooming with rosefinch '' ''cool'' she said Alex you will be rooming with mistic sonia ''yay!'' she said ''oh maybe sally can room with you apetrully'' sonia said ''but my room only has room for one bed '' he said you..share..bed jumpy said apetrully was blushing real hard ''that's a good idea jumpy'' sonia said sally and apetrully both blushed bright red...The next day sonia found sally's pregnentcy test and she was shocked she called everyone there they looked and they where shocked jumpy looked and said '''' OOO REVIEW PLEASE