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The Adventures of Chibimaru and Gang


"Kagome-chan, what's wrong?" Little Sango threw her enormous toy boomerang onto the grassy ground before sprinting over to her best friend's side. "Did Inuyasha bully you? Or was it Kouga? I'll cream them with Hiraikotsu!"

Spluttering as she drew her chubby palms over her watery eyes, little Kagome whispered, "Sesshoumaru.", before bursting into a powerfully-recharged wail.

"What did he do?"

Sniffling hard as she tried to stop her wails, Kagome leaned forward and whispered tearfully to Sango.

"I am having a baby."

"A baby? How?" Sango was genuinely perplexed. "Your tummy is not big like my Mama's, and she is having a baby."

"Sesshoumaru said…Sesshoumaru told me…people have babies if they kissed and held hands…" Little Kagome continued sniffling as she recounted the events. "…and then he kissed me! I don't want a baby!"

The hysterical wail that almost escaped Kagome's lips died when little Sango screamed and collapsed to the grass.

"Sango-chan, Sango-chan! What happened?"

It was the tough little girl's turn to cry. "Miroku kissed me THREE times yesterday!"

"You are having THREE babies?" Kagome gasped, clapping her chubby hands to her wide-opened mouth.


To be continued…