Chapter 1: Rule 51

I should have been with Ziva, should have been with my team on this special day. I was so proud of Ziva becoming an American Citizen.

After the events of that past few days I've been thinking about things that perhaps I shouldn't have been. My mind had been racing, images of Shannon and Kelly filled one thought then they were replaced with images of my team and most clearly out of all of them was her, Abby.

I had come to a decision something that would change my life if I were to act upon it. The decisions to act upon my feelings was either going to going to break a rule or break me. As I sit here in this room full of memories I debate what I should do.

As far as my team know my rules were not written down, but they were. Only one set existed and I kept it here in this small wooden box along with a few precious photos. Looking at those photos I made my decision, if I didn't do it then I would never know.

I had my new rule to write down and it had to written somewhere special. I searched the box until I found the rule I was looking for, #12, I turned it over and wrote '#51 sometimes you're wrong"

I could hear Shannons voice in the back of my head "about time Jethro", I smiled. I missed Shannon and Kelly dearly, I missed them everyday. Despite the many relationship I had been through the years, and there had been many, only one woman had been at my side through the bad times, only one woman understood me like Shannon had. I looked at the time, Ziva would be an official American Citizen now and the team would probably be out celebrating. I reached for my phone and his speed dial #1

"Gibbs! Where are you, you missed the whole thing?"
"Sorry Abby"
"So are you going to come and join us?" Abby asked knowing that he would make some excuse and stay away, he never came out with them
"I was thinking about it" he smiled
"Really. Now were are you?"
"We're back at Tonys place, he's decorated it especially for Ziva, and you have to see it."
"OK I'll meet you there"
"There's something I want to talk to you about"
"What ever it was I didn't do it unless it was a good thing then it was all me"
Gibbs laughed trust Abby to start rambling before she even knew what he wanted. "I need help with something"
"In that case I'm all yours"
Gibbs smiled to himself "Fancy helping me break a rule?"

She lowed her voice and continued to flirt with Gibbs over the phone "And what rule would that be?"
"How about number 12?" he replied in all seriousness.

Abbys almost chocked "you serious?"
"Wouldn't ask if I wasn't"
"True" she paused for a moment "of course I'll help you Gibbs. I'm good at breaking rules"
"Thought you might be"