Chapter 8

"How'd you know it was my badge?" he asked, a smile on his lips.
Abby sat up and turned to look at him. A little confused she said "you showed me"
"There are cameras in your lab" he smirked.
Her jaw dropped open "Gibbs!"

He laughed at the shocked expression on her face. His face turned serious before adding "Do you not realise the effect you have on me, and most of the men at the Navy yard? You're a very beautiful woman Abby"

He reached out and touched her face, making the 'my girl' sign in her cheek. They both leaned forward and kissed with more passion than either had thought possible. The kiss deepened quickly, Abbys hand slowly moved from its resting place on Gibbs thigh, over his taught stomach and up to his chest. As Gibbs moved his hand slowly down her back he felt a shiver go down her spine. Abby wasn't sure if it was the kiss, Gibbs touch, the honesty in his voice or the fact the bath water had cooled more than they had both realised.

"Looks like I need to warm you up." Gibbs said pulling back from the Kiss.
In her best innocent voice she said "Why Agent Gibbs are you trying to get me in bed?"
He leant forward and kissed her again. "What do you think?"

Abby got out the bath first and wrapped her self in one of the large towels.
"You go get warm, I'll be there in a minuet"
"Don't be long" Abby said, leaving Gibbs once again alone in the bathroom.

He took the other towel and dried off. As Gibbs looked at his reflection he wondered what Abby saw in an old man like him. Not that he was complaining, not really. Abby was one of the most beautiful and intelligent women he had ever met, and here she was waiting in his bedroom. After searching and finding some protection, he took them along with the rest of the wine and made his way to his bedroom to join Abby.

When he entered his room he wasn't sure what to expect but the sight that greeting him surprised him a little. Abby was still wrapped in her towel standing in front of his full length mirror. She looked a little sad.
"You alright Abbs?"
"Yes. No. Nervous. Scared"
That last word stung him, "Scared? Of me?" he asked worried of what the answer would be,
She didn't move, but a small smile did cross her lips "No, Gibbs, never of you. Don't know really, just never really thought we'd be here."
"Here. You and me, together"

He put down the things he was carrying and moved to stand behind her "care to explain?"
Abby could feel the heat from his breath caress her neck. "I never thought you would want me the way I want you"
He smiled, but he knew exactly what she meant "I never thought you'd want me."
"Always" she whispered.

Gibbs gently took her by the hand and lead her to his bed "let me show you something"
He encouraged her to sit, and then moved his towel aside to reveal a small heart shaped tattoo. Abby gently traced the outline of the heart, and that's when she noticed three sets of initials within the heart. KG, SG and AS. The first two were obvious; they were the initials of his wife and daughter, the third took her breath away.
"That's how much you mean to me."
So many emotions ran through her head. He really did love her. She looked up at him with tears of happiness in her eyes and smiled, her smile grew wider until she was almost laughing. She stood, took a deep breath and dropped her towel. Just below her right hip bone in almost exactly the same place as Gibbs she also had a tattoo. The words 'Semper Fi' with two sets of familiar numbers marked her skin. Gibbs marine number along with his NCIS badge numbers.
"That's how much you mean to me" she said echoing his words.

Gibbs wrapped an arm around her waist pulling her body close to him. "You really are very beautiful"
Abby blushed. Then smirked "And you are wearing too much" she grabbed the edge of Gibbs towel and gave it a pull forcing it to drop to the floor.

The kiss Gibbs placed on her lips was not soft and tender; it was hot, intense and filled with longing. The kiss deepen quickly as Abby wrapped her arms around Gibbs neck. Gibbs swept Abby in to his arms and carried her to his bed.

When they made love that night, it was not slow and sensual, it was powerful and intense. It was a night when years of longing and lust and wanting vanished in to the abyss.

In the morning when she woke, the warm arm over her stomach told her that last night had not been a dream. It told her that last night she really had slept with the man that had, for so long, been in her heart.

"I could get used to this" Abby said.
"Last night was, wow Gibbs, just wow" Abby added as she snuggled closer into Gibbs chest.
"It wasn't how I'd planned things"
"It was perfect"
"Not how I wanted to do things"
"Oh? " She turned to face him.

Gibbs kept his left hand on her upper back and made small circles on her lower back with his other hands. He kissed her sweetly on the lips before moving slowly down her neck "let me show you" he whispered in her ear.

That morning when they made love it was slow and sensual and intense on a whole different level. They were two lovers exploring each others bodies, discovering what each other liked. Abby had never felt so much intensity before, making love to the person who loved with your whole heart certainly was amazing.

After they had eaten breakfast they went down to the basement. Gibbs wanted to share every part of his life with her. He taught her how sand and plain and saw, but seeing Abby handle his tools did something to him; there was just something so sexy about Abby at that moment. They woodwork lesson was soon forgotten when Gibbs started to place feather light kisses on her neck. Now he had discovered Abby's 'hot spots' he just couldn't seem to leave them alone.

Gibbs didn't realise just how dusty his basement was until he and Abby were laying on the floor amongst the saw dust.

"I think I need a shower" Abby said
"That sounds like a good idea" he said, then added "I really must clean up down here"
Abby giggled "and a blanket for next time, I think I have a splinter in my bum"
Gibbs stood up before helping Abby up of the floor "I think we'll leave the basement alone, my backs complaining."
"Well there are other rooms of the house"
"What did you say about a shower?"

Monday morning came quicker than either wanted.

"I need to go home"
"Have I done something wrong?" Gibbs asked, afraid that he said or done something to push her away already
Abby smiled "I need clothes for work. I can't go in my evening dress and I don't think you're t-shirt would go down well"
"I don't know, I like it"

After a quick coffee Gibbs took Abby home to change for work.

"Are you going to wait for me? Or am I taking my car?"
"I'll wait." He said sitting down on her sofa "pack a bag for a few days"

Gibbs and Abby walked in to the bullpen together, Abbys arm laced through Gibbs. Usually they were the first ones in but not today, today Ziva, Tony & McGee were already sitting at their desks.

"Morning Boss" DiNozzo said with a smile "Have a good weekend?"
Abby tried to hide the smile on her face but couldn't especially when Gibbs kissed her on the cheek and said "what do you think?"