As the world turns…..

A new beginning….

Time had passed so quickly and it was nearly valentine's day in oakdale.

Just a few more days then it was that time of year again and jack Snyder was on his way to get his wife a beautyfull valentine-gift when he ran into gwen in old town.

"Hi,jack,where are you off to?"asked his sister-in-law with a smile;"Where's carly?"

"She's at home,resting in bed as the doctor has ordered her and which is driving her crazy."smiled he;"So,are you on your way to do the same thing as I am?"

"If that means that you're out here to do some valentine's shopping then yes,jack,I'm here for the same reason as you are."laughed gwen;"I can imagine carly going crazy because she's not allowed to do much and has to stay in bed,resting,most of the time."

"But it's for her own good,gwen,for her and the baby."answered her brother-in-law as he turned serious;"Her bloodpressure is way too high and doctor monroe has warned her that if it gets any higher that he will have her hospitalized."

"Is it that serious?"began she surprised and looked worried at jack;"I knew that carly's bloodpressure was a little high and that she had to rest a lot,but when I was over at the house with hallie yesterday carly didn't say anything about that."

"No,I'll bet she hasn't and I think that she's scared to even think about it."said jack softly;"The thought of losing this baby has carly terrified,gwen,and not just her."

"Hey,you guys aren't gonna lose this baby,jack,it'll be okay."answered his sister-in-law as she hugged him;"You guys have been through too much already and this baby is gonna be just fine."

Emily was working at home,in the study,trying to focus on some papers,when paul came in and kissed her neck;"It's time to quit working,honey."

"In a minute."said Emily and tried to focus on the papers that she needed to finish;"I just have to finish up these and then I'll be done."

"No,you're done right now and you can finish those up after the weekend."smiled her husband as he gently pulled Emily out from behind her desk;"You have more important things to do,mrs. Ryan."

"Paul….!"began she a bit annoyed at first,but melted away when she saw paul looking like that into her eyes while he put his arms around her;"What important things?"

"You have a husband that needs some t.l.c. from his wife."whispered paul into her ear while he kissed her neck;"Eliza is asleep,so we have all the next couple of hours all to ourselves."

"Oh,really?"asked his wife with a smile and put her arms around paul's neck;"So what do you suggest we do then?"

"I can think of a few ideas."smiled he,pulled her out of the study and quickly up to their bedroom,upstairs;"Let me show you,mrs. Ryan."

To be continued….