These are just going to be completely random one shots that will vary in length(and quality). I'll update whenever I feel like it, or whenever I get some new ideas which might be easier if there are suggestions? :) Um... I repeat completely random Zoro and Luffy nakamaship moments. Again, I apologize if anything is OOC and please feel free to correct me! Enjoy.

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Usopp whistles softly ad he patiently waits for an unsuspecting fish to fall for his homemade fly bait. He has both legs sticking out from between the wooden gaurd rails so he is safe in comparison to his Captain, the Devil Fruit User who Usoppe is careful to keep an eye on.

Patience is not one of Luffy's stronger virtues and the endless waiting has made him restless. He is standing on the thin strip of wood, enjoying the sunset before him. The Straw Hat Pirate is standing as close to the edge as he can without actually falling off though it is too close for Usopp's comfort.

"You're going to fall," Usopp warns.

"No I wont," Luffy responds simply as he paces back and forth stretching his cramped arms.

"You're gonna regret-Oh oh oh!" Usopp is so excited about the strong tug that he turns away from his friend and pulls his rod. He doesn't feel the strong evening wind hat flips the straw hat neatly off its owner's head.

"Ah!" Luffy cries in surprise but his hands are already stretching towards his treasure. It's his promise with Shanks and he can't lose it. Just a little farther... Just a little farther...

"We're having Usoppe sama's catch for-LUFFY!" Usopp screams when he sees his friend swaying dangerously towards what will be his death-the sea. Usopp tries to let go of his fishing rod and reach out for Luffy at the same time but panic has taken control of his mind; his palms are slippery and he is getting tangled in his fishing strings.

Nonononono, Usoppe thinks desperately as he tries to lung for his friend but his jump is too short and Luffy is falling-

"Damn it!" Zoro, who has suddenly materialized beside Usoppe, curses; he has grazed his elbows and knees thanks to his impressive three feet jump from his napping place to Luffy's aid. Never has Usopp been so happy to see the swordsman, murderous intent radiating from him or not. The green headed teen picks himself up, his grip on his Captain's ankle never loosening. He glares down at the boy who is currently hanging upside down, in danger of dropping to the deeper depths of the ocean and drowning but-damn it-he's smiling. "I should just drop you here and now for being so careless Luffy."

Luffy laughs as the wind gently sways him back and forth.

"But you won't."

It is not a question, a plead or a challenge.

"No," Zoro sighs wearily because he is hopeless and he knows it. "I won't. "

After pulling the younger teen on board Zoro stalks back to where he has left his precious katanas in the midst of things and settles back to a comfortable position.

"Told'ja." Luffy grins from the heap he is on the ground(Zoro dumped him quite unceremoniously). He picks himself up and this time, with a firm grip on his hat, he jumps back on the rail. "I won't fall."

Usoppe opens his mouth to argue because technically Luffy did fall just he didn't fall in, but before Usoppe can make his point, he is cut off by a ferocious roar.