a/n: A quick update to assure you I didn't drop this. CrazyFool65 asked for Luffy's reaction if Foxy had asked for Zoro instead of Chopper during the Davy Back fight. Here are my two cents on this hypothetical situation. Warnings(?) for vague allusions to what happens at Water 7 because if we could see the signs, so could Luffy. You know, since he's secretly awesome like that.

Edit : There's a reason I left Sanji out but it was distracting to explain in the story and too long for me to explain in a/n so if you want to know drop me a line ;D !

"I choose… the swordsman! Pirate Hunter Roronoa Zoro!" The captain of Foxy Pirates declares and his crew instantly raises an uproar of approval. The few smart ones eye the swordsman's build of a warrior, gauging his reaction. Only five people swivel around to look at the one person who really needs to be watched for.

"Luffy?" Nami calls carefully, as if she is afraid that Luffy will suddenly combust. It is unfair to call her captain protective of them; usually, he is batshit insane. For anybody to try to pluck one of the Straw Hat members from their captain's grasp is not something said person lives to see.

However, Luffy doesn't answer Nami's call because he is watching his swordsman who is still drinking, seemingly oblivious to the commotion.

The captain in him snarls no. Every rubber fiber in his body repels against the idea of his crew mate leaving him – even temporarily. They are his to protect and care for, a responsibility he will never surrender to another.

The fighter in him says yes and cannot help the grin that flits through his features. Zoro is strong and hates to lose; he would be a fun enemy because neither of them would dare hold back against each other.

Ultimately though, Luffy knows good: it is not Nami who is tired of being used as a trophy or Usopp who is still not completely sure of his place in Luffy's crew to be confident in another's.

"Don't worry Luffy!" He looks down to meet a panicked gaze. "We'll get Zoro back!"

It is not Chopper nor Robin, both who are still secretly wide-eyed about their new friends and new home, who have yet to understand that becoming Luffy's enemy would not supersede being his.

"I'm not worried," Luffy tells Chopper and he means it. They have two more games left and if one of them must be chosen, it is better for it to be Zoro, who slams his empty jug down to burp in satisfaction, obviously indifferent to the commotion.

"Oi, Zoro! C'mon!" Foxy orders in a show of solidarity or authority, but the swordsman takes no heed. Instead, Zoro meets Luffy's gaze with a raised eyebrow.

"Yup, yup," Luffy agrees with a laugh and waves his swordsman away.

Better it be Zoro, who knows.