a/n: SeaMonkey and xlunatica both, and interestingly enough, consecutively asked for a scene about chapter 531 where Bon Kurei appears to Luffy as Zoro. That was pretty perfect in itself but here are my two cents.

When Bon Kurei catches sight of Straw-chan, caught beneath the paw of the manticore, he skips forward in delight to save and greet his friend. Impel Down is the last place he expected to meet the pirate again, though if what Mr. 3 says is true and Straw-chan's brother is in level five, it's not terribly surprising that Straw-chan would break into the most secure prison of all Grand Line.

"Wait right there lion!"

Never having being the one to pass up a chance for a good joke, Bon Kurei taps the right side of his face, bringing forth the the face of a member in Straw-chan's crew from memory, before throwing his arms up with a shout.

"I'm here to save you!"

The pirate turns towards the call, and it's truly Straw-chan in the flesh, the same raven black hair and wide grin—and Bon Kurei very nearly pauses despite himself because Straw-chan is suddenly open, which makes no sense at all. Straw-chan knows better than to let his guard down during battle and besides, being open would imply that the pirate was closed in some way but Straw-chan is one of the most straightforward people Bon Kurei knows.

He means to take another look when he lands on the unconscious manticore but Straw-chan is already back on his feet, greeting Bon Kurei with nothing but honest delight so the okama shrugs it off as he thinks, it must have been his imagination.