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2013 Author's Note: I've felt bad about this story. It's really two stories. I started it, built the drama, and let it sit instead of opening a dramatic door. A couple years later I added a conventional Kim/Shego ending to the story. While I think both halves work I wish I'd worked harder for something different.

Things Are Seldom What They Seem

"So why does Global Justice want to see us?" Ron asked as he and Kim boarded the GJ VTOL craft at the Middleton airport.

"I'm not sure," Kim admitted. "But Dr. Director said it was important-"

"Strap yourselves in," the pilot called through the open doorway to the cockpit.

"Can we go back and look for my stomach," Ron groaned as they set down outside Go City seventeen minutes later. "I think I left it somewhere over Albuquerque."

"We didn't fly over Albuquerque," Kim reminded him.

"I know," he sighed. "It was supposed to be a joke."

"Well it wasn't-" Kim began as they climbed from the craft. She stopped at the sight of a young man in a red and black uniform.

"Kim! Ron!" he called, "about time you got here."

Ron waved cheerfully, "Hey… Uh, what do we call you?"

"Wego is fine."

"But aren't you all Wego?" Kim asked.


"Must be confusing," Ron muttered.

On the ground Ron and Wego eyed each other, "So why are we here," they asked.

"Jinx, you owe me a soda," Kim exclaimed.

"Huh?" the Wego wondered.

"I think one of us has to say it," Ron told Kim.

"Over here," a driver called, holding the door of a van open.

"They brought me out to meet you in this," Wego explained as they got in and buckled up.

Twenty-five minutes later they parked and their Global Justice driver led them into a warehouse. Three stomps on a nondescript tile and a section of floor slide away, revealing a long stairway. "Be my guest," he told them, gesturing down - the first words he'd said since asking them to enter the van.

Lights were on and half a dozen men and women in Global Justice uniforms and four men in white lab coats were examining, gathering, and crating some of the various devices strewn around the large area.

To one side Betty Director tapped her foot impatiently. "You didn't get here very fast," she complained to the driver.

"Fast as I could with traffic," he answered defensively. "Pilot was late getting Ms. Possible and… the blond kid here."

"Follow me," she told the clueless trio and led them to the other end of the long room.

"What's this?" Ron asked, hurrying to keep up.

"Early Drakken lair," Dr. Director answered. "Maybe the first Drakken lair."

"Why are we here?" Wego wanted to know.

"In a minute. I really wanted… I think you need to see something we found."

She led them into a dark, cold room and called, "Lights!"

Apparently someone was waiting for Dr. Director's order, but once the eerie green light went on the three saw nothing but a large glass cylinder in the middle of the room. A figure floated inside the cylinder, wires and tubes connecting her with the machinery which capped off the tube. Moisture had condensed on the sides of the cold cylinder and the three moved closer to get a better view. Without saying anything Betty handed a cloth to Wego, who wiped the surface. The figure in the solution was Shego… or was it? She wore the distinctive green and black costume, but she looked younger, no more than seventeen or eighteen.

"What…" Wego whispered.

"Who is it?" Kim demanded.

"We aren't sure," Betty answered. "This was how we found her three days ago. It appears to be a suspended animation device." She looked at Wego, "Your sister couldn't divide like you, could she?"

He shook his head, no.

"A clone?" Kim asked.

"Perhaps… Perhaps the original."

"The original?" Wego wondered.

"No way," Ron protested. "Drakken's clones are unstable. If this is original then the one with him would have to be a clone - but he's never made one who could last. Maybe this was an early attempt at cloning."

"How old was your sister when she left Team Go?" Betty asked Wego. "Anything unusual about it?"

"We were just twelve or thirteen… You should talk with Hego or Mego."

"What're you going to do?" Kim wondered.

"We think we've figured out how to turn off the machine and take her out. We'll try that this evening, or perhaps tomorrow morning. We'd like some family here. Kim, we'd also like you here. Shego can be dangerous and you've done better than anyone else facing her."

Hego was there, and the other Wego - or another copy of the same Wego, that was the problem with Wego, you could never be certain - as the GJ technicians toweled the goop off the form now stretched out on a gurney. The brothers whispered among themselves and Kim and Ron watched in wonder as men in lab coats threw switches and a medical doctor checked for vital signs.

After several anxious minutes the doctor raised his arms in triumph and shouted, "She's alive! She's alive!" He grinned at them "I always wanted to say that."

When her eyelids fluttered open the first thing she saw was a large, blurry, blue and black shape leaning over her. She threw her arms around him. "Hego! I knew you'd find and rescue me!" After a couple minutes she let go and took a look at him. "What happened?" She demanded. "You look older?"

"Sis?" a Wego asked timidly.

She looked over and noticed the black and red figure for the first time. And promptly fainted.