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Towards the Empyrean Heights

"God, I'm scared," Shego confessed as she held Kim's hand while the plane landed in Middleton and taxied to the terminal. "I'd rather take on another WEE base than this."

"You'll do fine," Kim assured her and squeezed the older woman's hand.

James and Anne were waiting inside the terminal. Kim and Shego's stomachs tightened. Kim's father didn't look happy and the smile on Anne seemed forced, but they were both there and her mother was trying to look pleased to see them. Kim hugged her dad. "It's good to be home." His face brightened slightly and he put his arms around her and returned the hug.

"Can I help with dinner tonight?" Shego offered Anne.

Anne's smile appeared sincere as she answered, "That would be lovely."

Kim tried to make a joke as they waited by the baggage carousel. "At least Dad and the Tweebs can have pie with us tonight."

"No more surprises?" Anne replied. "I'm in favor of that."

"So, a bad time to tell you I'm pregnant?" Shego asked. "Kim's going to be a father."

"Shego!" Kim exclaimed in exasperation and slapped the woman's shoulder. "Don't do that."

"That's not true, is it?" James asked nervously.

"No dad, we're both women- remember?"

"This is your own fault, Dear," Anne told him. "You were always telling her 'No boys'."

Kim relaxed slightly at the fact her mother could try and joke about the situation. Despite the attempt at humor the mood in the car riding home still wasn't comfortable. Kim doubted it would become truly comfortable during the visit. But the worst of the tension seemed over and everyone appeared to want to get along. There would be teasing from Tweebs, but as long as her mother and father tried to accept Shego Kim could endure her brothers.

That night they lay in Kim's bed and made plans for the visit. "I think Bonnie is in Cozumel for break, but Monique's in town. We should see her."

"How about the kid who was always losing his pants?"

"You know Ron's name."

"Yeah, but my way is funnier."

"He planned to stay in Go City and study. He's really trying to avoid the dumb jock stereotype."

Shego snorted, "Oh sure, like–"

"Hush," Kim warned. "He was never dumb, he was just lazy. Shego is keeping him focused."

Shego laughed, "I can see it now. 'Ron, finish your English and I'll take off my top. Finish history and I take off my jeans. Finish the geography assignment and I'll let you go exploring on your own.' That'd give him incentive."

"Hey, how come you've never done that for me?"

"Because you're the dedicated one who always insists on getting her work done first. Doesn't matter how horny I am, you have to–"

"I need it too."

"But do you ever do anything about it until after you finish your assignments?"



"And then there are no distractions. I don't worry about homework; I can devote myself to taking care of your desires."

"And having your own taken care of as well."

"Of course… I think I liked it better last November when you were in the guest room."


Kim snuggled up by Shego, "There was thrill of wondering when you'd sneak in so we could make love."

"Are you trying to tell me that with your Mom and Dad sleeping forty feet away and your brothers knowing we're in bed together you're too nervous for anything tonight?"

"Yeah, sorry. Maybe tomorrow night."

Shego nuzzled Kim's ear. "Or maybe I'll surprise you at one in the morning."

They spent most of their first full day in Middleton with Monique. In the evening Kim tried to read a book for her political science class - and Anne suggested Shego forcibly drag the younger woman off to see a movie, or roller skate, or throw rocks at passing police cars - "She has got to learn to relax."

Shego purchased tickets for the biggest bomb playing at the Middleton Cinemaplex.

"I don't want to see that," Kim complained when Shego ordered the tickets at the box-office. "Why did you buy tickets for it?"

"Because, with any luck there won't be anyone else in the theater - and we can sit in the back and make out."

"You are so juvenile," Kim sighed.

"Want me to get my money back and you pick a movie you want to watch?"

"Ah… No. I mean; you already have the tickets and everything. Too much work to go back."

"So, you'll force yourself to sit in the dark and kiss me?"

"I suppose. If I must."

"With that kind of an attitude I should just watch the movie."

"I'll be good," Kim promised.

"Or bad? That's even better than good."

Anne took the next afternoon off to spend with Kim and Shego. As they drove home Anne spoke, "Shego, please don't take this wrong, but I think you and Kim should leave a couple days early. I think–"

"Mom!" Kim protested.

"Please let me finish. I like the two of you here. This is going better than I had imagined. But I think Shego should visit Go City. You can see Ron or one of the museums if you want, but she needs to see family there." She addressed Shego, "You should look up your brothers and–"

"They aren't my brothers."

"Yes they are. That's how you feel in your heart. Give them a call, your sister too."

"My sister?"

"That's what I'm calling the other Shego."

"They could have tried to contact me."

"Do they have any idea how?"


"Then you need to reach out first."

"What if they don't want to see me?"

"That would be their loss. But they may surprise you… Besides, you need see your mother and father."

There was a moment of silence before Shego said softly, "Yeah… Yeah, I do."

"I thought they were dead?" Kim whispered.

"They are… And it's been too long since I visited the cemetery."

The two flew to Go City on Friday, with Kim planning to return to the East Coast on Sunday.

Ron and Shego were waiting for Kim and Shego in the terminal. Shego clutched Ron's arm possessively when she saw Kim. Ron waved to catch the two women's attention. The older Shego felt a stab of jealousy when she saw Ron, he had filled out very well since high school. Kim waved back to Ron.

As Kim and Shego approached Shego impulsively let go of Ron and glomped onto her older self so enthusiastically that both women went to the floor in a tangle.

"What the hell?" Shego muttered.

"You're in Global Justice! I knew I was good."

"Jesus, doesn't anyone understand the concept of security," Shego swore. "Why don't you just take out a big ad in the paper with my picture and the caption, 'Undercover agent for Global Justice'?"

"I thought you weren't undercover anymore," Kim said as she offered a hand to help the older Shego up. "They were worried about your identity being burned or something."

"Okay, undercover, covert, whatever… Doesn't anybody know how to keep their mouth shut anymore?"

The younger Shego interrupted to bubble the news, "Hego is taking us out to dinner tonight. Wegos will be there! Family dinner!"


Shego shrugged, "You know Mego."

The two Shegos laughed at the joke neither Kim nor Ron really understood.

The meal was less glamorous than Kim had imagined when Shego promised a family dinner. They ate at the Bueno Nacho where Hego served as manager.

Since the brothers knew her from their battles with Aviarius and Electronique they seemed to accept the older Shego, although there was tension, which included uncertainty over how to refer to the family relationship. Kim reported, "My mother has decided to call them sisters."

Wego looked at Wego and shrugged, "Works for me."

Wego nodded.

The conversation eventually drifted into family memories and catching up on recent activities - leaving Kim and Ron feeling out of place.

It was late when they all left Bueno Nacho. The younger Shego suggested going out for coffee with Kim and Shego, but Shego turned down the invitation. "We'll do a little shopping in the morning, then visit the cemetery in the afternoon."

"It's a plan," Shego agreed. "I wish there was room in my apartment for both of you to stay with me."

"That's okay," Kim assured her. "There were some good hotel prices on-line."

Ron was unable to find an excuse to avoid going shopping with the women. Rufus slept in a pocket as Ron did a fast check of the clearance racks so he could say he looked, then browsed in the kitchen and electronics sections.

In the afternoon Kim and Ron stood to the side as Shego and Shego talked quietly at the cemetery.

"Hego divided up the money from selling the property and the insurance settlement and put our share in trust."

"Our share?"

"You should have half of it."

Shego put an arm around her other self, "No… It's all yours."


"No. Thanks for the offer, but it's yours, Sis. I don't deserve anything. Kinda makes me proud to be in the family though."

"I wasn't expecting you to turn it down."

"I don't turn down money from just anyone you know. I'm making an exception for you because you're family."

As the two Shegos stood and talked by the graves Kim and Ron realized they were in for another long evening.

"Hey," Ron called to the green women, "I'm going to show Kim around the campus, then I'll take her out for dinner. We'll catch up with you later, okay?"

Shegos looked at each other nervously, then one shrugged. "All right," the other said hesitantly.

"You can go out for dinner," Kim suggested. "Would eight be a good time for us to call and get back with you?"

"Um… Yeah, I guess so," the younger Shego answered.

"Think they can get all the family stuff and catching up out of the way before eight?" Ron whispered to Kim as they got out of earshot.

"I hope so… They'll probably still have a little left - but we should look interested. I got my fill of uncles and cousins and neighbors last night. Have you met any of those people?"

"A few," Ron admitted, "so it's probably worse for you. And it was awful for me."

The two Shegos stayed in the cemetery for almost two hours, running through their shared memories of their parents, then returned to the younger woman's apartment.

Shego tried to tell Shego about college, but her mind seemed to be elsewhere. Shego attempted to fill Shego in about her time with Global Justice, but she wasn't able to concentrate on the conversation either.

Finally the older Shego asked, "Okay, what's your problem? Where's your head - 'cause it isn't in this room now."

"Ron and Kim… Maybe they're lost… He doesn't know the city as well as–"

"He's been here for more than two years. He knows the city well enough.


Shego waited a minute, "Got another lie for me or want to try the truth?"

"I, uh, I just hope they're having a good time… Wondering what they're doing."

"Hoping it's not sex at his place. Tell me, your toothbrush over there or will I find his in your bathroom? Or do you each keep a toothbrush at the other's place. I'm surprised you haven't shacked up yet."

"Shego! How could you–"

"Come on, Sis. It's not exactly a secret."

"You haven't seen me in years! How did you know?"

"Kim told me. Ron told her."

"Ron told her! How could he do that?"

"Wait, are you saying you're not sleeping with Ron?"

"I'm wondering why he told Kim."

"They've been best friends forever, remember?"

"That's just wrong. And why did Kim tell you?"

"O-k-a-y," Shego said slowly, "Ron didn't tell you that Kim and I are sleeping together?"

Shego looked puzzled, "I heard you were sharing a hotel room… Is… No. I don't believe it."

"You don't believe we're sharing the same bed, and having a good time in it?"

"No, that's not possible."

"Why not?"

"Well, to point out the obvious, I don't like girls – I like guys."

"One of Drakken's alterations. Confused the heck out of me for awhile – having your memory of being with guys. I figured I was bi. Then I realized I didn't really want to be with guys and decided I'd only gone out with guys because that was what good girls did. I decided going bad let me find my own feelings."

"But… But… Shouldn't you get cured or something?"

"You want to be cured of liking Ron?"


"Then why should I want to be cured of liking Kim?"

"Because it's not the same. I mean; that was something that got changed in you."

"It's the way I am. Look, I want to steal stuff. I may always want to steal stuff. But I don't because I know it'll get me locked up. I'll fight that urge. Hego and Wego annoy me, but they're family and nice guys even if they're irritating. I'll try to get along with them. But I'm not willing to pretend I love some guy because society says it's okay to love a guy but not a woman. I won't just make the motions in an unhappy relationship. I want to feel as good as when Van–"

"Don't mention him to Ron, okay?"

"Okay… Hey, did you look up Van? I'll bet he'd have loved to find you were–"

Shego blushed, "He's married now. Two kids… I think I'll always wonder what might have happened if… You know."

"You love Ron?"

"Oh yeah!"

"Then what might have happened is you wouldn't have Ron. If it makes you feel any better, I'm probably way more jealous than you. Kim and I haven't been together long and Kim is bi. I'm worried she'd probably prefer a guy to me."

"I didn't need to hear that," Shego muttered.

"Know where he might be… I mean, we could go out for dinner ourselves and run into them by accident. He got a favorite spot?"

"About five. I've got him chipped."

"You've got him chipped?"

"We read Hego's old Superman comics. Lois Lane was always getting kidnapped because she was Superman's girlfriend."

"You're as bad as Hego. That was a comic book. Who knows he's dating Shego?"

"Hey, by then it's too late."

At the Korean restaurant Kim excused herself from the table. "Where's she going?" Shego whispered to Shego.

"Probably bathroom."

The two continued to stare at Ron, but after a few minutes one commented, "She's been gone a long time."

"It's because she's curious why the two of you were spying on her." Kim whispered – causing the younger Shego to jump.

"She doesn't trust Ron," the older Shego said quickly, "I tried to tell her she should but–"

"But you were here with her," Kim pointed out.

"Just trying to keep her from disturbing your dinner with Ron," Shego assured her.

Shego glared at her older self.

"Why don't the two of you join us, you can listen to us talk about Middleton."

"What was happening?" Ron asked as the three women came to the table.

"Someone was jellin'," Kim told him.

The younger Shego went on the offensive. "You told her we were sleeping together," she said, indicating Kim. "Who else did you tell? Do you brag about it with the whole football team?"

"No! Kim's my–"

"And she told you she was sleeping with Shego. You didn't tell me. You don't trust me!"

"That's not true! I–"

"Yes it is! If you loved me you'd trust me." Shego turned and stormed from the restaurant.

Kim looked puzzled, "It looked to me like it was the two of you who didn't trust us," she told Shego.

Shego ignored Kim's remark and spoke to Ron, "Follow her, Tiger, it's a test. You need to apologize."

"But I didn't do anything wrong!" he protested.

"Doesn't matter. Still a test. If you want to pass you need to run after her and apologize. Bonus points if you catch her within a block and don't remind her she was spying on you."

"Dinner?" Kim sighed, pointing to Ron's now empty chair.

"Love to, Princess," Shego answered, sitting down.

"And you're paying for it. Ron was taking me out until you two showed up."

That spring Kim beat her brothers by a year to her bachelor's degree. Actually she received two, a B.S. and B.A. for her double major, after three years in college, and joined Global Justice. The first day of training for the new recruits was rugged.

"The drill instructor really didn't like you," the woman sitting across the table from Kim said as they ate dinner.

Kim shrugged, "Don't know why we couldn't get someone competent for training."

The woman sitting by Kim opened her eyes in surprise, "She's really like a super agent. I heard she took out WEE headquarters all by herself last spring."

"I can't believe that," Kim scoffed. "No one takes out a base by herself, unless there's no one there."

"No, really," the woman across from her fired back, "I heard the same thing. She's like this über-agent or something. I don't know why she was riding you. You were doing better than any of the rest of us, but she was on your case."

"She likes riding me," Kim thought, "of course, the feeling is mutual." "I think she's got a serious ego problem and knows I'm not going to take any guff from her."

The woman sitting by Kim snorted, "Sounds like you know about serious ego problems firsthand."

"We'll see," Kim murmured and went back to chewing her dinner.

In the office of Elizabeth Director, Head of Global Justice, another chewing out was taking place.

"…and then she called Ms Possible a maggot," Agent Du told Dr. Director in a shocked voice.

"No one likes a tattle-tale, Willie-boy," Shego growled.

"Did you call Kim Possible a maggot?"

"Sure did, Bets."

"Bets? You're calling me Bets now?"

"Well you told me not to call you Betty any more."

Elizabeth Director closed her eyes and counted to ten as she remembered the memo from Shego's therapist. The ex-thief needed ways to express her disdain of authority figures without breaking the law. Demanding she completely stop the inappropriate language might result in repression and possibly even a return of the green woman to crime. Of all the memos Shego had forged on the stolen letterhead from her therapist this was probably her favorite. "Would it do me any good to order you to not call me Bets?"

"I could probably think of something worse."

"Okay, Agent Greene. I want to hear your flimsy excuse for your sorry behavior."

"Shego, not Agent Greene."

"You get your paycheck as Agent Greene. Want me to hold that back?"

"I'm not Agent Greene."

"And I'm not Bets, clear? You may use Betty for this conversation. I don't want to get off the subject. Agent Du charged you with being abusive to Recruit Possible. You admit you called her a maggot?"

"Yep. Sadistic sergeants do it to new recruits all the time. I've seen it in movies. You ride them hard to train them to be tough… They learn their lesson and get out and kill the Germans, or Japanese, or Vietnamese, or somebody. Except in the comedies. Then the noobs band together to torch my room - but at least it teaches them how to work together as a team."

"First, you're not a drill sergeant. Second, you mean to say you're basically modeling your style on movies you've seen?"

"I had Willy here as my instructor when I was a recruit… Well, two of the three times anyway. You don't honestly expect me to use him as a role model do you?"

"It is wrong to abuse GJ recruits."

"I'm just doing it to Kim. I figure it serves as a warning to the others."

"A warning?"


Betty closed her eyes and counted to ten again. Why was Shego giving instruction to new recruits after failing her own introduction twice? There was some other memo from her therapist, giving her more responsibility would re-enforce positive patterns of behavior. Shego didn't put that forged memo in her top ten, but it was coming in handy now. Betty sighed, at least Shego was only leading the physical training portion of the recruit introduction and none of the procedural classes. "I thought you and Kim made peace a couple years ago when we discovered you… your past."

"Sure did. Made peace with the whole family. Have a standing invitation to go out there any time." She held up her hand with the index and middle fingers crossed, "Like this with the Possibles."

"So why are you giving Kim problems?"

Shego opened her eyes wide and feigned innocence. "You wouldn't want me showing favoritism to her because we're friends now, would you? It wouldn't be fair to the other recruits to treat her like teacher's pet."

"But you are giving her special treatment," Will Du sputtered. "It's bad special treatment, but you're treating her differently from the others."

Shego looked puzzled, "So, you want me to get in close to all their faces and scream at all of them and call them maggots?"

"No! But-"

"But you said I should treat her differently. So I should treat the others the same way I treat her?"

Betty sighed, "You need to ease up. This is not, I repeat, not Marine boot camp. You are trying to prepare them to pass their physicals at the end of the training process, not driving out the weak and training the survivors to eat their own young."

Shego snorted, "Good one, Betty. Don't know why everyone says you don't have a sense of humor."

"Do you understand?"

"Sure, I'm not stupid."

"We'll see about that," Betty muttered. "I swear, there're days I think you're more of danger for Global Justice now than when we were looking for you."

Shego just grinned, "So, am I dismissed? I have things to do tonight."

"I hope review of the training manual is on the list… Yes, you're dismissed."

Kim opened the window in her room in the recruit dorm, and a shadowy figure slipped inside.

"How long were you going to keep me on that ledge?"

"Long conversation at dinner. And I'm a little unhappy with the way you were yelling at me today."

"Come on, Kim, I told you why I had to do that. Agents are not supposed to fraternize with recruits. And that's why I can't be seen going in the door here. You think I like using the window?"

"I just want to know what kind of a rule says you can't fraternize with recruits?"

"Can't trust recruits. For all we know you might be a WEE mole or something. If you pass the training you'll get fully vetted before you become a real agent."

"How hard can it be? You're an agent."

Shego clutched her chest, "That's it, tear my heart out about my evil past. I'm trying hard to be good and–"

"And judging by day's performance you still don't know how to be good."

The green woman raised an eyebrow, "I was under the impression you think I'm very good."

"Maybe. Why don't you drop the theatrics and remind me why I think you're so good."

Shego smiled. The two put their arms around each other. As their lips met Kim thought, "Out of shape? When I'm done with you tonight you won't be able to leave by the window and you'll be too exhausted to lead a training session tomorrow. But the smile won't come off your face for a week."

–The End–