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The Chinese man opened the door to a small cottage by the outskirt of the city. The place was near enough to enjoy a leisure dinner in the weekend but not near enough to feel the polluted air from the heart of dirty London.

"Welcome back, Yao."

A man bowed at him. Yao smiled sheepishly as the old butler took off his coat. "You don't need to do that, Fritz, aru!"

The butler shook his head. "I am used to it. By the way, the dinner and bath is almost ready."

"Thank you, aru. Where is Mr… No, I mean, Arthur?"

Saying the name made him blush, even though he had been using his real name for almost 2 years. The Chinese man rubbed his cheek, wishing that he didn't give much for the butler to see. Unfortunately, the butler was older and wiser; he knew everything.

"Master is in the study room."

Yao nodded and muttered thank you, walked slowly to the end of the corridor. The cottage used to be Antonio and Lovino's love nest; but ever since they decided that they would stay in Italy, the lovely cottage was given to Yao. And Yao used it as his primary residence, taking with him the ex-nobility and the faithful butler.

"I said I don't have the mood to write today!"

"But Mr. Argent, we need your script urgently for tomorrow's morning news! We need to print it now!"

"I don't care, hmph."

The conversation behind the study room made Yao smiled. He knocked on the door and welcomed himself.

"I am home, aru."

"Welcome home, Yao." The blond man by the study desk was smiling when he saw who entered the room. Beside him, stood a young man in his twenties, half crying, desperately asking for the next column submission. "Do you want some tea?"

"This is not the time for tea!" The editor cried, almost sobbing. "We really need it now! Mr. Wang, help me, please?"

Yao sighed and walked towards Arthur. The older blonde smirked. "How was your day?"

"Definitely not as hard as your editor's, aru." Yao answered, taking the seat on nearby sofa because he needed to watch their distance since they had a spectator. "Just give him the thing, Arthur. I saw you finishing it yesterday night."

The blonde blushed from annoyance of being caught red handed, while his editor cried in happiness. In the end, Arthur submitted the short column he has written and let the editor ran through the door, after bowing in gratitude towards Yao. Arthur pouted.

Once the editor was out of sight, Yao stood and approached Arthur on his chair. The older blond pulled Yao closer, nudging his nose on Yao's neck gently.

"You shouldn't say that."

"How long do you intend to torture your poor editor, aru?" Yao smiled. He kissed Arthur's hair. "You are an evil, you know?"

Arthur kept his pout. "I haven't got enough fun teasing him."

"Hey." Yao sighed and sat on Arthur's lap. Despite being having grown onto the size of a grown up man, Yao still smaller compared to Arthur, and Arthur still retained his previous desire to put Yao on top of his lap. "Guess what happened today, aru."

"What?" Arthur asked. "Money falls from the sky? That's a good essay topic."

"No. I asked … No, let me tell you the story first. Last month, I saw… a boy, aru."

Arthur smiled. He knew Yao's work as the Britain Hetalia Shipping Company branch's manager was quite challenging, but at the same time, boring. Yao's job consisted of tedious checking, ordering, shipping and distributing the stuff he got from Rome's ships. It needs a lot of hard work, patience, detail orientation and assertiveness. All the value Yao was blessed with. But interesting stuff seldom happened in that kind of job. "What kind of boy?"

"…He is a small, but his determination was good, aru. He tried to steal my wallet, but I caught him. I gave him a chance to do me an errand, if he didn't want me to surrender him to the police. He came back ever since, doing errands for me and stopped pocket lifting, aru. So… I gave him an offer."

"What kind of offer?"

"To start school. I am thinking maybe… maybe we can adopt him? Under my name? So we can support his education and stuff."

"What make you want to do this, Yao?" Arthur asked softly, although he knew why.

"…Because I want to share the happiness you gave me, aru." Yao closed his eyes, burying his face on Arthur's hair. He couldn't believe his luck. He had been spending two years living together with the love of his life.

Of course it was still vivid in his mind. The day Arthur came for him in the harbour, the blonde man threw everything away. He divorced Francesca just the night before, and it evoked enormous wrath from his and her family. The month following the day was the worst. His brothers and sisters visited Arthur and tried to change his mind, but nobody succeeded. Eventually Arthur was disowned by his own father. His family embossed ring he held so dear was taken and his name was erased from the family's lineage.

His mansion was sold. Arthur returned the factories to his brother. He was jobless and homeless, with no one to turn to except the person he had chosen, Yao. Of course, Yao was too happy to care about Arthur's sudden poverty. Yao took him inside his cottage and Fritz followed his master, only to be overjoyed when he found the small Yao he fond of has turned into a fine young man. Ever since then, they stayed together inside the small cottage.

It wasn't easy for Arthur to settle from pampered nobility into a normal working man. His ego didn't settle well when Yao assured him that he could work for both of them. And the fact that he was living together with another man, which was considered the biggest taboo after killing someone made them very self conscious and secretive. Arthur became irritant and explosive, vented his anger and embarrassment on everything. Even Yao was getting tired of the antics when one day Fritz brought home a pamphlet of a writing competition.

The faithful butler managed to convince his young master to enter. Arthur was torn, but he did make a story to be submitted. Waiting part was agony, for all of them. But the result came out, and Arthur won the second prize. He got offered a weekly column on local newspaper and a bit of money.

Ever since then, Arthur became very productive, as if he found back the joy of writing. And steadily, he became famous. He used the name Arthur Argent since he couldn't use his real last name. His wage increased and now Arthur could proudly support all of them. Yao let him do it, to make Arthur feel better, albeit the truth that Yao's wage was way bigger than his. He was glad Arthur became lively again, and the depression was gone, leaving a perfectly shaved, shining, energetic productive writer called Arthur Argent.

But truthfully, Yao felt very sad everytime he read Arthur's pen name on the paper, knowing that if only Arthur has never chosen him, he wouldn't have to give up his family name.

"I have told you so many times, I don't regret what I did, Yao. I just regret I didn't do it sooner." Arthur smiled reassuringly, knowing what made Yao looked so forlorn. "Don't blame yourself. I have never felt this happy before, when I was trapped inside that big mansion with a ring tying my neck to the family's name."


"Look at me, please?" Arthur whispered. Yao opened his eyes and saw two emerald eyes staring through his. Arthur did look fierce. And sincere.

"I love you."

Yao blushed and he pulled closer, until his lips pecked Arthur's gently.

"Me too, aru."

"Ehm." The butler coughed softly. The two men separated in a matter of seconds. "The dinner is ready, sir."

Arthur grumbled while Fritz hid his smile. Yao laughed hard and pulled Arthur hand, guiding him to the small but warm and lovely dining room.

"What is the boy's name, Yao?"

"Hong Kong, aru." Yao smiled. "He is a really nice boy. You would like him like I do."

Arthur smiled softly.

I think I would never love someone as much as I do you, Yao.

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