ROOKIE BLUE (isn't mine)


A small scene between Sam and Luke. That was about time. Once again, guys, thanks for the support, you're awesome.


Officer Sam Swarek barged in Detective Luke Callaghan's office without even bothering to knock and proceeded immediately to make himself comfortable on the next chair. The detective looked up and stared blankly. "Swarek?"

"Callaghan." Swarek slouched on the chair and put one foot on the corner of the desk.

"What can I do for you?" Callaghan sighed and sat back in his chair holding back a fit of temper.

"Nothing really. Just want to talk to you, is it a bad time?" His right hand on his belt, the other one waved towards the detective dismissively.

"I'm afraid we'll have to postpone this conversation, I'm working a case right now, I don't have time for your…"

"You beat me to the point Callaghan, you don't seem to have time… ever."

"I don't lead my investigations so that they can fit in with your personal schedule."

"I have no schedule Callaghan. On the other hand, I have a question for you. What is it exactly that you're doing to my partner?"

"What? What is it even supposed to mean?" He simply shot him an annoyed glance. He started fidgeting with his pen, eyes locked on Sam's.

"Exactly what I said," Sam stated with a smug smile. He raised an eyebrow and his mouth twitched.

Callaghan averted his gaze and went back to his paperwork. "I'm afraid it's not of your concern."

"You're making my partner miserable, that's a fact. In my book, it makes it my concern on the contrary. Because when she's miserable, she's no good to me. She's distracted and she can't do her job properly."

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me." He tilted his head.

"I'm sorry Swarek, but I fail to…"

"My point again," Swarek cheered. "You're failing and you've been from day one. I have to push her on to you constantly."

"Swarek, be careful."

"Or what?"

"Is that a threat?"

"Of course not. I'm just saying. I'm tired of helping you out with your love life, Callaghan. So, from now on, I simply won't. I'm done."

"You don't have to help me with anything. Andy and I are good. As a matter of fact, I asked her to move in with me and she said yes," Callaghan volunteered, his disdain showing.

"Yeah, yeah, you put in an offer for that Barbie house facing the ravine. So what? What do you expect? What do you want to turn her into exactly? Christ man, you can't even trust the woman to begin with! Maybe for starters, you should work on your trust issues."

Callaghan put his elbows on the desk, pondering his line of action. That did not stop Swarek.

"How she puts up with your crap, that beyond me! Anyway…" He got up and clasped his belt buckle. "I figured I'd drop by to keep you up to date, just so you know. See you buddy."

Callaghan did not blink when the officer went out, slamming the door behind him.