Chapter 1 Love for Fear! Vampires Like to Eat Kishin Souls?

A woman was screaming as she ran down the streets and a man with an axe ran after her. She was cornered by him wheen she ended up in an alley.

"Please! Don't kill me!" she yelled,

"I won't kill you, all I want is your soul!" the guy exclaimed.

"Not unless you want yours eaten first!" he heard and turned to see seven, pale teens wearing street clothes.

"You must be from the academy." The guy said.

"Almost, but you were close! Kana, tell him what he won!" her weapon yelled.

"You won the prize of being in one of our weapons' stomachs." She answered and charged forward.

The axe guy dodged.

"Executioner, you have a Kishin inside of you and we're going to take it!" the axe wielder yelled and started to fight him.

Kana and the other guy with the gauntlets started to fight him as well.

The Executioner laughed as he fought them.

"Damn, he won't back down will he?" one of the gauntlets said.

"Yeah, I think the only way of beating him is through soul link, right Baki?" the other one asked.

"Yeah, if we are going to get that thing out of him we have to! Ready guys?" Baki asked.

Kana and the axe meister nodded.

"Soul link!" Baki yelled and his soul started to link up with his comrades.

"Now soul resonance!" Baki yelled.

"Legendary skill of the katana meisters! Moon Crater!" Kana yelled as her katana changed into a longer sword and glowed and she swung and hit the Executioner.

The Executioner screamed.

"Legendary skill of the axe meister!" the axe meister yelled and his axe changed into a double bladed axe. "Savior's Dusk!"

He hit the Executioner as well.

"Finally, last and but not least the legendary skill of the gauntlet meister!" Baki yelled and his gauntlets took on a beast claw form. "Wolverine's Howl!"

He struck and the Kishin soul popped out.

"Yes!" Kana exclaimed.

Their weapons changed back into two guys and two girls.

"Looks like it's mine!" one of the guys said as he walked over.

"Actually, it's my brother's since we are trying to help him with his problem in feeding off fear." The axe meister said.

"damn it!"

"Go ahead Ryo."

Ryo walked over and took it and ate it and he glowed a bit.

"How many souls you ate already?" the guy asked.

"Number twenty." Baki answered.

"Damn it, we're not having much luck since the DWMA students get most of them around here." One of the girl gautlets said.

"Be glad we're starting there tomorrow then, we will be able to get more souls and this time get to share them with each other." Ryo said.

"Woohoo! Let's get a move on then!" the other guy said.

They started to walk off and when they walked by the woman, Baki fed off her emotions for a bit.

She was cluelss with what happened and left.

The next day at the Death Weapon Meister Academy in Death City, Nevada, headed by the grim reaper, Lord Death, himself, Maka Albarn, Soul Eater Evans, and their friend Chrona were heading for their class when they saw a girl near a building looking at a small figure standing on the roof yelling and jumping around.

"Morning Tsubaki!" Maka said.

"Oh morning Soul, Maka, and Chrona." The girl said.

"What's the idiot doing up there?" Soul asked.

"He's a little mad that there are new students in the newest honors class." Tsubaki answered.

"Honors class?" Maka asked.

"They think they are the greatest stars here? I will show them that I am the real star around here!" Black Star exclaimed after he came down.

"You can show them now, it looks like they're coming this way." Chrona said as he pointed to a group of seven teens wearing street clothes and one of them in torn clothing and they were also wearing sunglasses.

"What's with the glasses? They think they're cool or something?" Soul asked.

"I heard they are wearing those because they can't look anyone in the eye." Tsubaki answered.

"That's a weird reason for that." Maka said.

"I think it's a stupid one at that and the guy with the torn clothing, is he some kind of rocker?" Soul asked.

"I am!" they heard the guy said as the group stopped.

"Huh?" they asked.

"We're into rocking out when we get the time, most of the time we try to find Kishin souls like you guys do." The identical looking one said.

"You guys are trying to make death weapons as well?" Chrona asked with a little bit of fear in his voice.

"You got it, not only that your fear smells great." He said.

"Down Ryo! Bad boy!" the blonde girl exclaimed and took out a squirt bottle and sprayed him.

"Ah! What the hell you think I am? A cat?" he asked as he walked away.

"Don't mind Ryo, he gets excited when someone's scared." One of the other girls said.

"We should head for class, despite there is no teacher yet." Ryo's brother said. "See ya guys on a soup hunt!"

They watched them go.

"They're surely weird." Maka said.

"I wonder how he was able to smell my fear?" Chrona asked.

"Probably he smelled the pee in your pants." Ragnarok said as hee came out.

"Well, like them we should get to class or Dr. Stein will make us stand in the hall again." Tsubaki said.

They nodded and headed for class.

"Damn it Kyo, why didn't you let me eat some of that kid's fear?" Ryo asked.

"Because we are trying to fix you and I had a weird aura coming off of him." Kyo answered.

"What do you mean?" Baki asked.

"I felt it before and I think it has to do with the weapon he holds." He answered.

"What weapon? I didn't see his partner anywhere." Kana said.

"Hmm, I don't know but still he still has a strange aura." Kyo said and they kept on walking to class.

That evening in Romania, Maka, Soul, and Chrona were standing outside the castle of Vladimir D' Count.

"Wow, this place is pretty elaborate." Soul said.

"Yeah, not only that it holds a soul for us!" Maka exclaimed.

"Or us!" they heard and turned to see the brothers from earlier.

"You two again!" Maka exclaimed.

"How did you guys know about this?" Soul asked.

"We snooped around the assignment board and saw your guys' names and decided to sneak along." Ryo answered.

"I think that's against the rules." Maka said.

"Actually, we talked to Lordd Death about it and he allowed us to come with." Kyo told them.

"Great, we met you earlier and now we have to work with you as well, so uncool!" Soul exclaimed.

"Get used to it, you guys might have to work with us from Blood Fang." Kyo told them.

"Blood Fang?" they all asked.

"The honors class we were assigned to." Ryo answered.

"You make it sould like you all are a bunch of vampires." Maka said.

Both brothers rose an eyebrow.

"Hey, is this a tea party or something? We should get in there and take out this Vladimir guy!" Ragnarok exclaimed.

"Right!" Chrona exclaimed.

"Bro?" Kyo asked.

Ryo nodded and changed into his axe form and grabbed it.

"An axe meister?" Maka asked.

"Yeah, I guess you haven't seen one before." Kyo said as he walked towards the castle.

"I guess we should follow suit." Soul said.

Maka nodded.

Soul turned into a scythe while Ragnarok turned into a sword and they went into the castle as well.

Once inside, they saw that the whole area was one big living room.

"Wow, this is huge!" Maka exclaimed.

"We shouldn't make so much noise, Vladimir maybe around here somewhere." Kyo told them.

"What is this guy like anyways?" Chrona asked as they walked.

"this guy is known for his torturing of humans for blood, you could probably call him a vampire but he isn't a real one." Ryo explained.

"You sound like one yourself when you talk about it that way." Soul said.

Kyo smiled and didn't say anything.

They walked down a hall when they saw a door open.

"An open door?" Maka asked.

"Sense anything Maka?" Soul asked.

"I feel the soul in that room." She answered.

"Let's go then." Kyo said and walked ahead and went inside.

"Wait for us!" Chrona exclaimed and they followed.

They walked down a set of stairs to a basement area with what looked like torture devices.

"What the hell is this place?" Ragnarok asked.

"The torture chamber where he does his torture." Ryo answered.

Kyo closed his eyes behind his sunglasses and felt something and said, "He's behind the iron maiden." He reported.

They heard cackles and then a voice, "Very good Kyosuke Ishida!"

"What? He knows your name?" Maka asked.

"Yeah, he does, everyone in the vampire realm knows who we are and I'm guessing Madrigal and Madeline told him who we are." Ryo said.

"That's correct, I am guessing that you two came tto help me torture more victims and feed off their fear?" Vladimir said as he came out from the shadows.

"Fear?" Maka asked.

"Yes, we don't look like ones but we are Incubi vampires from the White Court that resides in Chicago." Kyosuke answered and took off his glasses to reveal his gray eyes.

"White Court?" Soul asked.

"As in the three courts?" ragnarok asked.

"Now two, the Red court was wiped out not too long ago." Ryo answered.

"That's right! Now that you two have came, we should start and with the one with the scythe!" Vladimir exclaimed.

"Don't think about it! We're going to take your soul which has been influenced by a Kishin!" Maka yelled as she pointed Soul at him.

"Then bring it on!" Vladimir exclaimed.

Maka charged at him and they started to fight.

"Don't forget about us!" Kyo exclaimed and charged as well.

"What are you waiting for Chrona? Attack!" Ragnarok exclaimed.

"Right!" Chrona exclaimed and also charged.

They all fought Vladimir but he laughed as he fought back.

"Why is he laughing when he knows we are after his soul?" Soul asked.

"He enjoys a great fight and waits until someone tires out so he can torture them!" Ryo answered.

"You three are amazing, but I think the two humans will be great ffood for these twins!" Vladimir exclaimed.

They stopped fighting and took a breath until Vladimir grabbed Maka and she screamed.

"Maka!" Soul yelled as he hit the ground and changed back. "Let her go you bastard!"

"I think she will be great food! Do you think so Ryo? Wait a minute, what about you Kyo? You haven't switched to the dark side of feeding off of fear!" Vladimir exclaimed.

"I am not going to feed off of fear like that bastard Madrigal does and I will have my brother turned into a Death Scythe before he feeds off of it again!" Kyo yelled and his eyes turned white and charged at him again.

Vladimir was hit and Maka fell to the floor.

"Maka! Are you okay?" Chrona asked.

"Yeah, I will be." She answered.

"Do something Chrona!" Ragnarok exclaimed.

He nodded and yelled, "Screaming Resonance!"

Ragnarok screamed and Vladimir got hit and screamed as well.

"Thanks kid!"Kyo yelled.

"So bro, shall we?" Ryo asked.

Kyo nodded and and said, "I think we should use the other power while my eyes are still white!"


"soul resonance!"

Their souls started to meld with them and Ryo glowed and turned into a heavy, double bladed hatchet.

"The second technique of the axe meister! Aerial Savior!" Kyo yelled and he and his brother screamed as he charged at Vladimir.

"No wait!" Vladimir tried to scream.

He was hit by the attack and his Kishin popped out.

Kyo went to his knees and breathed heavily and put the axe down. Ryo changed back and walked to the Kishin and picked it up and ate it.

Soul and Ragnarok also changed back.

"That was a waste of a soul!" Ragnarok exclaimed.

"I needed it anyways," Ryo said and turned to his brother. "You need to feed on someone."

He nodded and got up and walked over to Maka and grabbed her.

"Hey, what are you doing!" she yelled.

"Hold still, I am not going to hurt you." He told her and looked her in the eyes and they changed and he took some of her emotions.

She was let go and felt her heart pound.

"You okay Maka?" Soul asked.

"Yeah, what was that?" Maka asked.

"We'll explain later, we better get going or we'll miss the plane back." Kyo answered.

Maka nodded.

They left the castle and headed towards the bus stop to head back to the airport.

I don't know what just happened, but I think the new students have something weird going on and I will make sure that I find out about it. She thought to herself.

Author Commentary

Hello everyone, yes, yet another fic by me! This time it's with an unlikely crossover or an another unlikely one. If you guys read my NCIS and Get Backers crossover fics and liked them, you may like this one. So, anyways, I am into both into Soul Eater and the Dresden Files and somehow the pop culture references in both kind of fit as a common element and I thought it would be cool if I had some of my original characters mixed in as well, wince in one of my original stories some of them are vampires in that already why not add them in this? Well, that is about for now and by the way, I made a bad habit of not putting a disclaimer and here it is:

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters of Soul Eater and the Dresden Files, they are creations of Jim Butcher and Atsushi Okubo. On the other hand, Kyo, Ryo, Kana, Jiro, Baki, Miaka, and Aria are creations of mine! So enjoy!