Same friend that asked for "Gathering at Snyder Farm", requested this. She was trying to write it herself, but was getting stuck so she asked me to write it for her instead. This will probably be a short series just for her. I hope everyone likes and reviews.

"Reid, what are you talking about?" Katie asked, a look of confusion on her face.

Reid had a bag packed and sitting on the couch. He was just slipping his jacket on as he turned to look at her. He didn't really know what to say to her. He needed to leave, right away and was not allowed to tell her why. Really, he didn't really know much about why either.

"Margo will be here later to fill you in," he told her, his hands now on her shoulders.

"Why can't you just tell me? What did you do?"

Reid almost laughed, "I didn't do anything."

"Than why are you packing and heading to the police station?"

Reid didn't answer her. He planted a kiss on her forehead before grabbing his bag and reaching for the door. He stopped for a second to turn back to her.

"Give the kid a kiss for me."

And he was out the door. A police car was waiting in the parking lot of the apartment for him. He tossed his bag into the back and got in. It was a silent ride to the police station and all he could think about was Katie was probably curled up on the couch with Jacob, trying to figure out what had just happened.

They pulled into the station right away. Reid grabbed his bag and followed the officer into the station. As they entered, Reid couldn't believe the station was actually busy. There were normally only a few officers working at a time in the station. Now it seemed every single one was there, just for this. He quickly spotted Jack Snyder, who was now walking over to him.

"Dr. Oliver, You'll be waiting in there until everything is sorted out." he said, pointing to the small room where everyone seemed to stay after getting arrested that was behind his own desk.

The blinds were closed but the door was open. Reid walked inside, dropping his bag on the floor next to the other one that was already there. He looked up to see a certain blond already sitting at the small table. His feet were up on a second chair and he was reading a book.

"When they bring you in?" Reid asked, leaning again the wall opposite of him.

"About an hour ago." he replied, not looking up at Reid.

Suddenly Detective Margo Hughes walked in, some files in her hands.

"Luke. Dr. Oliver. We're going to need your cell phones, pagers, laptops. Any electronics." she told them, standing at the door.

"Even my iPod?" Luke asked, finally setting the book down and looking up.

"For now, yes." Margo replied

Luke stood and walked over to his bag, which sat next to Reid's and started rummaging through it, pulling out his iPod, before pulling his cell phone from his jacket pocket.

"Officer Lane." Margo said to someone.

A short, dark haired woman walked into the room. She took Luke's phone and iPod and than Reid handed her his laptop, pager and phone.

"I don't have my laptop with me." Luke said, when Margo looked at him.

She just nodded and the officer left. Luke took his seat back at the table and Reid leaned up against the wall again.

"You two will be staying in here until everything is sorted and we are ready to transport you. The blinds need to stay closed and the door with be closed and locked." she told them, "Food from Al's will be here shortly for you. Once everything is ready and night falls, you two will be moved."

With that, she left, closing and locking the door behind her. Luke, who had gone back to his book, heard Reid moan. He looked up at him.

"What did you tell Katie?"

Reid, who had his eyes closed, opened them and stared back.

"Nothing. The officer that came to the house told me to say nothing, that Margo was going to fill her in. Not like I really know much to tell her anyways." he replied, "What did you tell your family?"

Luke laughed, "That I was going on a business trip."

Reid laughed with him.

Back outside in the station, Margo was running around, talking to just about every officer, spatting out orders and requesting files.

"Officer Cassady." she barked, looking at a tall sandy haired man, "Did you get those phone records from Mr. Snyder?"

"Yes, I was just about to bring them to you." Officer Cassady replied, walking up with a file, "He's had twenty in coming from him since the beginning of the month."

"Any outgoing?"

"No." Officer Cassady replied, handing her the file.

Margo looked it over once before nodding and walking away.

Back inside the room, the food from Al's had arrived and they were eating in silence. Luke took a sip from his soda when Margo walked back into the room, the same file in her hands, as well as his cell phone. Two officers walked in behind her with a laptop and a bunch of other things that neither Reid or Luke knew what they were for at first.

"Luke," Margo began, "It says in your phone records that he's called you twenty times since the beginning of the month."

Luke nodded, "I never answered any except for that one time when I came to you about it."

"Good, good." Margo nodded, placing the phone on the table in front of him, "You said he calls every time around five. It's almost five and we're hoping that he calls today. We're going to try and trace the call."

Luke nodded, looking at the phone. Reid, who was still standing by the wall, just watched everyone. He didn't know much of what was going on. He only knew that someone was after himself and Luke and that the whole of Oakdale's police department was trying to see to that nothing happened to either of them. He didn't even know who it was that was after them.

Everything was ready to trace the call when suddenly Luke's phone rang. Everyone held their breath as Luke slowly picked up the phone. He looked at Margo and nodded, telling her it was him. She nodded back.

"Put it on speaker. Everyone keep quiet. He needs to think only Luke is listening."

Luke hit talk and the speaker button quickly. There was a moments pause before Luke spoke, in a slow and careful tone.

"This is Luke Snyder."


Reid's eyes widened, he knew there was only one person who ever called Luke by his birth name. The man that Reid had helped place in jail a year ago. Reid almost said something but quickly caught himself before he did.

"Damian," Luke started, "I..."

"Luciano, I am very disappointed." Damian said over the phone, "You were to bring that doctor to see me so I could repay him."

Luke looked at Reid, who's eyes were wide still.

"Dr. Oliver left town, I told you that."

"I know you're lying, Luciano."

There was another moments pause before Damian spoke again.

"I've been watching. And I will find him."

With that, the phone call was over before Luke could say something else to keep him talking. There was a sudden sigh from every person in the room. Luke sat the phone down and closed his eyes. Reid stood with his arms folded, trying to figure out what he had just heard. Margo looked to the officer with the laptop in front of him.

"Nothing. The call wasn't long enough." he told her.

"Damnit." she said, "Okay, well we know he's in town because he's been watching. Get patrol cars out, everywhere. Send someone to watch the Snyder farm, Snyder house and my sister. If he truly wants Dr. Oliver and possibly now Luke, he'll go after those closest."

The officers in the room nodded, grabbed everything including Luke's phone, and left. Margo stayed because she had more to talk with them about.

"Alright boys," she started, "Everything is almost ready. Dr. Oliver, Bob has been informed. You will have as much time as you need off, with pay, until this is all over. Luke, your parents already think you're on a business trip but with the officers to watch them, they will be informed. Neither of you will have contact with anyone else but myself and the officers who will be watching you."

With that, she had left again, closing and locking the door behind her. Reid started pacing back and forth. Luke still had his eyes closed.

"You were going to turn me over to him." Reid suddenly blurted out, not able to keep quiet anymore.

"What!" Luke's head snapped up, a look of hurt on his face, "Reid, I wasn't. When I found out why he was calling and what he was planning on doing, I went straight to Margo."

Reid nodded, but didn't say anything else about the matter. He kept his pacing back and forth and was started to sweat. He was having troubles breathing.

"Could you please stop that?" Luke asked, reading his book again, "You're starting to make me dizzy."

Reid laughed, "You're not even watching. You're reading a book."

Luke looked up at him, "What's wrong?"

"Small room, blinds closed. We're locked inside."

It took Luke a minute to think but then it dawned on him, "Oh shit. Your claustrophobia."

"Maybe you are one of the brighter crayons in the box."

"Shut up." Luke said, "Okay, think of your happy place. The brain."

"Tried, didn't work."

"Count back from ten and try breathing slowly?"

"Tried that too, and if I could breath slowly, I don't think we'd be having this conversation."

"Right." Luke said, dropping his book on the table and standing, "Lemme try something."

He walked around the table to where Reid was pacing. He stopped him, and stood within inches of him, both his hands on his arms to stop him from moving.

"What are you doing?"

Luke placed one of his hands around Reid's neck and pulled him slowly closer, gently kissing him. At first, Reid wanted to pull away. He had forgot what kissing Luke was like but suddenly he was kissing him back. His breathing evened out and he was relaxing when Luke pulled away from him.


"Yeah," Reid said, eyes still closed, "A little."

He opened his eyes to find Luke walked back around the table and sitting down again. He couldn't believe it. It had been months since they were actually together. They tried a relationship but Luke had called it off without warning and Reid didn't know why. He was so mad at him for months, but now, he didn't see the Luke that had hurt him, but the Luke who he had fallen in love with.

It was rounding eleven at night when Margo returned with an officer. She had motioned for them to follow the officer. They went the back way out of the station, each of them carrying their bag over their shoulders. Their bags were tossed into the back of an unmarked car before they got into the backseat. Both Margo and the officer got into the front, the officer driving. They were then off, leaving Oakdale. Both Reid and Luke had no idea were they were going. All Reid could think of was work while Luke was thinking about his family.