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It felt like hours before the house was once again filled with gun shots. Not all of them were in the house but around the house, coming through now broken windows. Reid jumped off the table and pulled Luke to a crouching position behind the island in the kitchen. He then turned to Noah who was crouching just at the kitchen door, still waiting for whoever had crashed through the door to enter.

"Where are all the other guns?" he asked

Noah looked at him before pulling a gun from behind his back and sliding it across the floor to Reid, who quickly picked it up.

"Guess we're not waiting until nightfall?" Luke almost laughed, looking at Reid.

Reid just looked at him. Everything suddenly went silent as fast as the noise had started.

"I just want Doctor Oliver. You two can go." they heard Damian's voice.

Noah looked back at Reid and Luke. Reid suddenly stood and headed for the living room. He was stopped by Noah.

"What are you doing?" he whispered

"Just get Luke out of here." Reid whispered back, "He needs a doctor right now."

"Again, what are you doing?" Noah asked

"I'm buying you some time to get him out of here."

"They are still surrounding the house."

"Didn't you just hear him."

Noah laughed, "I've learned not to trust a single thing Damian Grimaldi says."

Reid pulled away from Noah, took one more look at Luke before he headed back into the living room. Noah rushed over to Luke and helped him up before he started pulling him to the backdoor. They could hear talking but they didn't know what was being said. Noah checked to see if the coast was clear before pushing Luke out the door. They were just walking around the house when they ran into Margo and another officer, who quickly pulled them away from the house.

"Reid's still in there." Luke was almost whining.

"We've got it covered. Officer Chase, get these boys medical attention."

"I'm fine but Luke was shot." Noah told them as the officer pulled them away again.

Luke didn't want to go but he didn't have a choice. They were just getting into a car when they hear shouting and more gun shots. Luke froze. He didn't even feel himself get pulled into a car and be driven away until he found himself sitting in the hospital, getting ready to go into surgery to remove the bullet. Dr. Bob was there with him.

Two hours later Dr. Bob walked into the waiting room were Luke's parents, Noah and Katie were all waiting to hear news and Luke and even Reid, who nobody knew if he was okay just yet or not. Bob looked at Holden and Lily.

"Luke is fine." he told them, "The bullet entered just a little lower then the last time he was shot. The nerves there are dead, that is why he was not able to feel the bullet. He's not paralyzed again, it really did no damage, but he should stay off his feet for a while just to be safe."

Everyone sighed in relief.

"And Reid?" Katie asked

Before Bob could answer, Reid was walking into the waiting room. A cast on his right arm. He was now wearing hospital scrubs so he was no longer covered in blood. But he had bruises everywhere and over much of his arms and face were bandages covering up cuts and stitches. Katie rushed over to him and hugged him.


"Sorry!" she pulled away from him.

"How's Luke?" he asked, looking at everyone.

"He's going to be fine." Holden told him.

An hour later, Reid was sitting in Luke's hospital room, waiting for him to wake up. Right on cue, Luke's eyes started to open.

"Hey." Reid smiled at him.

It took Luke a minute to register where he was and who was standing so close, holding his hand before a smile broke out on his face.

"Hey." was all he replied.