Summary: After Raimundo was appointed Shoku Warrior, he was sent away to war and never seen again. His friends can either accept this fate and replace him or refuse it and set out to find what became of the Xiaolin Dragon of thw Wind

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Chapter 1

The War

After Raimundo Pedrosa was appointed Shoku Warrior, his maturity improved but only slightly. He still pulled a lot of pranks on his friends and messed around a lot but he took his role a lot more seriously. He tried hard in his training and he actually started to get up at the crack of dawn without a single complaint; he knew his job as leader was important. Especially with so much evil all around them.

To Omi's annoyance, Raimundo became stronger. He won most of the Showdowns he took part in and he was almost always victorious in training challenges, defeating the other three on a regular basis. Omi had come to accept that Raimundo was the chosen one, but it didn't mean he was happy about it and he usually scowled whenever Master Fung or any of the elders spoke highly of Raimundo or when he had to follow Raimundo's orders.

And then evil rose once again and the war came. The war that put World War One and Two to shame. All countries fought against each other, none of them trusting each other, all of them believing each other to be fighting for the forces of evil. It was a stupid war. Neverless, Raimundo was called upon to fight. And he answered that call with honour, despite his friends' pleads. They feared for his life. But he carried out his duty. Raimundo fought six terrible battles in four different countries, the sixth so very close to the Xiaolin Temple itself that you could hear the sounds of men's agonised screams so clearly from the Temple grounds, but none of the remaining monks were allowed near it. They weren't strong enough yet.

That was three years ago. That battle near the Xiaolin Temple was the last one Raimundo fought, and he was never seen nor heard of since. But the battle raged on.

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