Here is the second half of this little story. I'm glad people thought it was so cute! I really enjoyed making it! So, now that we've read Ace's list…Let's get started on Luffy's list!

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Ayrel was leaning against the wall of the tree house that Ace and Luffy had built a while back. The pencil in her hand flew across the page of her sketchbook. She was drawing this beautiful bird that was perched on the windowsill. Such a cute creature…

"Hey, electric lady!"

Ayrel flinched at Luffy's voice. She watched with disappointment as the bird flew away in fright. Ayrel put her book back into her pouch and glared at the rubber boy.

Luffy had a frown on his face as well. He looked like he didn't want to be anywhere near Ayrel…There was a piece of paper in his hand.

"What do you want, Lu?" Ayrel asked, smiling as the boy growled at the nickname.

"Here! For you!" Luffy said briskly as he held out the paper to her.

Ayrel took the paper and looked it over. She instantly felt an overwhelming sense of déjà-vu. On top was written the words "FIVE THINGS TO AVOID WHEN YOU'RE WITH ACE". Hadn't Ace given her a list like this one just two days ago?

"Let me guess," Ayrel said, "You want to warn me about certain things I shouldn't do around Ace…"

Luffy nodded and waited for Ayrel to read the list. With a sigh, she looked at what Luffy had listed. She frowned at the boy's barely legible, chicken scratch handwriting…

1. Don't play connect the dots with Ace's freckles when he's sleeping…He will become very mean and will yell a lot when he wakes up. And the freckles don't even make a cool picture!

Ayrel raised an eyebrow at Luffy.

"How many times did you do this?" she asked.

"Only five times!" Luffy insisted, adding in barely a whisper, "…Every week…"

Ayrel shook her head and returned to the list.

2. Never, ever ask him about his family. He becomes such a Mister Grumpy McSourpuss about it…Even though he has the coolest dad ever! His dad is the Pirate Ki-Oops…I shouldn't have wrote that…Ignore that last part!

"'Grumpy McSourpuss'?" Ayrel read aloud, "Are you serious?"

"I wrote something else before," Luffy replied, "But Makino said that was a bad thing to say…"

"And you do realize that instead of writing 'Ignore that last part', you could have just crossed out what you wrote?"

Luffy groaned, as though that thought didn't occur to him. Well, he shouldn't have bothered hiding it…Ayrel already knew about Ace's family history. She read the next item on the list.

3. Do not put one of his hands in a glass of cold water and the other hand in a glass of warm water while he's having one of his weird random sleep attacks. He won't find this funny… Not…at…all…

"Sabo and I did it once a while back," Luffy explained when Ayrel gave him a look, "It was really funny! …Until Ace woke up…Then, it became really, really scary."

Luffy shuddered from the memory while Ayrel continued reading. She didn't want to know what Ace did as punishment for that.

4. NEVER EVER, EVER ask him how much money he owes restaurant owners because of all his dine and dashes! Just don't ask! Say that you don't know anything about it, even if you do! Say that you know nothing about dine and dashes…Those big scary guys in the black suits will come after you too if they find out you know about the money! JUST SAY NOTHING IF YOU SEE THEM!

Ayrel put a hand to her forehead. She couldn't believe it…These boys weren't teenagers and they already had bill collectors after them…

When Ayrel saw the last item on the list, she burst out laughing. Luffy growled at the girl.

"What are you laughing about?" Luffy demanded.

Ayrel pointed at the source of her laughter. Luffy looked and immediately turned a dark shade of red. He crossed his arms in front of him.

"I know it sounds weird!" Luffy said, "But it's the truth!"

"I know!" Ayrel said, "And that's why I'm laughing!"

Ayrel stood up and tucked the list into her pouch, where the list Ace gave her was. She proceeded to head towards the door of the tree house, Luffy in tow. Before she exited, Ayrel turned to look down at Luffy.

"You know," she said, "It's hard to believe you and Ace aren't related…You two are so much alike!"

As she jumped out of the tree, Ayrel though about the last item on the list.

5. Okay, this is the last one but it's the most important! Of everything, you have to follow this one the most, okay? Do not, I repeat, DO NOT hurt Ace in any way, shape or form…He'll try to kick your ass if you do. But if he doesn't…I'll definitely do it for him!

And so, here is the end of part two of this little tale! Did you like it? I tried to stay Luffy-like with his list. I love the D. Brothers and I think their bond is adorable!

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