Flicker of Hope

She carefully scrutinized herself in front of the full-length mirror. With her blond hair up, and few tendrils of her hair cascading down her face, she wasn't able to believe that she was staring at her own reflection. She was also wearing a bit of make-up since her friend Miriallia insisted that she put some. If it was an ordinary day, she would not be persuaded to put on make up, but she was on an important task wherein being pretty is a necessity.

"You look wonderful!" Miriallia said, momentarily stopping the woman from staring at the mirror.

"Do you really think so?" The woman who would rather wear jeans and shirt than elegant gowns, asked.

"I know so, Cagalli. That gown is perfect for you."

"Thanks." Cagalli smiled. She also thought that the gown she's wearing was perfect. It was a one-shoulder blue evening gown. It was simple yet elegant, and it was perfect for her engagement party next week.

She and Miriallia left the boutique after purchasing the gown and headed to a restaurant across the street. This time, Cagalli was already wearing her hair down and was sporting a simple red shirt and jeans.

"I feel so free!" Cagalli exclaimed. She really felt more comfortable with the clothes she's currently wearing.

"You never change." Miriallia can only shake her head.


Meanwhile, in a beautiful, tranquil place, Mwu la Fllaga, the head of angels, was instructing a white dove to deliver a message to a blonde angel named Stellar. The said angel was currently on earth and was watching a woman named Cagalli. Upon receiving the message, Stellar flew hurriedly to paradise.


After their sumptuous lunch, Miriallia asked Cagalli to accompany her to an antique shop which was 2 blocks away from the restaurant. Miriallia was going to get a gift for her mom who was currently addicted to antiques. She was able to buy an antique lamp. On the other hand, Cagalli was able to buy a golden pocket watch which she planned to give to her dad. As the two girls were heading to another store, they noticed a young boy playing with a ball on the other side of the street. A fast car was approaching when the ball fell from the boy's hand and rolled to the street. The boy tried to get the ball oblivious to the danger he might encounter. In an instant, Cagalli was seen running towards the boy and was able to push him out of harm's way.


Cagalli woke up due to chiming clocks. She really felt weird for some unknown reason. With her eyes still closed, she heard unfamiliar voices conversing about antiques. She suddenly opened her eyes and found herself sitting in an antique chair in the shop which she and Miriallia visited. She was really confused on why she was there since she was in the street just a while ago. She remembered something about saving a boy from being hit by a car. 'So why am I here?' she asked herself. She stood and proceeded to leave the shop. As she reached the door and tried to push it open, she realized that she was not able to push the door and that her hand just passed through it.

"What the heck?" Cagalli gasped upon realizing that her hands were transparent. She was able to see the floor even though she was intently staring on her arm. She tried to calm herself since she is on the brink of panicking. She tried to approach the owner of the antique shop to confirm a horrifying thought.

"Excuse me Miss." The lady did not look at her. "Excuse me," Cagalli repeated but there was still no response from the lady. She then tried to wave her hand in front of the lady which the latter ignored.

"Oh my gosh! I'm a ghost!" Cagalli exclaimed.


Meanwhile at Archangel Hospital, Miriallia, Cagalli's twin brother and father were outside the emergency room. 'Cagalli, please be alright.' All of them silently prayed.


'So, my body is in Archangel hospital.' Cagalli overheard their maids talk about her and the accident. She then decided to proceed to the hospital to see for herself, what her condition might be. She then walked or rather floated to her destination. She learned that she can only float up to 6 inches above the ground.

Cagalli was about to step into the hospital but was unable to because her body would not allow her to move. She then tried to put her hand through the entrance of the hospital but failed. It seems that a hidden barrier was in front of her.


Cagalli went back to the antique shop to find out why she was there after the accident. She figured that there must be some reason why she woke up in that place instead of being in the hospital or her house or even the street, were the accident occurred. As she was staring at the shop's door, she heard a voice say "Excuse me, sir."

The man spoke again, "Excuse me sir, do you mind letting me inside this shop?"

Cagalli turned around, coming face to face with a man who seemed to be looking at her. She was the only other person in front of the shop.

'Did he just call me sir?' Cagalli got annoyed. 'Do I really look like a man?' she asked herself. 'Wait. This man can really see me?'

"You..You can really see me?" Cagalli was surprised.

The man whose hair was the color of the sea replied, "Of course I can see you. Will you move aside now?" Cagalli stepped aside so the man could enter the shop.

'What an odd guy' The man thought.

'Does he have a third eye or something? He can even hear me.' Cagalli also entered the shop and tried to observe the man.