A/N: Here is an extremely loose sequel to Disaster. I hope you enjoy. :D

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Part 1: The Plea




"You were just about to ask me something."

"What was I about to ask?"

"If you could publish another of your fairy tale stories."

"Just one more. The proper time has elapsed."

"Watson, do you remember that horrible play we attend last year?"

"Really, Holmes, it truly wasn't that bad."

"The lead actor had forgotten half his lines and mumbled the rest. Frankly, I'm shocked the whole set didn't cave in upon him."

"Holmes, that is exaggerating. He was good enough and I heard he is high demand to play you."

"The public have no care for quality. Then what is your excuse for the poor writing? The scriptwriter didn't have enough material? The answer is still no."

End of Part 1

A/N: This was pretty fun to write. There will be one more part. I hope you enjoyed reading this. :D