A/N: This will be the second and final part of this story. I couldn't wait to publish it. I hope you will enjoy. :D

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Part II: The Conclusion


"What is it Watson?"

"Have you figured out what was causing your bees to act so strangely?"

"Yes, it was caused by a confused wasp. What is your real reason for coming so soon after your last visit?"

"The Strand has finished publishing the Return and-"

"I think you want to ask me if you could publish another of your too fanciful stories."

"How did you know?"

"Elementary. It is never far from your mind. Yes, you may, by all means. You may publish a few more stories, if that will make you happy."

"Thank you, Holmes."

"Now that's over I heard that a talented musician was playing in London. I suggest, since you are already here, that we catch the 12:14 train."

The End

A/N: Please forgive my vagueness at the end. I hope you enjoyed. :D