This missing scene begins after Season 6, Episode 22, ''I'm Thinking of you All the While"...

"Elena," Damon said quietly. She wasn't facing him, and he was a little hesitant as he said her name.

"Damon?" she asked as she turned to face him. Her voice seemed a little hesitant to him as well. "Is it over?"

By the time she had turned around, she saw Bonnie standing next to him. The expression Damon saw on Elena's face was questioning at first, then she looked slightly amused.

When Elena spoke, she was talking to Bonnie. "How long did he last?"

"It's only been..." Bonnie began, before being cut off by Damon.

"Me?" Damon snapped. "I didn't want to come here!"

He could feel his expression change as he realized what he had just said. He looked sideways at Bonnie and saw her rolling her eyes.

"I made him bring me here," Bonnie told Elena. She shot a glare at Damon as she added, "and it wasn't easy. I had to hit him with a spell more than once."

Now Elena looked amused. "He's really glad to be rid of me for awhile, isn't he?"

"No!" Damon protested at the same time Bonnie was shaking her head.

"Hardly." Bonnie said. "I found him on the clock tower..."

"And I told her that I go up there to think." Damon interrupted.

Bonnie closed her eyes, irritably shook her head and let out a breath.

"He's right," Elena said, still amused. "I was up there with him not...well, while I was a vampire. It's not dangerous for him."

"Well, did he look desperate when he was with you?" Bonnie asked, not backing down. "Because that's how he looked to me."

Damon almost spoke, but was stopped when Elena raised a finger. The doppelganger hesitated, then said, "no, but I wouldn't be surprised. You didn't see me when I lost Damon - it wasn't pretty."

"Oh, I've heard all about it." Bonnie replied. "Some people love to share all about your bad choices in love and what you became because of them."

"Caroline, right?" Elena asked dryly.

"You know her well," the witch answered. "If I'm not hearing about how awful Damon is, I'm hearing about how he turned you into..." She hesitated, then continued. "I've told her that he saved me - and not only when he made the choice for you to stay here to keep me alive. He's saved me more times than I care to remember."

Elena nodded. "Caroline easily forgets what Damon has done for her, let alone what he's done for others."

"Which is the reason I won't let him wallow in despair," Bonnie said forcefully. She gave Damon a quick, hard look before turning back to Elena. "Maybe it's not dangerous for him to be on the clock tower, but whatever was going on in his head was dangerous."

Elena looked at Damon. "So you bring him here." Looking back at Bonnie, she added "You can't bring him here every time he..."

"This isn't every time," the witch quickly said, "just the first time."

"OK. I'll talk to him." Elena lowered her voice to a whisper. "Thanks for looking out for him."

Bonnie whispered as she replied to Elena, though they both had to know that Damon could hear them. "I do owe him my life."

"Same as me." Elena said as Bonnie turned back to Damon.

"Let me go now," the witch commanded. "I'll be waiting to seal her up again when she's done with you."

"You'll be waiting awhile," Damon said as he glanced at Bonnie before she was gone. The witch was smirking as she faded away.

Elena was just shaking her head as their eyes met. "So, how long did you last? She looks exactly like she did the last time I saw her."

"She does," Damon said, "but maybe she's old and wrinkled and I had her look like that for her last visit with her best friend."

Elena just shook her head. "Maybe I could believe that, if she hadn't spoken."

"Fine," Damon said quickly, not wanting to waste what little time they had. "But coming here was her idea - not that I'm not glad to be here." He stopped to pull her in for a kiss, then continued, "and not that I don't want to stay."

"Sure," Elena said. "You want to stay, I want you to stay, but who would look out for Bonnie, and Jeremy?"

Damon sighed. "And who would save Stefan when he goes all 'ripper' again?"

"Not Lexi." Elena smiled.

"Not Elena," Damon said kissing her again.

It was longer this time. When she finally broke it off to take a breath, Elena said, "Thank you, again."

"I'd better get an eternity of bliss with Elena when this is done." Damon said.

"That's my plan."

"Mine too," Damon said, hugging her. "Which probably means..."

"No!" Elena said quickly, pulling his head down for a kiss. She knew how his mind worked, that he would say something about the problems that always seemed to interrupt when their lives were calm.

When she pulled away for breath, Damon said, "Kissing has never stopped trouble from coming into our lives. Actually, it may be the catalyst."

"Do not destroy the moment," Elena said fiercely, pulling him into another kiss.

Damon ended the kiss this time. "It's not me. It must be the kissing. Every time we kiss, insanity quickly follows."

"Fine," Elena growled. "It's worth it." Then pulling him to her again, she added, "Lets generate some insanity."

Damon was happy to oblige.

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