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I Never Saw This Coming


My World, My Way

Fan Fiction

Chapter 1

I walked in triumph. I have just defeated the almighty Princess Chaos! Pero swooped behind me; Pinky followed along loyally. I was headed home to throw another ball. With my head held high, I entered my palace. Mimi, the daughter of one of our servants rushed to greet me. "Princess Elise, I'm so happy to see you're safe!" She cried. "Hello, Mimi." I nodded. "Elise!" I heard my mother cry out. I saw her and Father rushing to greet me. "Mom, Dad!" I cried. In a second, I was in their arms. This was no different than the other times I've returned. Then again, now I was a true heroine. I beamed.

I was waiting outside the throne room. Father had asked to see me. I knew he was going to plan a ball. I didn't mean to, but I heard a lot inside. "Your Higness, I did everything I could." I heard a deep voice say. "Yes, I know you did." Father said. "She defeated Princess Chaos, after all." The voice said. "Yes, I know... But was creating artifical dungeons necissary?" Father questioned. Were my dungeons fake? Was I a fake? "Yes, most dungeons were gone... The monsters were real, and they are what gave Elise her expirence." The man said. "Nero..." Who was Nero? "Yes?" Nero said. "Thank you. Could you contact the dungeon makers?" "Of course." Nero replied. "What are their names? They must be very skilled to draw in Princess Chaos." Father complimented. "Their names are Kate and Owen." Nero answered, "Besides, I know what a Chaos likes. I DID survive the battle of Lord Chaos, after all." He was the survivor? "Your father did sacrifice a lot that day..." "Thank you for recocgnizing that."Nero said. So this was the hero? Had he been following me? Suddenly, the grand doors opened. Out stepped who I assumed was Nero. He had tall, spiky red hair. He was tall. Nero nodded towards me in acknowledgement. I nodded back.

Father had planned a ball. A week later, the ball was in session. I had a strange feeling in my gut. I had no idea why. I looked around. Many servants were serving food. "Princess?" Someone said. I turned to the sound. My jaw dropped. It was him.