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I Never Saw This Coming

End Game

It was dark outside. I was fast asleep - dreaming. I was dreaming of many things. Of Mister Owl coming back to me... of Nero...

I awoke with the sun. I felt blissful. I don't know why. Paro was on his wooden perch, fast asleep. Pinky lay on her bed Mimi made for her. I was the only soul awake in the enitire palace.

Days passed, and eventually word got out Kate and Owen were engaged. I was happy for them, but I wanted a boyfriend still. Sometimes, I cried about it. Once, I considered going to find Milo, but I didn't want to stoop that low. Eventually, Kate and Owen left to go make themselves a big house. I knew they could do it, they DID make me amazing dungeons. I didn't bother pouting them to stay. I tried pouting myself a boyfriend, but only Nero came by my side. I wondered if it meant something. I did blush that time...

It was a warm day in October. One month since the day I turned Milo down. It was also the one month mark since I started to like Nero. There was a full moon out again. Mister Owl said he had to leave, to guide another hero. He promised he'd visit! Paro and Pinky were hanging out in a tree. I felt a little lonely again. I pouted for something good to happen. "I want something exciting to happen!" I cried out. Less than five minutes later:

"Hey, Elise." I heard Nero say. He was coming towards me, smiling. "Hey there, Nero." I said, blushing a little. My (now past my shoulder length) hair fell in front of my face. Nero came and sat by me on the marble bench. This is where I first officially met Nero. The place we danced... We looked at each other. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking...?" he asked. "Are you thinking of the ball a month ago?" I checked. Nero nodded. "I guess that means you're thinking what I'm thinking!" He chuckled.

Nero looked at me and sighed. "Are you okay?" I asked him. "Yes. I just can't hide it any more!" "Hide what?" "This..." he sighed, "Okay, Elise. Truth be told: I love you. I have for a long time." He admitted. "Oh, NERO!" cried out, hugging him around the neck. I parted from him so I could look him in the eye. "Nero, I love you too." I smiled. "Really?" "Yes..." I blushed. Nero stroked my cheek.

He held me against him. He lifted my face up. "May I?" He asked. I knew what he meant. I nodded. He leaned foward; I did too. Our lips met. I felt a tingle run down my spine. I finally had a boyfriend! I was so happy! I had a boyfriend! I heard Paro screech happily as Pinky blurped. We continued kissing. In the distance, I heard a faint hoot.


Was it good? I had the last line planned out FOREVER! If you didn't read the last paragraph dramaticly. I'm taking a break from writing anything, but soon I will write a FAME fanfic. I hope you enjoyed!

By: Art-Witch-38