So, I really hate doing this, but for the time being The Link will be on hold. I'm tired of the story and ready to work on a new one; one with a decent plot and that I actually know what to do with. When the idea for The Link first came to me, I honestly had no concept of how it would turn out, which has led it to be a train wreck. Well, I think so anyway.

My new story is called Oceanic Cataclysm (might change the title to something more appealing later). It'll be darker themed and definitely Mature rated for a reason. It features the characters from Adventure / 02 in college and high school. There will be plenty of OC going around, but I promise it won't suck. And if it does, then indulge me and say it doesn't. ;')

I have no idea if I ever will return to this fanfic. I like the idea of it, but it needs a lot of work, and I'm big on "revising my work."

I'm hoping my new story will be up in a week or so (just in time for school, yay). Right now, I'm trying to work out how to incorporate the changes in everyone so you, the reader, won't be confused when it's halfway through the story.

Thank you everyone who has read this story and kept up with it. Your reviews always made my day when I get to see that people actually do, not to mention like, what I write. So thanks.