Dear, Noble Life Reader

It is with the utmost regret with which I state that I will not be updating my story with any new chapters for sometime yet. Instead I have made a decision which shall accomplish one of two separate ends. The first is of course outrage and several Flames on me. The second is what I hope is the most likely outcome. A reluctant but no less understanding acceptance. What am I speaking of you may ask?

I intend to rewrite Noble Life from the beginning to the point where it is now. This is not a decision I have reached lightly. It will be difficult remaking something I know is successful, not to be vain mind you, not to mention a key part of my enjoyment. I have reread my work several times over in the last few days. I have come to the conclusion that I am no longer satisfied with the status of my work.

. . . . Okay, mayyyybe not that. More like my girlfriend, thank whatever higher power exists for giving me a girl who likes video games as much as I do (cue tears of joy), found out I'm a fan fic writer and decided to see if I was any good. While her own feedback was well received it was also, how to put this, somewhat saddening. She said it was good, but the mistakes kept it from being really great. I am used to reviews saying that but, no offense to you guys intended, it is a lot different when someone tells you what they think of your work in your face.

Therefore I will begin rewriting every chapter this weekend. Expect the new, and hopefully improved, Noble Life to come back to life next week. I suggest you reread my story once more if you actually enjoyed it, as it won't be exactly the same when I begin putting it back up.

Suggestions for anything new to include are welcome. And if someone who is skilled at drawing could possibly make a sketch of Leo during some point of the story, that would be way wicked. Huh. Look at that. I start out talking in an official manner, and now I'm back to being a teenager. Meh, not so weird I guess.

I will be adding several additional scenes, changing certain bits of dialogue, and quite possibly redoing all action scenes, as well as add several more for good measure. I pray to God you are all understanding. In your review please leave me with the knowledge of what you assumed was the best part of Noble Life Version 1, as I will be calling this. The next one will aptly be named Noble Life V2. Also, I have a few ideas for the next category of my possible new fan fics in the next few months. Give me some ideas for anything you guys might be interested in. Submit any OC's for anything you suggest as well, since I am obviously not above using OC freedom in my work. Oh and don't worry about my Elites so far. Voro and his Shipmaster aren't going anywhere.

Off the top of my head I got an idea for a potential Naruto, or Gundam fic. But that's just what they are. Ideas. Noble Life will never become a secondary interest in my writing. I have every intention, no the unflinching desire, to make it my first complete story.

Thank you for reading this. Thank you for staying loyal to my work. Thank you for the support you've shown me these past six months. Thank you for the 112 reviews I've gotten for NL so far. Thank you for your sympathies after my grandmother passed. All in all, thank you for being so good to me.

Noble Life was originally meant to be something I did for fun, to release some frustration I had over Halo Reach's ending. Now? Its much more than that. I'm not writing for me anymore. I'm writing to make something you guys can enjoy taking a few minutes to read during your free time. J



(An inclusion in the opening of my new first chap, to the first person who spots a reference to one of the best anime ever in here)

Also if you people haven't heard yet. . . I may be more inclined to updeat if I get a few more reviews in some of my other stories. *Hint, Hint, Wink, Wink*