Summary: In a desperate attempt to save Naruto from the future Hokage, Sarutobi sends him to another world. But will he really be safe there?

Pairing: Naruto x Erza

Note: Why did I upload a new story? Because I lost control over my life…Will I update the others? Yes…Did I answer all questions? I hope so…

Also, Naruto never attended the Shinobi academy, just to get that out of the way. He is 8 when the story starts, then after the small time-skip he is 10 (like most of the crew)

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Ignis Deus – Chapter 1

"Eight years ago the Kyuubi was released, during Kushina-chan's childbirth. I don't know what happened, or how exactly it happened considering Minato was there by her side at all time and she never did tell me everything. The shock must have been too much for her. All I learned was that a group called Akatsuki was after the tailed beasts, its one of the reasons he's here right now, with you.

But, before I begin with the other reasons you'd probably want to know what became of Kushina, what made her decide to send him here in your care.

It all began eight years ago, just a day after the assault on Konoha…


"Is this…?" an old man asked peering over in the crib next to the Sandaime, his eyes scanning the contents of the crib with a critical eye. Next to him stood an elderly woman, she didn't seem to want to get close to the crib; it was like it would devour her at any given moment. Finally, in the background, stood a crippled old man holding a cane in his hand, his eye closed in contemplation.

"Yes…this is him…" Sarutobi replied with a sigh, he was tired, he wanted to go and sleep, he wanted to think that everything that had happened yesterday was just a bad nightmare, but even this morning, when he woke up he knew that it was real and there was no way he could change that…no matter how powerful he was.

"So…what do we do with him?" the man peering over the crib asked as the aged Hokage looked down at the ground, thinking.

"We could train him." Replied the old war hawk as he stepped forward into the light.

"His mother would never agree to it." The woman replied with a scowl on her face as Sarutobi shook his head.

"I'd never approve of it as well…" he replied looking up at the crippled man and glaring towards him "…Minato would be ashamed if I let it happen…"

Danzo scoffed and dismissed it with a wave of his hand. "Minato is dead…as for the mother…she was the previous host, if you would have let me train her when she was young none of this would have happened in the first place." He said calmly as he gazed towards the aged kage.

Said kage narrowed his eyes as he moved forward and brought his hands up to his face. "If I would have let you do that…the boy would have never been born…"

The crippled man scoffed once more. "Wouldn't have been a loss..." he said making Sarutobi glare at him "…we lost more ninja's than his life is worth…son of a Kage or not."

"I agree with Danzo…as a weapon he'd make up for all those lost lives." The woman said as the man took several steps back and shook his head at the statement.

The Hokage slammed his fist on the table in front of him and glared towards the elder. "I will not turn this child into a toy for you to use as you please." He said firmly, his eyes never leaving hers.

"Think rationally Sarutobi…" Danzo piqued in once more as he took a step forward. "…the boy has so much potential, he has the blood of both the Namikaze and Uzumaki flowing through his veins…" he stated as he looked towards the crib with a neutral face. "…at the same time he has the Kyuubi sealed inside of him…he's a powerhouse, he can make up for fifty ninja…no, a hundred or more if trained right."

Sarutobi growled as he looked towards the crib, Danzo was trying to make him go against his promise to the Yondaime; he was trying to make him agree to such an atrocity.

"Even so…" he stated turning to face the crippled man once more. "…I will not…I will never turn him into a weapon! He will live a normal life, with his mother and there is nothing you can do about it." He spat out as he stood up and locked eyes with Danzo, daring him to oppose him.

The entire room was silent, no one talked and no one moved. The only sounds they could hear were the soft snores of the baby in the crib. Finally, after what seemed like hours, Danzo turned around and started leaving.

"Fine…play your little game Sarutobi…but know this, one day, you will regret this decision…"


I had no idea what he meant by that, the only thing I could think of was an open declaration of war for the boy. I could have had him arrested for treason, but at the same time there was no proof for that. He was slippery…just like a snake.

We decided to keep his father a secret; no one apart from the elders, myself and a few ANBU knew that he was the son of the late Yondaime. At the same time, I made the worst mistake in my entire life.

They constantly pestered me to station an entire division of ANBU at Kushina's door, to always peer over her shoulder on the child, like the boy was a ticking paper bomb, a bomb so powerful that it could wipe the entire village in one blast.

But, that is not all…I had to choose between that, having her and the boy locked up in one of the abandoned headquarters under constant surveillance…or let the public know the truth of what happened to the Kyuubi. I think you know what I chose…in the end…

Even that one was horrible, I knew what would happen; I knew what they would do. Even Kushina knew this; she came to me one day and confronted this matter with me, if she wasn't so weakened from the birth and the extraction of the tailed beast she would have left the village a long time ago…that's what she told me.

I would have gladly helped her escape…what happened after that announcement was not what I expected.

People rioted – both civilians and ninja alike – they demanded blood, his blood. My ninja did their best in keeping them at bay but some managed to get through. She fought them off but she didn't come out unscratched. Her chakra system had been destroyed, it was damaged when the Kyuubi had been extracted and since then it was repairing itself…but this time, it was gone for good.

The doctors gave her only a few years to live, ten at best. Each time she would use a jutsu or just chakra in general she would shorten her life span, I had to take her off the active ninja duty and by doing that I forced her on the streets.

Due to the fact that we had to keep her marriage a secret she could not access any of Minato's wealth, not even a penny. I did my best to give her money and support her with what I can, but in the end, all I could do for them is give them an apartment in the red district where all the drunkards gather up and all the low-lives…

I'm surprised however that no incidents happened; most of them seem to have taken a liking into the boy and his mother. Maybe that Uzumaki charm reflected in Naruto as well, I will never know this however.

The fact is that when needed, when the boy was in danger, those so called 'low-lives' were always there to back him up, to protect him and his mother…and they wanted nothing in return. Sometimes, I felt like those so called low-lives were actually the citizens of Konoha…I am so ashamed of this village, you cannot imagine…

But…on to the matter at hand. The reason why I sent Naruto to you…

The reason is simple…Kushina is dead. She died protecting Naruto. The Uchiha had been planning a coup for some time, we tried to negotiate but everything failed, we then tried to have them exterminated but surprisingly that failed as well.

Kushina arrived at my doorstep, bleeding to death, with her son in her arms. She died begging me to protect him, to save him from this hellhole…

I'm writing you this as they are trying to break the door to my office, I can hear my loyal ANBU still fighting outside, but it won't be long before they break down the door and rush in. I will take out as many as I can before they can take me down, but at the same time, I want to fulfill a mother's last request.

I've sent you Uzumaki Naruto, to be in your care, I've sent his mothers body with him as well to receive a proper burial…in your world. I have no one to send him to, Jiraiya can only do so much, Tsunade is nowhere to be found…there is no one left apart from you.

Please…do this for me…do this for a dying old man, look after the one I consider a grandson, look after the last person to inherit the Will of Fire.


Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Third Hokage."

Makarov lowered the letter and looked down at the sobbing child and his deceased mother. She was covered by the Yondaime's cape. His eyes then moved to the figure behind the blond, if he remembered correctly it was one of the loyal ninja's to the Hokage, one of the ANBU.

Said ninja stood like a rock, it was impossible to read him, he didn't move at all, it was like looking at a statue. The man suddenly looked down at the crying boy and kneeled placing his hand on his head, he then looked up at the guild leader.

"I'll be leaving him in your care now…" he stated in a monotone voice, devoid of any emotion.

"Where will you go?" Makarov inquired, it wasn't like he didn't trust the man, but at the same time he couldn't just let him go and wonder around without any information on him. He was an assassin after all.

"Do not worry…" the man said as he looked back down at the boy "…I'm returning to my world, to complete Hokage-sama's last order." He declared as the aged guild master's brow shot up in surprise.

"Order?" he asked curiously.

The man nodded stiffly, his gaze never leaving the young boy. "Finish off those responsible for all this…destroy…Konoha, at all cost." He whispered making Makarov's eyes widen at the declaration. Had the Sandaime lost all hope in Konoha to order something like that?

The man suddenly stood up and lowered his mask; he recognized the eyes, the eyes of the traitors. "My name is Uchiha Itachi…last loyal ninja of the Sandaime Hokage and Konoha's harbinger of death." He declared in a voice so hollow, it reminded Makarov of death itself.

"Then…Naruto…" the guild master looked towards the boy, it was like he never heard the conversation around him, he was too soaked up in his own shattered world to hear them.

"No…" Itachi replied shaking his head. "…he will not return…never, not for revenge, not for assisting me…for nothing. This…" the young ANBU said stretching his arms out motioning to everything around him, to the town, to the world and the guild behind Makarov. "This…is his world now, this is his home…this is where he will live and where he will die…away from all the hatred, away from all the pain."

He lowered his arms and looked down; a small smile appeared on his face, a sad smile. "Its what his mother wanted, its what Lord Hokage wanted…its…what we made him promise…" he whispered as his face turned stoic once more and looked up at the old man.

Itachi looked at the young boy once more. "Naruto…" he called out but there was no reply. "Brother…" he whispered but still, the child gave no signs of ever replying back. Itachi knew however that the boy was now listening to him. "…remember your promise, find friends here, have your own adventure in this land and don't live your life in hate and never, ever, wish for vengeance…"

His gaze then turned towards Makarov one last time. "I leave him in your care…farewell…forever, hopefully…" he said as a portal opened behind him and swallowed him in mere seconds.

"Nii-san!" the young blond shouted as he felt the pressure of the portal, he turned around but it was too late, the Uchiha had vanished from this world, returning to the nightmare he had been plucked from.

Makarov looked at the boy sadly; said boy was frozen in shock that the only person he had left as a family was now gone for good.

The aged guild master walked over to the boy and placed his hand on his shoulder gaining his attention. He looked at the boy's eyes and all he could see was pain, he could see the eyes of one that had witnessed all the horrors of mankind.

He gave the boy a small reassuring smile. "My name's Makarov, guild leader of Fairy Tail." He introduced himself as the boy looked down at the ground and stole a few glances towards his mothers corpse, a few tears started leaking from his eyes.

"Why don't we give her a funeral?" Makarov asked as the blond gave a weak nod.

He smiled slightly at that and moved towards the boy, using a bit of his Titan magic he enlarged his body and picked up the deceased mother.

"She always…like the sunset…" the blond said weakly as Makarov nodded and beckoned the blond to follow him.


The entire night they had spent walking to a nearby hill; they buried her on top of the hill and waited for the sun to rise. The young blond was impressed by the sight and happy with his mothers final resting place, he could see the large building belonging to the guild in the distance, to him, it was an impressive sight.

The walk back to his new home had been made in silence; he didn't know what to talk about and was still in shock over what happened. Makarov did his best to make the young boy get over the death of his mother but even he knew that it was something one cannot forget in such short amount of time. He opted in trying to cheer him up and explaining this world to the blond.

When Naruto heard about mages he was immediately sucked in, he wanted to know more, he wanted to learn everything he could about them. For him, it was like living in one of the stories his mother used to read to him; stories with knights, mages, dragons and all of that. To think that old man Hokage would send him in a world where all of this exists; it made him happy and ever so grateful to the man

As they reached the guild Naruto stopped and looked around uncertain. "Don't worry…" he heard Makarov and turned towards him "…everyone in Fairy Tail is family, they will accept you." He said with a smile as the blond nodded vigorously and followed him inside.

"Master!" came the cry of two girls who suddenly appeared in front of him.

"Where have you been?" a white haired girl asked, she was dressed in punk Gothic style clothing, her long hair tied in a ponytail with a violet ribbon.

"We were worried when we didn't find you this morning!" the second girl shouted, she was wearing an armor over her body and her red hair flowed down her back. It reminded Naruto of his mother, he immediately took his eyes from her as he was reminded by his mother.

He felt someone placing their hand on his head and looked towards Makarov who smiled at him. "I'd like to introduce you to our newest member, Naruto Uzumaki." He said with a smile as the girls studied him and grinned.

"Hey there!" the white haired girl shouted pushing the red head away and making her fall on the floor. "I'm Mirajane..." she said with a grin as he blond tried to give a small smile.

The girl was suddenly pushed away as the red haired girl appeared in her place, glaring at Mirajane. "Don't mind miss bossy over there, I'm Erza Scarlet, nice to meet you!" she exclaimed happily as she extended her hand towards the blond who looked away and said nothing.

The girl's smile vanished as she lowered her hand. "See Erza? You are bad influence!" the white haired girl shouted with a grin as the red head turned to glare at her.

"I did nothing wrong!" she shouted back as Makarov shook his head and laughed softly.

"Girls…no one did anything wrong…" he said as he looked towards Naruto. "Why don't you go and meet the rest?" he asked as the blond gave a weak nod and walked past the girls, not even looking towards them.

They exchanged curious glanced between each other and then turned to look at the guild master. "His mother died last night to protect him." Makarov said as the two girls looked down in sorrow.

"But why didn't he greet me?" Erza asked looking back up. "Am I really frightening?" she asked as Makarov shook his head.

"Its maybe because of the hair." He said as Erza moved her hand through her hair and looked at it curiously. "His mother had red hair as well…must have reminded him of her." He said as the girl's eyes widened, she turned to look around the guild and saw the young blond talking with Elfman and Lisanna.

She then looked down sadly and gripped her armor as she remembered her past; she shook her head and made sure to correct this mistake. Makarov smiled as he saw the determination in her eyes.

"I'll apologize!" she said as she turned around and ran over to the blond leaving behind a surprised Mirajane and an amused guild master.


"Umm…Naruto-san?" Erza asked as she stopped behind the blond, the blond turned to look at her and gave a weak smile as his eyes moved away from her face. "I'm sorry if I brought back bad memories…" she said with a low voice, Elfman and Lisanna looked at her amazed, it was the first time they had heard Erza apologize for something.

The blond gave another weak smiled and looked at her this time. "You didn't do anything wrong…" he said as tears started falling from his eyes scaring Erza.

"No wait!" she cried out as she looked towards the guild master for guidance only to see he had vanished and all that was left was a huffing Mirajane. She turned back towards the blond and bit her lower lip as she moved forward and grabbed him in a sluggish embrace to calm him down.

The blond instinctively embraced her, making the girl blush at the act. He cried freely, not even bothering to hide it, his mother always told him there was no shame in crying for the ones you love and care.

All activities stopped as the remaining members, which weren't that many to begin with, turned to see the scene before them. They were all quickly informed of the blond's past, or at least the part that mattered. They gave him solemn looks.

After a few minutes the blond calmed down, he wiped his tears and pulled back giving a deep bow. "I'm sorry for my outburst." He told her as the girl giggled and shook her head.

"It's ok…feeling better?" she asked him bending forward to look at him.

He gave a grin and straightened himself. "Yea!" he said cheerfully between a few hiccups. "Thank you nee-chan!" he cried out as the girl brought her hand up to her face and giggled.

Mirajane walked forward and shook her head as she passed the two children. "Some boy you are…crying like a girl." She taunted with a smirk as the blond glared towards her but said nothing else. She giggled at that, she would never admit it but she found that cute, but it was so much more fun to tease him, she would make it a habit.

"Alright!" Makarov shouted as he appeared on the counter. "Now that that's all settled, we need to properly welcome Naruto in our little family!"

A chorus of 'yes' resonated throughout the building. "But before that…" Makarov said as he beckoned the blond to approach. "…you said you wanted to be part of Fairy Tail right?" he asked as the blond looked around at everyone, he could see them smiling towards him.

He looked towards Erza, she was smiling softly towards him and for a moment he thought he could see his mother standing behind her, smiling at him and encouraging him. Finally, he turned back towards Makarov and nodded vigorously, his eyes filled with determination.

"Where do you wish to have the symbol?" he asked with a smile as the blond extended his right hand. Moment later he was staring at the guilds symbol, on his right hand. He smiled as he looked back up at the guild master.

"I promise you oji-san! I won't let you down!" he declared "I'll become the best mage!"

"That … I do not doubt boy…" Makarov replied softly as he saw the blond run towards the children, already forming bonds with them.


Two years had passed since the blond joined Fairy Tail, during those years the guild had received three more members, all three were children roughly his age. The first was a girl named Cana Alberona, the blond quickly made friends with her. To him, she seemed like a nice girl, although a bit timid, maybe it was because of the new environment but he was sure she would get over it sooner or later.

The second person to join was a boy named Natsu Dragneel, a rather hyperactive boy. Needles to say, Naruto and him got a long perfectly, both were hyperactive, both loved to cause trouble or explore the land around them. He was surprised to learn that Natsu had been raise by a dragon, but when he tried to get Natsu to meet this dragon he was turned down. The look in the boy's eyes made the blond understand something bad had happened and he didn't press on further.

The third – and final – member to join was a boy named Gray, he somewhat reminded Naruto of Sasuke when he first met him, but that thought was soon pushed away. The boy was nothing like that punk from back home, he was a lot more friendly. Sure he had a few rough edges but that didn't make him close himself, he was quite friendly and talkative if you got him in the mood. The only downside was that he loved walking around almost completely naked, and worse of all, he was living in the same room as him.

That alone wasn't so bad, considering the boy was quiet most of the times and when Naruto studied or learned how to be a mage the boy would either give him helpful tips or leave him be. No, what was bad about him was that every time he was sent back to his room by Mirajane to get dressed he would take his clothes, not his own. It was like Gray considered Naruto's clothes to be his very own.

Needles to say they got in numerous fights because of that, Natsu joined the fight every time he was around. One thing Naruto never understood was why Natsu loved to get into fights with Gray, or why Gray loved to fight back with Natsu. The only person to actually break them up was Erza, both boys feared her and her power.

Naruto didn't like to admit it, but even he was frightened by Erza. He would never admit this because Erza was a special friend to him, she stayed by his side and helped him a lot to overcome his shock from losing his mother. How she knew that even after he stopped crying back then he was in shock over his loss he will never know, but he was grateful for her help.

Then, there was Mirajane. Naruto couldn't say he hated her, she wasn't a bad person, but she had this bad habit of getting on his (and Natsu's) nerves by either trying to make them cry or laugh at them – and taunt them – when they actually did cry.

This of course led to fights between Erza and Mirajane, fights that could only be broken if either the guild master stopped them or Lisanna stopped her sister.

Mirajane, or Mira as everyone started calling her, wasn't a bad person. She was quite helpful when she wanted to be, this mostly happened when Erza wasn't around it seemed. It was like she had something against Erza, or she just loved pestering the girl.

Towards him, she was quite a pleasant girl. Rarely did she taunt him or make fun of him, it made the blond wonder what was the 'trigger' that made her do a 180 every time Erza was around. He never did ponder on that too much however.

There was no one that Naruto actually didn't like in the entire guild. Despite his rough edges, Makarov's grandson, Luxus, was a great guy. He could be funny at times and when he wanted to and spent quite a lot of time with him and Natsu especially. He was older than most of his friends in Fairy Tail, about 12 years old or so, he wasn't sure and the boy never told them.

Despite all that there were moments when the teen was detached from everyone, when he had a far-away look in his eyes and didn't feel like talking to anyone. They asked him and begged him to tell them what was wrong, but all he would do was smile and tell them everything was fine.

Naruto wanted to know why; when he asked Makarov about his grandson's attitude the man had a far away look in his eyes, he whispered something that Naruto didn't fully understand. Something about his own son, after that however, he never inquired any further. He knew when not to press on.

Ever since he had joined the guild he started learning about this world even more, he started training to become a mage as well. Despite the fact that he could not use any spell yet nor did he show any signs of being a mage he continued to try his best to improve in what he already knew. He knew that he could do it, he felt something inside of him, something that he could use to help him.

He knew that the world he came of was filled with Ninja and what they used was called Chakra. But he didn't know how to use that, nor how to call upon it. His mother didn't want to ruin his childhood and teach him ninja techniques…not yet. The only thing she did teach him was stealth and how to blend in with others.

Even after he arrived in this world he never stopped practicing what his mother taught him, he could vanish from everyone's eyes and no one would realize it until he was far away from their reach.

Despite being told not to do this too often, he had used his ability in stealth to play pranks on the nearby town, no one had caught him and no one had seen him. It eased Makarov a little bit but he was still not pleased with how the blond was using his abilities. He made sure to voice his opinion and berate the blond, making him promise not to pull pranks on the townspeople anymore. After all…jobs started appearing with a bounty on his head, he couldn't have the council figure out that one of the members of Fairy Tail was pulling pranks on people.

While he was forbidden to ever pull stunts like that the blond still used all his knowledge in becoming a master in stealth, there were only a handful of people in the guild that could find him during his vanishing acts, Makarov being one of them of course.

Currently the blond was outside, in the gardens, practicing his magic; or at least trying to create something. Next to him stood Makarov, he was looking at the blond, waiting patiently for him to do something.

Naruto remembered the man's words, he concentrated, he studied, he stayed away from the dark arts and focused on only that which was permitted. And yet, he still couldn't do anything. Everyone in the guild had some sort of power, even the youngest of them could do something. Heck, Natsu was stronger than him on all accounts.

With a sigh, Makarov stood up and shook his head. "Naruto…maybe fire is not your affinity…"

"No!" the blond shouted as he slammed his fists on the ground, glaring down. "Hokage-ojii-san said I have the Will of Fire…"

"That doesn't mean that you can control fire, its not even related to that to begin with." Makarov tried to reason, but it didn't work. Once the blond set his mind on something, nothing, but absolutely nothing could change his mind. He was scared that one day it will lead him to his own grave.

"But…" the blond started looking sadly at the ground. "…I'm from Hi no Kuni…we all have fire affinity…" he whispered, in his mind if he was born in Fire Country it meant that he would have affinity for fire.

Makarov only shook his head at that. "Your father never used Fire, he couldn't control it nor summon it…your mother was able to control a bit and use Jutsu's but that was mostly because of the Kyuubi." He said.

Naruto twitched as he heard the name; he still didn't know what to make of the fox. Part of him wanted to hate him for everything that had happened, from his father's death, to his mother's death. But part of him felt like he couldn't blame the fox and that the blame fell on the man that assaulted his mother when he was born and the villagers for their blind hatred.

He didn't make contact with the fox, the idea of going there and trying to talk with the fox just scared him. He also never told anyone in the guild about this, only Makarov knew what he held inside of him. Even though people asked him about the whiskers and why he had them he always replied them with what his mother said. 'It's a trait from mom, just shows I'm her son.'

When asked about his mother and if she was human or not he said nothing, Makarov cleared things up and told them she was human, but they still wanted to learn more about the whiskers. Therefore, the only thing Makarov could think of was that the whiskers were a hereditary family trait, which rarely appears. Strangely, they seemed to accept that and never inquired further.

"Maybe you are a different type of mage, a wind mage…or ice…"

"NO!" Naruto shouted once again startling Makarov. "I'll be a fire mage! Just wait and see old man, I'll do it, I'll become the greatest Fire mage in history! I will make kaa-san, tou-san and nii-san proud!" he declared as he stood up and walked away leaving a smiling guild master behind.

The man shook his head at the blond. "Don't come crying to me when you realize its impossible then." He called out, yet the blond ignored him. He laughed to himself as he walked back to the guild; this was going to be interesting.


Chatter and laughter echoed in the guild as everyone was sitting at the tables and eating. Only one person was missing for the ninth time in a row and that person was none other than Naruto.

Everyone was worried; the only ones that didn't seem to be worried were Makarov and his grandson, they both had faith in the blond.

It had been a week since the blond's declaration, at first nothing changed with him, he kept coming in morning to eat and then at night – or in the middle of the day if he was famished – but ever since three days ago the blond had stopped coming down from his room to eat.

Mira was the first to confront the blond, she tried to force him to move, she tried taunting him, but it was like her voice hit a stone wall. The blond didn't flinch or even acknowledge here presence.

In a fit of anger she ordered Erza to move the blond from his spot, which resulted in a fight between them. A fight that was later broken by the guild master, that night however, he left them without berating them like he would usually do. He was strangely quiet.

The next morning Gray tried to move the blond, he tried encasing him in ice and pushing him down stairs, however, it seemed like Naruto had anticipated that and vanished before Gray could even make a move, it annoyed him to no end and it also worried him.

Erza found him eventually in the garden, hidden in his usual spot under the large plants that Makarov loved to grow. She tried talking to him, tempting him with his favorite food but nothing seemed to work.

His gaze was constantly fixed on a book for apprentice magicians; he kept studying that book over and over again like he had missed something.

"Naruto…" Erza said softly "…if you want…I could teach you my style…" she said as the blond didn't even turn towards her.

"No…" he said quietly "…that's your style, I want mine…I know I can do this…" he replied stubbornly.

"But Naruto…at least…come and eat." She tried to reason with him, yet the blond had tuned her out by now.

She tried for several more minutes to get through him before she turned and left telling the blond not to come crawling towards her if he was dying of hunger. Yet, as she reached the door she turned to look back towards the blond's location, she was worried for him.

That night Mira tried her luck once again, she stormed towards his room and slowly opened the door.

"Kaa-san…" she heard him, she slowly peered inside and looked around the room, the blond was sitting in the middle of the room with books and papers scattered all around him. He was looking at something in his hands. "…I…can't do it…" she could hear his voice crack and looked down at the ground sadly. "…I don't know why Kaa-san…please help me…" he begged.

Slowly, Mira closed the door and took a deep breath. She knocked and then opened the door. She was surprised to see the blond reading through the books and his notes like noting had happened until now.

"Naruto…" she said softly, she had a weak spot for him, she never admitted it but he was cute and a dependable person. She liked that he had a soft spot and wasn't only muscle and no brains.

The blond gave no reply however, it didn't even seem like he was acknowledging her presence. Slowly, she walked over to him and sat down behind him, she moved forward and wrapped her arms around him making him tense. He was forced to hold a surprised gasp from escaping his lips.

Mira placed her head on his back and looked at the wall to the right. "I'm sure you can do it…" she told him making the boy's eyes widened and making him wonder if she had heard him call out for his mother. "I'm sure you will be able to become a mage."

They stood in silence for what seemed like hours, the blond didn't know what to tell her. Then she suddenly stood up and walked out of the room without saying any other word, it surprised him that she didn't snap at him, she was very strict…this…he had never expected in the first place.

With a smile he turned back to work, bent on finishing what he started, there was no way Naruto Uzumaki would be defeated, not now…not ever.

After four days of absence the blond finally made his appearance.

Everyone was gathered at the tables, preparing to have their meal when they heard the blond. "Jii-san!" they could hear him yell and running down the stairs towards them.

Makarov looked towards the stairs and saw the blond there with a large grin on his face, his entire face was however red and black, like he had burned himself, part of his clothes were also ripped exposing his chest which was also red.

"Naruto?" Makarov asked in a worried voice. "What happened?" he asked trying to move towards the blond.

"I did it!" he shouted pumping his fists in the air.

Everyone jumped up from their seats and moved to help the blond, to check on him, only to have him stop them.

"Look!" he shouted as he extended his right arm and opened his palm, turning it to face the ceiling. A large flame then shot out of his palm, or so it seemed. It was twice as big as the blond yet it didn't seem like he was affected by it.

"You…actually…did it?" Makarov asked, he never expected the blond to create something this big, he knew that in the end the blond could succeed, but this was beyond all his expectations.

"Yea!" shouted the blond "And look what else I can do!" the flame then shot upward and descended towards the blond scaring everyone for a second, yet before the flame could harm the blond it moved to the side and started swirling around him, like it was a shield meant to protect him.

"And look at this!" he said once more as the flame moved in front of him and started taking shape. "It's Happy!" he declared with a grin, indeed the flame had taken the cats form, even going as far as doing its trademark pose. The cat did the same pose with a resonating "Aye!"

The flame then started taking another shape, in mere seconds they were staring at a copy of Makarov, it wasn't perfect, but it looked almost like him. "And this…" the blond's voice resonated once more as the flame started morphing once more, now instead of Makarov the flame had taken the form of a woman they had never see in their life. They could vaguely distinguish her features as the model wasn't perfect from what it seemed.

"Kushina?" the guild master asked completely amazed.

"Yes…" the blond replied with a small smile. "…this is kaa-san…"

Everyone's eyes grew at that, the blond had created – or at least tried to – create an image of his mother. This was something unheard of and something a low ranking mage could barely do. Yet the blond didn't even seem winded by all this.

Finally, the guild master started laughing. "That's mighty impressive boy!" he shouted with a grin on his face that was matched by said boy. "Now…why don't you come and eat…I'm sure you're famished." He said as the blond nodded happily.

However, what they didn't expect was for the fire to explode in front of the blond. Erza and Mira shouted for the blond and rushed towards him as Makarov and the rest looked at what happened in shock.

A cough was heard as the smoke cleared revealing a redder Naruto. "I need …" he coughed "…to work on dispelling the fire without it exploding in my face." He stated as two pairs of hands suddenly grabbed him and started shaking him.

"Don't you ever do that again!" he heard both Erza and Mira shout at him, the girls turned to glare at each other before glaring at the blond who smiled sheepishly.

"Sorry…sorry…I promise I won't do it again." He said as they entangled him in a hug.

Everything had returned to normal…or as normal as it can get in the guild.