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Ignis Deus – Chapter 12

A lone figure walked through the street, it was dark outside, close to midnight. The wind blew gently giving the world around him voice; the only sounds that could be heard in the night were his footsteps, the wind and the occasional alley cat. There were no guards patrolling the streets as this was a relatively small town, they had no need for a town watch due to the mage guild here.

The fact that a mage guild existed in this town kept bandits and brigands away from the town, they knew it was hard – next to impossible – to defeat a guild in their home turf. The guild itself wasn't the strongest; it wasn't the largest as well, but the fact that it was a branch of Phantom Lord it made people think twice before trying anything.

Naruto however, he didn't care about that, he wouldn't have been here if he didn't know that he could take them on; that and the fact that by now Makarov or Phantom Lord had started the battle between the two guilds. It took him two days to get here, he had only two more guilds to take care of – one of which he was about to start with.

The blond came to a halt as he reached his destination. He looked up and studied the building in front of him, a frown appeared on his face, this wasn't exactly what he had been hoping for. The guild didn't look like a guild at all; it looked more like a sort of casino. The entire street was illuminated by the signs on the guild, and only by the signs.

He sighed a little and wondered how they managed to get all the money to build this, there was no way they gathered money through missions. Shrugging, the blond stopped thinking about that and walked up to the door. He checked to see if it was open, when the door didn't budge he summoned his fire and burned it down, casually stepping inside.

Once inside he was taken aback by what he saw, the entire place looked like a casino. There were gambling tables everywhere, slot machines, a stage for who knows what and a large bar at the end of the guild. Walking up to a machine he looked at it and wondered just how much money was in this place, he quickly shook his head, he wasn't a thief, Makarov wouldn't be pleased if he stole. But then again…

The fire mage smirked as he thought better, this was one of Phantom Lord's subdivision, Makarov wouldn't mind if he took some compensation from them, after all he was going to raze the building to the ground and beat the members to an inch of their lives.

He placed his finger on the machine and began walking forward, flames moved out of his finger tip and into the machine melting parts away and letting the money drop on the ground. The machines alarms started to sound as they began melting away, it was only a matter of time before the guild members would arrive to see what was happening.

Fire burst from his fingers and began consuming everything in its way, he looked around at all the expensive items that were burning away and grinned, they deserved this.

The blond came to a halt as he heard shouts and footsteps coming from the stairs, he turned his head towards the stairs and watched as the guild members appeared in the casino. They covered their eyes as the fire burst in front of them before vanishing; they noticed the man looking towards them.

"You!" one of them shouted in anger "What have you done?"

Naruto didn't reply, he smirked however and raised his head slightly so that they could see his smirk. They shook in anger as the blond's smirk widened, he was planning on endings this fast, before the town's people would try to put out the fire or go inside the guild to help – or rescue – those that are trapped.

He raised his palm and pointed it towards the group. Fire burst in front of them and exploded sending the small group flying in the stairs or making them fall on their comrades.

They groaned as they got back up on their feet and frantically looked around the guild for the intruder, yet the blond seemed to have vanished.

"Don't just stand there!" the guild master shouted in anger "Put that fire out and find that bastard!" he yelled as the mages began running in all directions. A few of them began casting spells and trying to put out the fire but each time they extinguished the fire in one spot it would reappear seconds later.

Naruto silently laughed as he saw them try to put out his fire, it would take much more to extinguish an elementals fire. Silently, he unsheathed his sword and chanted, the fire slowly intensified around the blond. As he finished chanting he stood up and cut the air in front of him with his sword sending a wave of fire.

The attack alerted the mages that were searching for him, they turned towards the source of magic and their eyes widened as they saw the large wall of fire racing towards them. They jumped out of the way just in time as the fire collided with the ground and the machines igniting everything it touched.

With a grin the blond vanished once again, consumed by the flames, only to reappear moments later behind a mage and swiftly knocking him out. This attracted the attention of everyone else and soon numerous spells were cast towards his location.

Naruto jumped out of the way as the bulk of their attacks crashed in the wall and the fire, creating an explosion that ripped the wall apart. The blond fire mage ran behind the slot machines and ducked under them as another hail of attacks flew above him.

With a soft sigh he placed his palms on the ground, fire spewed around him consuming him and vanishing moments later. A little trick he had learned from the elemental, as long as there was fire around he could warp within it to any location.

"Where is he?" one of the mages inquired as he looked around frantically. A crack echoed in the guild drawing everyone's attention to the ceiling, a large wooden plank fell from the roof, crashing on the ground just a few feet away from them.

The mages covered their eyes to protect themselves from the ash, it gave Naruto enough time to reappear and make quick work of two more mages. Appearing behind them, he grabbed them by the head and pummeled them to the ground, he then charged forward grabbing the next mage and vanishing with the fire only to reappear on the stage.

He turned the mage around and punched him as hard as he could in the stomach making him gasp for air, he then slammed his knee in the mage's chin making him fly backwards and drop on the stage.

Finally, he summoned his flames and created a shield behind him as another set of attacks were thrown towards him. With a grin the blond spun his sword around his fingers and then plunged it in the ground. After whispering the name of the attack the flames consuming the guild began morphing, in a matter of seconds they took the shape of small elementals.

The guild's mages stood rooted in fear at what they were seeing. The elementals turned their attention towards the mages, they growled as they moved towards their targets. The mages steeled themselves as they began throwing all their attacks against the elementals.

While they were kept busy by the elementals Naruto moved towards their guild leader. The man sensing the blond approaching spun around and slammed his fist in the ground making spikes burst out of the floor. The fire mage jumped in the air dodging them before being consumed by fire and reappearing behind the guild master.

The man once again spun around and hit Naruto in the head with his arm sending the mage in the wall. The blond shook his head as he turned towards the man and growled, he jumped back on his feet and grabbed his sword once more, he rushed towards his target dodging under another fist and slamming the flat end of the sword on the man's back.

A cry of pain echoed from the mage, the cry then turned into a hatred filled howl as he spun around and grabbed the blind by the head slamming him on the floor. However, before his head could collide with the floor the flames consumed him once more burning the man's hand. He screamed in pain as he released the blond who jumped back on his feet and kicked the guild master in the chin.

Naruto then spun around and raised his leg, then he lowered it on top of the mage's chest making him gasp for air as he crashed in the floor. Slowly, the blond bent towards the man and smirked as he looked up with a pained look. Before he could react the blond's fist came crashing down on his face rendering him unconscious.


Panic ruled over the streets of the small town, people were running around calling for help, calling for others to help them put out the fire that had ignited in the local guild. It was in the middle of the night when it happened, everything started with an explosion from inside the guild. No one knew if the mages were still inside or not.

From afar a person stood watching the building burn down, no matter how much water the townspeople would throw the fire wouldn't die down. He grinned slightly as he raised his hand and looked at the second flag he had acquired. Behind him stood a large number of people, all of them tied up and with gags in their mouths to ensure they wouldn't make a ruckus.

He stood up and walked towards the man in front of the group, crouching down to his level as he reached him. The man glared making the blond mage grin in satisfaction.

"You should have known this would happen…" he stated as the man growled "…your leader messed with the wrong guild, be happy it was me that came after you and not my colleague." The mage laughed.

In response the man spat making the blond pull back in disgust, he brought his hand up to his cowl and wiped it with a disgusted look on his face. "Fuck you." The man spat out as the blond turned to glare towards him.

With a swift move he punched him in the face making the mage fall on his back. "Maybe I should have let you burn in there…" he muttered in disgust as he moved towards the group and began hitting their pressure points, putting them to sleep.

As the last one fell unconscious he packed the flag and pocketed it, he then turned around and vanished in the night, the villagers would find them the next morning and by then he would be far away.


Naruto scratched his head as he looked at the road signs, he knew the way to Magnolia but he was surprised when he saw that the signs had changed, the name of the town had been cut out. Or more like the sign showing the way to the town had been ripped. He shook his head already knowing who could have done it – or at least having an idea.

With a shrug he continued walking at a steady pace. A few minutes ago a merchant leaving from Magnolia told him of what was happening in the town, he talked about a giant machine prepping to take down Fairy Tail's guild. He was put on the edge by that, but he kept his composure, he was more than certain that the mages of Fairy Tail would stop it and ultimately stop the destruction of their guild.

He was already planning on joining the fight once he handed over the flags, he just needed to see what they were going up against and prepare for all possible scenarios. The blond suddenly came to a halt as he noticed a peculiar figure in the distance. A man with long spiky white hair, a large scroll on his back – if he thought better though that scroll was massive – he was wearing a interesting robe.

The mage looked at the man who seemed to be scribbling something in a notebook, he started walking again. As he got closer to the man he stopped writing and looked up towards the blond, he blinked before he grinned and stood up.

"Ah, finally a traveler." He said as if he had been waiting on the side of the road for an eternity, in fact, from the way he said that it sounded like he hadn't encountered the merchant that passed by here some time ago. "You think you can help me with a matter?" the man inquired.

The blond took this time to study him more, the person before him was old, somewhere in his fifties if he was right. He had strange red markings on his face going down from his eyes and over his cheeks. Subconsciously he tensed, the man – despite his age – might be a mage from Phantom Lord he had never seen before.

Yet, the magic he could feel from him was different and very weak, from what the blond could tell the man's magic capacity was somewhere at the lowest of levels, even a child no older than twelve would be able to take him down from what he believed.

"It depends…" he replied cautiously as he stopped a few feet away from the man. "…what do you need help with?" he continued as the man smiled, seemingly not bothered by the fact that the blond was cautions of him.

"I was going to a nearby town when I got lost at that crossroad…" he stated as Naruto nodded and kept a straight face.

"And what town would that be?" he inquired as the man rummaged through his pockets and brought out a sheet of paper. He looked over it, scrunching his eyes as if he had problems reading what was on the paper.

"Ortogas…" he read as the blond let out a breath he didn't know he was holding.

"You took a wrong turn at the crossroads, you should have taken a left." He replied as the man smiled and nodded, he pocketed the piece of paper and smiled at the blond.

The man bid his farewell and thanked the mage for the directions before heading off. Naruto kept staring at the retreating form; the man was heading towards the town where he had taken down the first sub-division. He shook his head as he turned around, there was no way that man was part of Phantom Lord, or so he believed.

"Oh one more thing!" he heard the man call "Be careful when you head into that town, there's some strange walking castle … or something there!" Naruto turned around to ask the man what he knew about what was happening in Magnolia, yet when he turned he was surprised to see that the old man was nowhere in sight.

The man had vanished, he was sure that he had been there moments ago. With wide eyes the blond scanned the area around him, but no matter how much he looked and no matter how much he concentrated on finding any magic source in the area he couldn't detect the man.

Now Naruto was even more interested in him, he carefully took a step backwards and waited. Slowly he turned around and began walking away once more; he kept looking back as he left the area as if testing to see if the man would reappear.

By the time he reached the outskirts of Porlyusica's forest he was having second thoughts about joining the battle, there was something about that man that made him want to find more answers. As he stepped into the forest he felt Porlyusica's magic move around him, as if scanning him. She knew by now that he was here, she always knew when someone entered the forest.

As he reached her cabin he saw her conversing with Mistgun, with a scowl the woman turned towards him. "And another one…you two should be helping Makarov rather than staying here." She scolded, the blond grinned as he saw Mistgun look towards him and nod once.

The wind started to blow all of a sudden, Porlyusica looked up with wide eyes as numerous flags of Phantom Lord's sub-divisions began falling to the ground. Naruto smirked as he walked forward and sat down on the log next to Mistgun, the woman looked down at them and sighed as she shook her head.

"You guys still amaze me." She told them.

"Aren't you joining the fight?" Mistgun inquired while sparing a glanced towards the blond. Naruto stood silent for several seconds before replying.

"No…it's almost over." He replied, he could feel a large concentration of magic coming from the outskirts of the town. He recognized it as Makarov's, he knew what the old guild master was about to do. He never had the chance to see it with his own eyes, the man's ultimate attack.

Slowly, the blond stood up and began walking away, he wanted to see that attack, he wanted to know how powerful 'Fairy Law' was. When he was little the old guild master told him about the attack after he had overheard him talk about it with his nephew. He didn't go into detail what it does or how it works, but the blond didn't mind that, he had his own spells, his own attacks.

Upon reaching the end of the forest he began climbing one of the trees until he reached the top. He then turned his gaze towards the outskirts of Magnolia and watched with fascination as the clouds above the walking castle of Phantom Lord began gathering and in a matter of seconds a ray of light shot from the castle and began expanding in a circle.

The blond covered his eyes, a few moments later he lowered his hand and looked towards the battlefield. The castle was lying on the ground, dust rising in the air. Naruto sighed softly, he didn't get to see the effects of the attack and even if the light wasn't that blinding he doubted that he could see anything from this distance.

"Heh…and to think I was this close to joining the fight." He mumbled to himself as he leaned on the branch planning on staying in the forest for the night. If he returned now he'd get bombarded by questions as to why he wasn't there when they needed him, sure they would ask him in the end but for now he needed to rest as well.


The next day Naruto returned to the guild, or what was left of it. There weren't many people there when he arrived, Makarov was helping those present with constructing the foundation for the new guild, he was surprised to see people were working this hard early in the morning.

The blond began walking forward, moving carefully so as not to disturb the work flow. Guild members smile and greeted him as he passed by them, he offered his help but they declined stating they could handle what they were doing. Without even noticing the blond bumped into a makeshift bar.

He stared at the bar in wonder, he was more than certain this was the first thing they built, just to make sure they had some decent booze close by, he chuckled at that and turned around leaning against the bar. The sun was barely up in the sky, he doubted the others would get here soon. If he knew better Natsu was still asleep and Gray as well, though it surprised him that Erza wasn't present, she always got up early.

"Glad you finally arrived." Naruto smiled as he turned his head towards Mirajane, she smiled at him as she dropped several bags on the bar. "You weren't here for the fight…" she continued as she began rummaging through the bags and taking out supplies.

Naruto shrugged as he turned his attention towards the guild members that were working on the repairs. "I might have been here to fight, but that doesn't mean I didn't fight." He replied, a few minutes later he heard the girl giggle at his reply. He began to wonder how the events played here, when Phantom Lord attacked, when the guild was wrecked; he looked at the girl with the corner of his eyes as she was arranging the food and drinks she had bought and wondered what it would have been if he was here. Could the destruction of the guild be stopped?

The blond looked away exhaling deeply, he was thinking of what if's when he shouldn't. He turned his head towards Mirajane as he felt something hit his arm, he looked at the glass and smiled picking it up. "Why the long face?" she asked returning back to her work.

The blond gulped down the contents before replying. "Just thinking…of things." He placed the empty glass back on the counter and thanked the girl, he pushed himself forward and turned around taking a seat at the bar. He watched her as she began arranging the drinks.

"You know…" he started as he sat up and leaned over the bar tried grabbing a bottle. Mirajane's hand suddenly slapped his out of the way, she glared towards him as the blond grinned and moved back. "…I never got to say thank you." He finished as the girl raised an eyebrow.

"Did I do something in particular?" Mirajane inquired.

Naruto smiled as he rummaged through his pockets, moments later he took his hand out and opened his palm showing her the item in his hand. Her eyes widened for a second before turning soft, she smiled towards him – a mix between a sad smile and an apologetic one.

The blond took her hand into his and smiled. "Thank you." He told her softly, making her look down and smile. The blond's eyes widened for a second as he saw her begin to shake, he let go of her hand and stood up, he then jumped over the bar and moved towards the girl embracing her.

"Why are you crying?" he asked as she put her hands on his chest and shook her head.

"Idiot…" Mirajane mumbled softly between sobs "…I'm happy…all these years, I was afraid you hated me, I was afraid that I disgusted you with what I did." Naruto cringed slightly as he tightened his hold; he moved his hand through her hair as he tried calm her.

"I was never angry, I told you that already…" he whispered, the girl didn't bother replying anymore as she continued to shed tears of joy. He looked around and noticed Makarov looking at them with a sly grin, he shot the old guild master a glare, the man was already thinking something else.

He turned his attention back to the girl in his arms and moved his hand through her hair, he felt like he wanted to do more for her, he could feel all the pain she was holding inside her. The pain from the moment he left, when her little sister died and she stopped taking jobs, he sighed a little as he placed his head on her shoulder. He didn't really know what to do in moments like these.

Sighing inwardly he turned his attention back to the girl that was slowly calming down, he pulled back a little and cupped her cheek with his hand, she looked up at him and he smiled. Mirajane returned the smile as she embraced him once more.

"Thank you Naruto." She whispered kissing him on his cheek, she then pulled back and whipped the tears from her eyes laughing softly.

The blond smiled as he moved back and jumped on the bar, opting on sit on it. He grinned towards the girl who frowned at him. "Don't sit there, we have chairs you know." He shrugged as he turned towards Makarov who had appeared next to the blond – they didn't know how he did that or when he appeared.

"If he can do it, so can I." the old man smirked as he looked towards the blond.

"Unlike you…I'm the master here, I can do what I like." He replied only to have him and Naruto be thrown to the ground by Mirajane.

"I told you not to sit on the bar!" she shouted as a broom connected with Makarov's head, Naruto began laughing as he saw the object hit the master. He slowly stood up, still laughing at Makarov, and then sat down on one of the chairs at the bar. The old guild master rubbed his head as he jumped on a chair next to the blond.

The two stayed in silence for some time, Mirajane had left to attend other matters leaving the two alone at the bar. Makarov was the one to break the silence; they started with an idle chat and then proceeded to discuss the matter with Phantom Lord.

The old man had yet to get word on the council or hear anything in particular from them, when he asked Naruto the blond told them that everything was quiet and they didn't suspect anything, he admitted though that he had a bad feeling, that something wasn't going to go right.

The blond went on, explaining what he had Mistgun had been doing while Fairy Tail fought their battle here in Magnolia. He was surprised to find out that Makarov already knew about this, or at least had an idea why he and Mistgun hadn't been present to partake in the battle.

It was a week later that everything went bad, or at least bad in Naruto's opinion. For Makarov it was the same old stuff that the council always wanted to say or blabber about. It was for Naruto that things didn't go so well. While Makarov was being auditioned he was supposed to interrogate his fellow comrades as punishment for hiding the fact that two guilds were fighting against each other, worse still, that he took part in the battle.

So for one full day he stood with the Rune Knights, interrogating his fellow guild mates under the eyes of the commander who would have to report his actions to the council. He didn't need to screw up and lose his position in the council. He was sure, that if he lost it not only would he be forced to stop his search for the artifacts but they would have the upper-hand in forcing the guild to disband.

So he did as he was told, even though he wanted to complain and tell them to 'suck it'. He was surprised that his friends understood what was going on and didn't make a ruckus, nor did they try to make it harder for him to finish what he was supposed to do.

He stood day in and day out "interrogating" the members of Fairy Tail as what transpired on that day. It also helped him get a clearer image on what happened to everyone and the guild, Mistgun hadn't been very clear on the details so for him it was good to know now.

Even Natsu didn't try anything stupid which was a plus in Naruto's mind; the sooner he was done with this job the better.

"Once more Gray, I need details." The blond said looking up from the paper in which he was writing his friends declaration. His face turned into a frown as he looked up at the ice mage. "Where are your clothes?" he asked, he was more than sure that when he entered the tent he was fully dressed.

He looked towards the commander of the Rune Guards, the man looked back at him and raised his shoulders and hands, shaking his head. He too was surprised by the fact that the mage was not wearing any clothes apart from his underwear. With a sigh the blond shook his head and looked up at Gray with a deadpanned expression.

The mage grinned at him. "What?" he asked as if he had done nothing wrong.

"Lets just get this over with." The blond answered with a sigh, something told him that all the troubles won't end here and that he will have to face even more troubles in the future.


"What's going on?" Lucy's attention snapped towards the source of the sound ignoring the table as it hit Natsu making him crash on the ground. Erza was facing Luxus, glaring at him, but what was more frightening was Naruto whose hands were covered in fire, he too was glaring towards Luxus, it looked like he was ready to jump on the mage at any second.

"You dare say that again!" Erza shouted angrily, Luxus smirked unfazed by the murderous look in her eyes.

"Then I'll say it again…" he stated raising his hand up and pointing towards the guild members behind her. "This guild doesn't need weak bastard." Erza shook in anger at that.

A loud crack resonated, the mage turned his head slightly towards the blond whose flaming fist was burning the table in front of him. "I dare you to say that again." Naruto spat out, his face scrunching into a sneer.

"To be looked down by a guild such as Phantom Lord!" he laughed, his laughter full of malice. "How embarrassing!" he shouted with a sneer that turned into a smile full of malice "I couldn't show my face at all for an entire week." He spat out as he turned towards three guild members. "And I'm talking about YOU!"

The three moved back a bit in fright and shock. "You are a disgrace to this guild! What were your names again?" he laughed as they pulled back and looked down in sorrow.

The blond suddenly shot forward as he grabbed Luxus by the collar drawing his attention, for a second he held his breath in fight as the blond's eyes changed color from blue to red, as if the fire was starting to consume him. "You are out of place Luxus." He spat.

The mage in question only grinned as he moved his face closer to the blond. "Is that so?" he whispered as he then head butted the blond making him stumble back.

Naruto moved his hand up to his head and then brought it in front of him, he stared at his hand and then turned his attention towards Luxus, glaring at him. "You fucking piece of shit!" he shouted as he jumped forward.

"Naruto! Don't!" both Mirajane and Erza shouted, but it was too late, the blond's fist moved forward. Before he could hit Luxus the mages hand shot up blocking the blond's fist, the fire mage growled in anger as he pushed forward.

"You should keep your mouth shut… boy!" Naruto hissed, Makarov's grandson raised an eyebrow at that. "You weren't here to take part of the battle."

The man grinned, then he laughed at the blond boy. "Me? What about you oh so great fire mage!" he shouted in glee "If I were here, the guild would still be standing! If I were here, none of us would have been defeated!" he shouted as he moved his face closer "If I were here…none would have looked down on the guild, I would make a better guild master than the old coot." He hissed as the blond's eyes narrowed.

Before anyone could even blink his right hand shot up grabbing Luxus by the head and slamming his head on the table, he then raised his up once more by the head and slammed him on the ground. The sky darkened as a thunder dropped down on the blond making him scream in pain.

"You dare raise your hand against me twerp!" Luxus shouted as he stood back up on his feet and grabbed the blond fire mage by the throat.

"Luxus! That's enough!" Mirajane shouted, yet the man didn't seem to hear her as he began chocking the blond.

Naruto's hands shot up, grabbing Luxus's arms and trying to pry them away from his throat. Fire burst around the blond and the lighting mage, it looked like it was about to devour both of them.

"Enough!" Mirajane shouted once more making Luxus release the blond who fell on the ground. He began coughing and gasping for air, Erza and Gray rushed forward and grabbed him, helping him regain his breath and getting back on his feet.

"Pathetic…" the lighting mage spat out as he turned around and began walking away. "…little mommy's boy can't even defend himself against someone that's strangling him…" he laughed, the fire mage tried to growl and charge forward only to be held down by Erza.

"You cunt!" he rasped out as he tried to charge forward.

"Naruto, stop it!" Erza whispered in a harsh tone, before embracing him. "Don't let his words get to you." She said as the blond slowly calmed down, he sighed as he slowly stood up and moved out of her arms.

"That fucking asshole…" he mumbled as he stumbled forward, he began walking towards the bar and once he reached it he sat down grumbling to himself.

"Is he alright?" Lucy asked worriedly as Mirajane frowned slightly. She nodded however as she walked over to the blond and asked him something. The blond girl watched as Mirajane smiled and turned around grabbing a bottle and then turning back to face the blond and handing him the bottle.

Lucy was taken aback by that a bit. "Why is he just sitting there drinking?" she asked to no one in particular. It was Erza however that replied to her question.

"To calm his nerves, it might seem strange but that's what he does." She said before walking to the mission board and grabbing a mission. "So…Natsu, Gray, want to go on a mission?" she asked as she turned towards Lucy "You too Lucy…and you Naruto." She said looking towards the blond mage warmly.

The blond shook his head however. "Got stuff to do…damn council…" he stated making the girl frown.

"Very well, we'll do this by ourselves." She said with a smile as Lucy cheered, Gray and Natsu however shivered slightly at the thought of having to play "best pal's" so as not to get on Erza's bad side.


Two figures stood on top of a cliff overlooking a massive camp in the forest. In the middle of the camp stood a large portal, it seemed like it was sucking the air from the world. One of the figures, on the left scoffed slightly at the sight, it was just like a war camp, blacksmiths forging weapons and preparing them for the fighters, guards patrolling the camp, captains giving orders.

"And all this…for one person." He murmured to himself, his partner however grinned in excitement at the sight.

"One person, true, but if intel is right that one person is a one-man army." He said licking his lips. "My blade thirsts for power, the power of this world."

The first looked towards his partner with a raised eyebrow, his voice was calm as he replied, yet his partner could detect a hint of anger in it. "Be careful as you stumble around here, there's no telling how strong they are."

He scoffed, they were the most feared men in the world, an army wouldn't stop them and the warriors here wouldn't be able to stand in the way of their goal. "You're talking as if you know something." He stated, a bit warily.

His partner did not reply at first, his gaze was constantly on the camp below them. After what seemed like minutes he answered.

"No…there is nothing here that worries me…" he replied calmly, and yet he could feel like something was off with his partner. His voice, usually stoic, held more emotion now – be it incertitude, anger…it was there, that hint of emotion – and that meant that there was something special here. That, or he was waiting for something, he was waiting for something to happen.

The ground shook violently, he moved back holding himself by the wall. He looked towards his partner who stood calmly at the edge of the cliff still overlooking the camp, his eyes widened as he saw a massive figure fly over them. He shook, both in excitement and fear at what he was seeing.

"Is that…" he began only to be cut-off by his partner.

"Yes…" he replied gravely, looking towards the massive creature as it roared towards the heavens. "…a dragon…" he finished his sentence as the dragon flew away from the camp, the man looked down towards those in camp, they were running around and preparing for a fight. He scoffed, they thought that a dragon would waste time on pitiful creatures like them?

He shook his head as he turned around. "Prepare yourself…war is about to start." He whispered as his partner grinned in anticipation.

Note: Right, took me a bit more time because I really, really, didn't want to go in the Phantom Arc, for me it seemed like there was no way to add Naruto to the battle without him taking away all the glory. I also didn't linger too much on his fights with the guilds since I have other plans and I want to reach the exciting part faster for my readers (and my) entertainment.

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