The weather kept becoming colder and colder, too cold for any lion to stand. It wasn't long before it started raining little white specks, chilling the bone so deeply. That was when the humans kept me inside, I came to except my name, Calvin, because that was what everyone called me. It was a name he needed to face in order to survive, by responding to that name I was able to get food and water when I needed it. I never lost identity of Jafari, the King of the Outlands, the son of King Kovu and Queen Vatani. Calvin was the lion owned by humans.

That identity, I never lost sight of my real self, for now I needed to take shelter among the human caves to keep out of the white chilling substance that seemed to be attacking the ground. I became terribly ill due to the cold that was called winter, it was colder than I was use too, making me very sick. I let humans place the hard liquid in my veins and tried to believe it will make me better, though there were doubts.

I felt his body heat, and as if every muscle was tighten down by waits, never challenging my strength. I was laying on my side, as the human finished putting a needle in me, causing a short burn but somehow it was connected to my recovery, even if it did seem like a threat at the time. I learnt to except it now.

"I feel like death," I moaned, "I can't go on like this," pain dwelled in my eyes, dancing in my slightly dilated pupils.

"Shut up, the medicine will kick in soon." Lucy hissed.

I found Lucy unbearable; she took no sympathy on me and always rolled her eyes when I talked of his family. Lately, Lucy wanted to be more irritated and impatient by me than normal. I was growing impatient with her.

"You think the spoiled wild lion hasn't ever felt illnesses." Lucy snickered, "First you are sleepy during the day, and now wine about the cold," she reminded harshly.

"I had them, they just never been this bad," I snapped and gritted my teeth.

Lucy rolled her eyes, she could care less. I remembered when he became sick a year ago to Amarachi. She looked after the well-being of the lions of the pride. She would guide us through rough time, gave advice, and was responsible for the health of the pride.

When I became sick before, Amarachi was always there to diagnose and bring back the proper help, like when my wife became sick while carrying our daughter. She brought back fresh fruit for her to smell and asked me to be sure she to eat the hunting the right away and not wait like I would be expected to. Since it was my second born, Taka sent his shaman down, but he was more contend with Nala's mental state.

I looked at the mandrills from across the window. They just sat in their trees all day eating out of each other's fur. When humans came they tried to act like them. I found that annoying, knew they would never get that from them. The humans would just back him away.

It wasn't long before the humans left, leaving Lucy and I alone with our thoughts and distastes for each other. I was unsure why the humans did this, but I was sure that if they kept repeating I would eventually kill Lucy. While I remained in pain, a disgusting smell approached me, stinging and getting stuck in my nose. I instantly woke up ready to attack the intruder, teeth bared, a low warning growl escaping his throat. Lucy may not have the proper lioness behavior, but she still didn't deserve to be attacked by hyenas.

"Calm down, it's just a friend," Lucy snipped as an elderly hyena female gave me a confused look.

"Is this the wild one?" She asked.

"Yes, figured you could help him." Lucy said. "Calvin, this is Lady, she was once wild like you."

"The humans have some roots growing in our part; I dug them up and mixed them with the food they gave me." Lady explained.

Desperate enough to take it in order to get over this illness, at this point the hyena could be poisoning me and I could care less. The thought angered me to sink this low.

"I heard Missy is coming back soon," Lady said.

"She should, she's been gone for a while." Lucy sighed, "It will be nice to have a little one around."

I couldn't help but wished I knew what they were talking about. I tried to make sense of it any way.

"I can imagine they brought him in for you," Lady joked looking back at Calvin.

"Oh, those humans, they are able to breed with anyone and expect us lioness too." Lucy shook her head, her face twisting in displeasure at the thought, "Be lucky I don't kill him first."

"Well, I know what he's going through, I've been in the wild, but that world is long lost," Lady shook her head with a sad sigh.

"I sometimes wondered if it exists until these wild ones come in," Lucy said, "So spoiled they are, can't wait for those wild ones to get out of him."

"He will get adjusted soon, I'm sure," Lady said, "But between you and me, he will never call this place home," It was then a sound was heard, along with the smell of humans.

"Must get going," Lady left in a hurry. There was a small short whim of animals heading back to their assigned area as the human entered. I could hear and smell them as they past urgently.

They came with a bush, Lucy perked up instantly glaring at the plastic bush with holes in it. The humans lifted the crane and slowly put it down carefully as not to jar anything in it. Then another human came in and open it as a short teenage lioness came out quickly and Lucy rushed to greet her. Even though Lucy was around my age, way too young to have a teenager daughter; I could tell it was her daughter. I sighed in dread, Lucy's attitude was hard to handle, and I couldn't imagine having a rebellious teenager raised with Lucy's attitude.

"Mama," The lioness cried in joy. "Oh, I missed you so." She put her hand on her shoulder. "The female lionesses there were awful to me."

"Same thing happened with me, they were most likely jealous." Lucy calmed her, actually showing a pleasant smile for once, "How did he treat you?"

"Like an object," The young lioness explained taking slow breaths with a slightly saddened expression, "I was scared of him at first, he was so much older than me, but I eventually realized as soon as I get it over with him, I can go home."

"Well," Lucy spoke. "I suggest you be the first to eat, since you now have two. Don't worry; once the cub is born it's worth it."

"What in the world?" I started disgusted. This lioness was a teenager, other lioness her age in the wild are learning to hunt, not being forced to mate. It's vile and wrong, this lioness is practically a baby. Lions who forced mate are banned from the pride, it's not encouraged. Lionesses shouldn't be accepting of it.

"Missy, this is Calvin, our newest addition, Calvin, this is my daughter Missy."

"Please to meet you," Missy greeted.

"Come on, I'll show you to your old quarters, I already have a great place for the cub." Lucy suggested. He just stared; this was something he wouldn't expect.


"That is a very lovely story for you to tell me," Kovu said, at first he asked when Kovu's birthday was when Kovu answered Jarfari told him this strange story. "Is that what you wanted to tell me?"

"No, wait for your sister, I'll tell you together," Jarfari huffed shaking. "But believe me its preventing every breath not to tell you. I just wanted to apologize for being there when you weren't born."

"Alright," Kovu said as he looked over to see the lionesses have returned from hunting. "Sizwe."

"Yes, father," Sizwe asked coming towards Kovu, hiding behind his leg.

"Come, your mother has returned." Kovu said as he picked up his son and place him on his back.

"Something must be done about him," Kovu said instantly seeing King Simba.

"About our visitors?"

"Yes," Kovu answered. "He is simply too strange, today, he asked when my birthday was then apologies and told me what he did. He then says he wants to tell me something and is waiting for Vitani to tell us together."

"Perhaps you should hear what he has to say," Simba suggested.

"He was once wild, but he's not anymore, how could he be wild," Kovu said. "The humans have ruined him."

"He is still wild, that part of freedom can never be taken away. You say that a lion from the wild is placed in captivity, but that sense of freedom has never left. I know now, what he was yarning for. Once a captive lion is free, he can no longer be a captive." A voice came behind him. They turned to see Kitwana make it back with Vatani.

"We heard your voice today," Simba said. "Perhaps you like to speak." Nala instantly shot Simba a nasty glare, who knows what nonsense Jafari fills that lion's head. It was clear he was groomed as a spokesman.

"Hear what he has to say," Kitwanai said getting nervous. He then went up to Kovu's face. "I know what he wants to tell you. You don't know what it's like to have fences everywhere you go, you can go out and kill anytime you want, where your taught not to wonder and think of yourself as having no purpose." Kitwana said. "He knew his purpose, and that's what made him come back here. He taught me that we can control our own destiny, which made me follow him. Give him a chance; you don't know how I wish I could be you. Take your sister and find out what he has to say."

"I will," Kovu was lost in what to say.

"Do you want to join us?" Vatani asked.

"Kitwana will stay, Keria and Swiz will stay as well." Simba ordered. "Vitani, join your brother." The brother and sister stared at each other, and went to Jarfari, to listen to his story, the lion seemed so nervous, as if the secret was going to kill him if he didn't let it out soon.

"Kovu what did Nuka say about your father?" Jarfari asked instantly.

"Neither he nor my mother ever talked about him, Nuka once told me he was our father's favorite, sometimes I would hear them calling for 'Dad' in his sleep and mumbling about evil creatures. Mom said he abandon us." Kovu explained.

"That was a lie," Vatani spat out disrupting. "Nuka told me he was taken by monsters. He never forgot the awful noises and watching from a distance as they lifted his body up and put him in a truck. They drove off with him."

Vatalni still had nightmares about it. There were still times when she is sleeping and smell that awful gas that came from the creatures they road. Their chatter and coming out to the mudded tracks they left. Nuka, however saw him killed, and watched as they lifted his body, he remained hidden in the grass and the two were found hours later by Scar and Zira.

"They killed him," Kovu responded, the death of his father didn't affect him that much, he never knew him and shamefully Kovu never asked his mother about him. Nuka always informed Kovu their father was none of their business, he liked Nuka better.

"That was a poison to put them asleep, but it doesn't kill us." Jarfari explained.

"You mean he could still be alive, did you know him, was he at the same place you were captive." Vatalni asked instantly. Was his father the reason why they were sent to the line.

"My Mom didn't even tell me his name," Kovu confessed. "But I have wondered, I didn't ask I have wondered, please tell us where he is being held."

"He escaped, he's right here," Jarfari breathed. "Kovu, Vatanni, I am your father."

"What?" Kovu started jumping back, startled by this.

"Oh my," Vatanni started. "Is this why you were seeking us?"

"Yes," Jarfari answered.

"I was angry at you, for so long, how dare you come and not say anything right away." Kovu growled.

"Kovu, it's not his fault." Vitani said. She then came up and pressed her head against her father.

"I missed you, I knew you were taken. I knew you were somewhere trying to get back to us, Nuka and Mom never believed me, but I knew." She then breathed. "Those humans, those awful creatures."

"Vatani," Jarfari calmed her. "I am here now."

"But I can't forgive them! They are the most awful existence on the face of the earth!" Vatanni ran out and away.

"You missed a lot," Kovu started, shaking his head. "I wanted to know who you were, what you were like, when I was grown I stopped wondering. I needed you then, but I don't need you now."

"Kovu, even those I wasn't there, I still loved you." Jarfari answered. "And longed to know you."

"Then why didn't you escape sooner?" Kovu demanded. "I am the prince of this pride, and I order you to leave."

"No," Jarfari said firmly. "Please let me speak."

"There is nothing you can say to me," Kovu then saw Simba approaching. "I banish you! Simba, please send him to exile."

"No," Simba answered.

"Kovu, what did he do?" Keira asked concerned.

"He claims to be my father," Kovu shook shock.

"Is that what happened to you?" Keria asked. "Is that why you came, please come and stay with us?"

"If Kovu doesn't want to speak with him, he doesn't have too." Nala butted in.

"Where's Vatani?" Kitwana asked.

"She's away," Kovu growled at the lion he came with him, he was now jealous of Kitwana. He had his father, while Kovu had to live in the shadow of what happened to him.

"I'll find her," Kitwana offered, trying to gain permission from the other ether Jarfari, or Simba.

"What makes you think just because you're my father, I'll accept you!" Kovu demanded, the other lionesses looked at him, he couldn't help but notice the light hair lioness waiting for an answer while the darker hair lioness bent their heads down in solemnest. Kitwana took that chance and snuck away to find Vitani.


Vitani snuck away to the furthers boundaries of the pride, to a territory no one dared approached. She saw the humans there, they appeared to be beautiful with their dark black skin without fur that blended with the night, and glisten in the day. She thought they were changeable wearing different furs every day made of the most vibrant colors. She found their voices more fascinating the roars the way they manipulate their throats and tongs to communicate and how they would gather parts of nature to make beautiful flowing noises that seem to blend in with the air.

Vitani used to admire how they would use parts of the ground to manipulate other animals as well. She didn't see them as dominant as Kitwana believes them to be, she never thought of them as part of the savanna, as Nuka who hunted some of them and use them to feed did when he was alive. She thought of their world as separate, living in peace with the savanna and creating their own fascinating worlds.

Now, Vitani knew why they needed to be in their own world, they would surly take over lions and the animal kingdom if they had a chance. They were corrupt creatures, using the flames they have mastered to destroy, as they did her grandmother, her namesake's home. They could turn a simple tree branch into a killer, and they could destroy a pride, they imprisoned her species, and had no conscience in taking a man form his children. She hid behind a rock as two cubs sat in trees watching the village and making hyena sounds. It was a male climbed high in the branches with his short curly hair, and below a female in a longer fur covering her legs as her long hair came from her head.

She watched an adult male come up the pass as the children's faces lit up. He called to them, they responded and started coming down, and he was carefully watching them go down from branch to branch. The girl cub fell and he caught her, kissed her on the cheek. He sat her down as the male started coming down. The man was their father, he was in a the same scene as Jarfari was with her and Nuka.

Vatani saw her chance, they took her father, and she was going to take theirs. The human started walking back with his cubs, she could kill them too, and none of the humans would care. The mother of the cubs would have forgotten them by tomorrow. They were such loveless creatures.

"What are you doing?" A voice interrupted. She turned to see Kitwana witnessing the same thing. He was surprised how calm she was, of course she told him to be calm during hunting.

"Getting rid of a great threat," Vitani answered.

"How are those children threats?" Kitwana asked confused. "I think I am a better expert than you when it comes to humans."

"They aren't hard to figure, knowing what I just found out today?" Vitani asked.

"You lost your father because of them?" Kitwana reminded.

"How did you know about Jarfari?" Vitani turned to him.

"He told me, that's why we escaped, he told me about you, Nuka, your mother, your uncle." Kitwana answered. "You don't know what they meant to me."

"Those creatures," Vitani said angrily. "They don't know love, they don't know how much a cub needs their father, and they don't understand what a child means to a parent. If they did then why would they split families apart like that?"

"Vitani, I have much more experience with humans than you, I have watched the one coming with full of young once all with cruise eyes. I have seen mothers and fathers with their young. I have seen two mates come by holding hands. I see more humans than you will ever count. They all have two things in common, they are loved and they love. It's not that they don't love, it's just they don't think we know how to love. Now, that is a very small number of humans but they are very powerful together. My grandmother thought like you, she didn't think humans knew how to love. She let out her rage when my mother died. They killed her in seconds. They have power with flames that could strike you down. Even if you did escape the attack they will gather more of their species and send them out to hunt you down, killing innocent lionesses that look like you in the process."

"You don't know what happen after they took him, our pride fell apart." Vitani hissed. "She went to my uncle, who was corrupt, and then he was taken over and killed. We were taken out and our herds were taken from us. We starved, my mother went insane that Kovu was cheated and ignored the affairs of the pride. Nuka felt ignored, and inadequate he died trying to make her proud. Finally we joined this pride, and it was all their fault."

"Well, there are some good things that came from Jarfari's captivity." Kitwana explained. "Think about it," He lead her away passing through a herd of zebras.

"I can't think of a single thing good in them," Vatani said in grief.

"I'll give you awhile." Kitwana said. "But stay away from those humans, I will protect them."