Author: pamela25401
Title: What Crowley Heard
Rating: R? / Sexual situation, language
Fandom: Supernatural
Disclaimer: No disrespect intended. No money made.
Summary: Listen to the boys and what they do in that car.
Pairing: Sam and Dean
Warning: Slash. Wincest(Winchester incest). Positional accuracy.
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Archive: VX only.
Note: The Demon Crowley eavesdropped on the brothers in the Impala for two months. What did he hear? Takes place sometime between Abandon all Hope and The Devil you Know. Thanks to Bitten for getting me into the Supernatural series and for the beta.

"What the fuck! Dean, I'm driving!"

"You wanted to drive."

"I never ... Dean stop!"

*tires squealing*

*tires on gravel*

"God Dean!"

"Watch the gears!"

"At least I didn't crash!"


"You need to learn control."

"And you'd do better if I sucked your cock while you were driving?"


"Oh God, yeah."


*horn blares*

"You are too good at that."


"Don't bite, you fuck!"


"I'm hungry."

"You're always hungry."

*long low sigh*

"Are you complaining?"

"No! God, no!"


"God, Dean. Like that."

*sucking sounds*

"Don't stop!"


"Lift up."

"My pants are down as far as they'll go."

"Do what I tell you. Lift your ass."

"You're always so fuckin' bossy."

"I'm older."

"I'm ... Dean!"

"Hold still."

"I can't relax in this position."

"Hold it. Push!"

"Oh fuck!"

*heavy breathing*

"Breath. Okay, little brother?"

"Ah ..."


*soft whine*

"Easy now. Some movement."


"Like that?"

"Ah ..."

"Want more fingers, Sammy?"

*hard thump*


*deep groan*

"Nice and tight."







*Horn blares*


"I'm ... I'm ..."



*low groan*





"Lift your ass."

"Give me a minute."

"You and your after glow. Get off my hand."


"Don't move 'em."

"Lift your ass and I'll stop."



"Side over while I clean up."


"Move over before you fall asleep!"