"Say, Ben, so you dunno that I broke up with her ?"

Ben's face fell, while his heart lifted with little hope.

"Oh…..what went wrong?"

"Aw,, I dunno…she's just not the 'one' for me."

"Really? So you're open?"

"Yeah…but I got someone else in mind…"

Ben's heart fell. "Oh. And by 'in mind' , you mean..?'

"Yeah. Major crush." ,smiled Kevin, still gazing at the stars.

Ben felt a ripple of envy of whoever the lucky ass would be .

"Since when?"

"A long time."

"So…whats she like?"

"I didn't say it was a she."

"WHAT? ITS NOT?", exclaimed Ben.

"Calm down! I didn't say it was a he, either."

"Wait…I know where you're going with this! You have a crush on someone. Its not a girl, nor a boy, obviously. Then its an…alien, isn't it ? YOU have got a crush on an ALIEN ! Don't tell me its an Anodite like Grandma Verdona!"

"Stop squawking ,Tennyson! And no , its not an anodite."

"Then who is it? Charmcaster?"

"No way am I gonna date that bitch!,", snapped Kevin, scowling.

"Then who the hell is it?...",moaned Ben, impatiently.

"Trust me , you know that person better than you think.", mumbled Kevin, smirking.

"Huh? I do?"

"Well, lemme give you a few clues, Tennyson," said Kevin, as he turned his head to look Ben in the eye, his brown eyes shining mischievously.

"Ok!", said Ben eagerly.

"Allright, this person cant be called an exact human, but is neither an alien.", started Kevin, making sure to be careful to mention his crush as 'the person', and not 'he', or Ben would interpret him as gay. Not that he wasn't, cause he loves Ben , right?


"And this person is quite famous, and very cute. And can become an alien if the person wants to. And is cool at it, as well! The person's got some gadget to do that. But that's not why I like that person.". Kevin's voice turned low and mellow, in that same old drawling manner, as he gazed at Ben, who pouted at the sky and pondered at the clues. "I like him cause he knows and understands what I've been through, and can relate to my problems. He doesn't pester me with friendy stuff, just lets it take its course. He can understand why I get late at certain meetings, without being sulky about it, or when I bring the wrong smoothie flavour.", smiled Kevin, his voice dieing down …

Ben pondered childishly, unaware of Kevin's burning stare, or the sensuous expression on his face, "Well….half human, half alien…..Hey! That's kinda like ….me! "said Ben finally.,, then suddenly he went pale with realization,. He gulped as he whispered, face up at the sky, "Did you say 'he'?..."

Ben turned to face Kevin , and when he did, he realized that Kevin rolled over to Ben's side and was looking him straight in the eye with his dark eyes, face only a hair's breadth away.

"It took you a while to figure it out, huh, Tennyson?", mumbled Kevin, eyes lowering to Ben's lips. Ben's eyes went wide, but half closed when he felt the heavy arm wound around his waist again.

"You're not…joking…..right?", gasped the brunette , as Kevin slung one leg over Ben, and raised himself, on all fours, towering over Ben, his uneven raven hair falling on either side of his head like ripped curtains.

"Do I look like I am?", came his groan.

He dipped his face till it met Ben's and lips were sealed .

Ben's hands immediately shot up, grabbing the firm face of the older teen and pulling it so close, their cheek bones slammed against each other.

The fingers of one of his hands gripped Kevin's hair, while the other arm curled around his neck. Kevin finally fell on Ben's slender body, half concerned whether he would get squashed. But who would have the mind to think when wonderful things only dreamt of, were happening? Like Ben's hand running down his chest to his waist? Like the eager muscle in Ben's mouth demanding entrance into Kevin's ? Like feeling the heart, of the one he loved, beat horrifying fast against his own heart ?

The night was cold. But the heat running through them were white hot. They writhed and rolled all over the place, unable to get enough of themselves. Until now, they're kiss hadn't stopped but grew more vigorous , and only shirts were torn off, just to feel the heat burning from their hearts.

Right now, Ben was on top Kevin, mauling at the him, the brunette's finger nails lustfully dug into the other teen's neck .

"Nnnghnnnhhhh…Ben…you're…hurting..me…", moaned Kevin, pulling his assaulted lips to speak, gasps interfering his voice.

"Sorry….cant …help …it"

But, to put Kevin in ease, Ben placed his lips on the neck instead, and kissed him thus, earning groans as Kevin gripped the sleeping bag under him.

Gwen and Julie slept peacefully , while a raging battle of over-sexuality and uncontrollable desires went on, on the other side of the bush-wall.

Soon, jeans were torn off as well, boxers flew up and landed God-knows-where ,clumsily.

"Mnngghhhhyyyyaaawn!", yawned Gwen stretching, after a nice peaceful sleep, when the alarm rang. She sat up, and looked over to the other side and saw that Julie was still asleep. Gwen smiled.

"OKY-DOKY,lets get up and about!', she sighed getting up.

"Maybe I ought to wake the boys up first, ", thought she. So ,casually she walked upto the dividing wall,(which was upto her waist high), and said ,"All right boys! Get your sleepy heads -….YIKES!", she squealed instead, her words stuck in her throat, tasting like acid.

It was what she saw that made her shut up. Kevin and Ben lay sprawled in each others arms, sound asleep, tired and sweaty, and only a blanket to cover their privacy. Their clothes were all over the place, and their sleeping bags all messed up. What disgusted Gwen was that Kevin had softly, in his sleep, rested his forehead on Ben's head, while the latter's nose was pressed to Kevin's bare chest.

Gwen had never, in her months of relationship with Kevin, seen him so satisfied and heavenly calm. And Ben was dozing softly as if on clouds, an arm around the older teen's waist.

What disturbed Gwen was ALL those finger nail marks on their skin! They had tiny marks that drew blood on their backs and necks, even arms and shoulders…even legs! They must have been desperate !

"OH..OH Jesus!...Urgh…mmph..", she was unable to talk or do anything but watch them disgustedly. It was such a big shock. Kevin can be expected to kiss some other girl, and Ben can be expected to lay Julie anytime, or so Gwen thought, not realizing that life was incomplete without each other,but Ben and Kevin! Together?

Then it suddenly struck her,: she couldn't let innocent Julie see this !

"Kevin! Ben ! Get up, you dirty morons!", hissed Gwen, turning back to make sure Julie was still fast asleep.

Kevin was alert. So he was the first one to awake.

"HAAWWWNNNNhhhhhh", he yawned aloud, and stretched ,sitting up.

Gwen's neck pricked up. Wow. He has a great body! Too bad I missed it!

Kevin rubbed his eyes and suddenly winced, "Ow….Ben oughta cut his nails before we do this again.", running a slow hand over a nasty wound on his biceps. His joints hurt as if he had been exercising all night. And what a night! The best in his life! He turned and looked at the sleeping Ben at his side, snuggled closely.

Aw..he looks so cute, I could almost die…..

The next moment, Kevin noticed Gwen glaring at him.

Now he almost did die!

"GWEN! What are you doing up so early?...", faltered Kevin, pulling the blanket up a bit and then , he noticed Ben was almost completely exposed, so he whipped a bit of the blanket on Ben's torso as well.

"Grosss….",she hissed turning away.


"Just SHUT up! And get dressed before Julie wakes up! I am still under shock. She would suffer a heart attack! Now wake Ben up for Pete's sake!"

"ok…Ben? Ben! Wake up !", said Kevin, shaking him.

But he slept on.

"Ummm..Im gonna dress and then dress him. Would you mind ?", shoo-ing his hand at her.

"Urgh…this has got to be a nightmare!", groaned Gwen, as she turned around, to give Kevin privacy.

At 7:00 am,

"Good Morning, everyone! Slept well?", chirped Julie.

"Ask the guys, they 'ill tell you ,", hissed Gwen, glaring at them from the corner of her eyes.