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The team was coming back from a case in Burbank, LA. They were exhausted so everyone had arranged themselves on the jet's seats as comfortable as possible; Reid, as always, had taken over the only couch there, leaving the others resting against the windows or sleeping on each other's shoulders.

Emily Prentiss was shifting on her seat. She couldn't sleep. Maybe I was the case; she still saw the images of those dead women when she closed her eyes. Or maybe it was the fact that Hotch was sitting next to her, reading a file, and she just wanted to lay her head on his shoulder and drift to sleep. She was sure she wouldn't have problem sleeping there but it'd be very inappropriate. He was her boss, after all.

"Can't sleep, Prentiss?" his voice pulled her out of her thoughts.

"Uh, no" she responded as she moved to face him.

"The case?" he asked, putting the folder on the table.

"Yeah" she said. She couldn't tell him what was actually keeping her up, obviously. "I can't understand how that guy proposed to seven victims and then killed them. And he had a wife that had no idea what was going on. It doesn't make any sense"

"Most of the time, what we see doesn't make any sense" Hotch replied.

"I know. But… he bought expensive rings, said "hey, you wanna marry me?", and five minutes later he murdered them"

"I don't think he said "hey, you wanna marry me?" when he proposed, you know. No woman in the world would accept if the guy told her that. You wouldn't if I did"

Okay… that definitely took her off guard. Did he just say...? What the…? "What?"

"I'm just saying that you wouldn't say yes if I asked you to… marry me like that" he rapidly answered. Where the hell had he gotten himself into? He should just tell her he was madly in love with her.

"Oh. No, I don't think I'd say yes" Liar, a voice in her head said.

"Yeah" Hotch chuckled. That was a very uncomfortable moment. "So, you ever thought about marriage?" Okay, he'd made it worst.

"Uh, yes. I mean, I don't want to stay single my entire life"


"What about you? Have you ever thought about marrying again?" she asked. She had no idea how but, apparently, she's moved closer to her unit chief and now they were a few inches apart.

"Yes. I don't want that Jack grows up without a mother. He'll need one when he's older; I'm not with him most of the time, and I can't let Jessica take care of him every day. But I haven't met the right woman" Hello? She's right there, man! , his conscience practically yelled at him.

"And I haven't met the right man"

They both let out a small laugh and sat in silence for a few seconds. They didn't know what to say next.

Hotch looked around to make sure everybody was asleep. "Do you want to have dinner with me?" he asked.

Emily's heart jumped. He was asking her out! "Yeah, sure, when?"

She said yes! "Tomorrow, at 7?"

"Okay" she replied "I think I'm gonna sleep now"

"Yeah, me too" he said, turning off the light above them and closing his eyes. They both had a smile on their faces.

On the seats across them, Morgan and Rossi opened their eyes. They'd been listening to their colleague's conversation the whole time.

"I give them seven months" Rossi whispered.

"No, c'mon, seven? It's Hotch we're talking about. Seven is too soon for him to propose. I say ten" Morgan murmured back.

"Thirty bucks?" Rossi asked. He knew he'd win.

"You're on"

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