Chapter Five

Suddenly, the roll down gate at the end of the room flew up and a dozen cops come swarming the place guns drawn, yelling "Get down on the floor."

They grab Rolie and his friend and slam them to the floor. They struggle for a bit, but can't do anything, with the whole swat team on them.

"We have a weapon." One of the officers yelled.

"I've got narcotics." Another one yelled.

"Are you guys alright?" Another one asked as she unties us.

I stood up and stretched my legs. Gary does the same. Everything happened so fast. It was like one minute we were tied to a chair the next we were free. Just like on tv. I was so happy to see the cops.

I spotted a familiar detective. He does not look happy at all.

"Hobson!" Crumb hollered as he stomped towards him.


"You better have a good explanation for this..."

"I was headed to the bar, but I decided to cut through the park..."

"The bar is in the other direction." Crumb told him. "You told me you were headed to the bar to help with the dinner rush."

Gary scratches his head and looks around for a moment. He looked genuinely confused. "I must have gotten turned around or something. You are right, the bar is in the other direction."

"Get on with it." Crumb growled.

"Well I saw this kid about to get beat up by those two guys and tried to help. They knocked me out and when I came to, I was here and tied to a chair."

"Mills! Take Hobson's statement from the incident this afternoon, and then this one. Then cut him loose. I really don't want to talk to him."

Crumb walked away to talk to the Swat team commander.

"Gary! You're alive and alright."

"Chuck! What are you doing here?" Gary asked.

Chuck ducked under the crime scene tape and ran up to my stalker and hugged him. The uniformed officers were about to grab him but Crumb waved them off.

"I'm here to save you. I brought the cops. I told them I saw some suspicious looking guy with guns wandering around this abandoned warehouse."

"You did. How did you know I was in trouble?"

"The cat told me."

"Great. Just great. Not only do I have to deal with you again, Hobson, but now Fishburn shows up." Crumb walked back toward us.

"It's Fishman. Fishman. Chuck Fishman."

"And you again kid. I thought I told you to go home." Crumb looks at me and shook his head. I didn't want to see him either.

"I tried. Then this guy jumps me in the park. Then this crazy dude that keeps following me like he's stalking me or something, comes out of nowhere..." I told The Detective. "And when he does show up crazy stuff keeps happening. He's weird..."

"I am not stalking you. Stop saying that. It's all purely coincidental," Gary said as he filled out his statement. "Next time I think I'm just going to let you get salmonella..."

"Maybe you should."

"What?" Crumb looked confused and Chuck shrugged.

"Never mind. It isn't important." Gary said.

"Fishburn, how did you know that Hobson was in trouble? That was you who called 911 dispatch. Wasn't it?" Crumb asked Chuck.

"Oh, his, uh, cat told me." Chuck answered. And for some reason Gary glared at him. Like the cat really told him.

"Maybe the cat really did tell him. They say that animal have different sense than we do. Maybe the cat sensed that his owner was in trouble and tried to get him help."

"Man, stop being ridiculous. The cat can't tell him things. Do you think it meowed. Or maybe it handed him a paper with a note on it saying 'go here and rescue my owner or I won't get fed'..."

"Maybe it did."

"Fine. Whatever. Let me finish the story. I'm almost done."

Where was I again? Oh yeah...

"Fishburn, how did you know that Hobson was in trouble? That was you who called 911 dispatch. Wasn't it?" Crumb asked Chuck.

"Oh, his, uh, cat told me." Chuck answered. And for some reason Gary glared at him. Like the cat really told him.

"His cat told you?" Crumb repeated, not believing what he heard. "Do you think I'm stupid?"

"What? His cat told me." Chuck repeated. "I should get a medal. I mean look at this place. The drugs on that table are worth millions alone. Do you think I can get the keys to the city. Maybe meet the mayor? Have my own day at Wrigley field? Or Soldier Field?"

I laughed out loud. This guy is ridiculous. Gary's cat told him. And there's probably only 2 pounds of weed on the table and a hand gun. Million dollars my ass. Crumb once again was turning red and that vein in his head began to throb. I don't see why Crumb would want to avoid this guy.

"Mills! Did you get Hobson's finish his statement?" Crumb yelled at the uniformed office. The officer nodded in response. "Great. I think you two should leave. Now!"

"Sheesh. It sounds like you don't like me or something. I kinda feel offended." Chuck said. "Come on Gary, if we hurry we can catch the end of the Bulls game."

"Sound like a plan, Chuck," Gary said.

"You can go home too kid." Crumb told me.

I nodded and followed Chuck and Gary out.

We get outside and Gary turns to to me and said, "don't take this the wrong way kid, but I hope I never see you again." Gary told me.

"The feeling is mutual, Mr. Stalker."

Gary just laughed and we went our separate ways.

"And I never saw him again. Thank God. That's what happened to my face. Does the black eye really look that bad?"

"Not really. So why did your mom say you can't go out and that you are grounded for the whole year."

"Oh yeah that. I don't want to get into that. That's something completely unrelated."

I'm not going to tell him that I was taken down to the station. My mom found out that I cut, beat me with her purse, the cops found out I lied and that its a crime to falsify police reports. Nope. I think my ending is cooler.

"How much of this story is true?"

"I don't know. How much of the story do you think is true?"

"None of it."

"There is a bit if of truth to it. They say the best fiction starts with a bit of truth."

"It sounds like this Gary dude was trying to help you. Like he was your guardian angel, or something."

"Guardian angel. Stalker. Toomato. Tahmato. Whatever."

"If you are going to write about this, leave the blunt part out."

"Well duh."

"And give Gary some tights, or a cape, or something. Or maybe some powers."

"What! Real heroes don't wear tights or need super powers. I mean look at Batman, all he needs is body armor."

"He's got a cape though."

"The cape's bullet proof and fire resistant."

"You right. You right."

"I always like Batman better than Superman. I mean what's up with that stupid secret identity? Oooo, I put my glasses on I'm Clark Kent. I take them off, I'm Superman."

"What! Superman's way better than Batman. He doesn't need a sidekick. I mean Batman's got Robin, the boy decoy. Let me take a kid with me and dress him in bright ass red and yellow, so that the bad guys can shoot at him, while he lurks in the shadows..."

"Robin's cape isn't yellow anymore."


"What are you writing about anyway?"

"Uh. Vampire Martians..."


The End

Author's Notes:

Early Edition was the first fandom I ever posted a story to. It holds a special place in my heart. I was hooked the first time I saw the show on Fox Family all those years ago. I had to have more. I joined the Early Edition mailing list. I've and read a whole slew of wonderful fan fics there, and here on fanfiction. There were so many creative and wonderful stories through the years.

I just wanted to say that.

Anyway, I'm going to keep writing EE stories until my muse abandons me. Also, I found a piece of paper that I wrote in 2002 with a bunch of semi plotted ee stories while I was cleaning, and a backup cd with a bunch of unfinished ee stories that I forgot I wrote, some were plotted out from beginning to end.

There's something about this show that makes me want to write. I actually don't know what it is. I don't want to write about my other favorite shows.

Anyway thanks for reading.

(Whoo whoo I posted 20 pieces of fan fic!)