chapter 1: Welcome to yokai academy

Tsukune P.O.V.

"Ok then, im off." My name is Tsukune Aono freshman in yokai academy apparently. I was just lucky to go to a high school period, since I failed the entrance exams to the high schools in town. The bus arrived and I got on.

"Hm seems like im the only one on besides the driver."

"Don't worry kid; I got a few more stops before we head to the academy"

That was a creepy bus driver, I could tell that right away.

Roxas P.O.V.

"What do you mean Im going to school?"

"You mean us Roxas, its me you and Xion going to the same academy for about four years."

My name is Roxas, organization thirteen's number XIII. We use roman numerals to identify our numbers and rank in the organization. Standing beside me was number VIII, and number XIV. Number eight was named axel, a red head that has dominion over fire. He has little tear drop things under his eyes like a court jester. His weapon of preference is his chakrams. Number fourteen is Xion, she had short black hair and blue eyes, she like myself had dominon of light so we were trying to master light magic on our days off (which weren't many). And standing before us was number I, Xemnas. He has long silver-grey hair, tan skin and had dominion of nothingness.

"You three are being sent to yokai academy for an education, vexen recommends this and knowing vexen he won't stop bugging me about it until it happens. The good news in this is that you all will be excused from your missions until your education is complete."

"Well you two that's more than good news, that's great news!"

"Well I guess this is sorta good but what about lodgings?" asked Xion

"They have dorms at the academy. A male dorm and a female dorm. You will depart in two hours; your items have already been packed thanks to the dusks."


"It was necessary and don't raise your voice at me."

"That was uncalled for, superior! I have cloths that I don't want anyone to see, including the dusks, samurai and every Nobody we have under our control."

"What's so personal that you don't want anyone to see?"

"My undergarments for one!" Xion blushed as she said that just realizing that me and axel were still in the room.

"Well what's done is done so get ready to leave, say your goodbyes, etc."

"Alright" we all said in unison. I went to my room and sure enough my things were all packed and ready for departure. I picked it up and headed to the castle entrance way saying goodbye to only demyx and larxene since axel got along pretty well with larxene for some reason.

"Well there's the bus." It was a yellow vehicle I had only seen a tram and a train and that was in twilight town. We got on and there was another person on.

"Hi, my name is Tsukune, Aono Tsukune. What's your name?"

"Im Roxas, just Roxas."

"Im Xion, no last name either"

"My names Axel, got it memorized?"

"I think so."

Me, axel and Xion started laughing when Tsukune said that.

Tsukune had black bed head style hair, and was kinda scrawny. He probably didn't do well in sports.

"One last stop before we head to yokai academy."

Naruto P.O.V.


"Yes we are sending you to yokai academy as a precaution against madara. Don't worry you'll have everything you need to stay, including a temporary home in a place called Japan. This is only until we defeat madara, there is one more thing you should know; this was your fathers wish, not mine."


"You'll find out once you get to the academy, another jinchuriki is going to pop in once in a while to help with your training while your there."

My name is Naruto Uzumaki. The last of my clan that originated in the land of Eddies (whirlpools) and the son of the fourth hokage, Minato Namikaze, my mother was the second nine tails jinchuriki, her name was Kushina Uzumaki. I have spiky blonde hair, im 16 years old and im the third nine tails jinchuriki. The one I am currently talking to is the fifth hokage, Tsunade-Baa Chan. She is fifty years old (give or take a few years) and looks like she's in her late 20's. She is the medical ninjutsu master, and the leader of Konaha, my home.

"now if you understand then I suggest that you go and get everything packed, say your goodbyes, and go to the village gates."


I went to my apartment and got everything packed. I said my good byes to my comrades and went to the village gates there I met Baa-Chan, sakura, chizune, kakashi-sensei, sai, and Sasukeā€¦..WAIT, SASUKE?


"calm down, dunce, I've been working as a double agent."

Sasuke has black hair with it spiked up in the back, he was the only one of his clan considered to be left alive, thanks to madara he now has his brothers eyes. And complete power of the sharingan, his kekei-genkai (bloodline trait) he was believed to have gone rouge on the village of Konaha. And made it look believable as well

"a what?"

"a rouge gone rouge. I've had an agreement with lady Tsunade so that I was believed to have gone rouge and at the same time gather info on the enemies of the five great nations."


"Because we couldn't trust you with a secret that big."

"Now its time for the parting gifts"

That was kakashi-sensei. He wore a mask on his face and his headband over his right eye, he had good reason to as well he is the only one outside of the uchiha clan that has a sharingan eye. He had a laid back personality. He was known as the copy-ninja and the second white fang of Konaha. Since the attack from pain the leader of the akatsuki.

Everyone gave me a parting gift. Baa-Chan gave me an assload of scrolls some were messages from those who had passed. Others contained every jutsu known to the five great nations, sai gave me an art set incase I got an art class in the academy; sakura gave me a set of gloves that were meant for use in a fight. Chizune gave me an Anbu black ops battle suit that went with the gloves that sakura gave me. Kakashi-sensei gave me copies of his books that Ero-sennin wrote. Sasuke gave me a scroll that had instructions to use the jutsu he made while in training with orochimaru and madara.

"well Naruto, this is goodbye for now. Just remember to send letters every once in a while 'kay?" said sakura in a sad voice

"right, thanks everyone." Just then I saw a yellow thing appear and a door on it opened to reveal someone in it.

"you getting on or what, this is the bus to yokai academy."

I got my stuff and went on the bus and I saw four people in the back talking. So I went back a set my stuff down.

"hi, my name is Uzumaki Naruto. What're you guys names?"

"my Name is Aono Tsukune."

"im roxas."

"my name is Xion."

"my name is axel, got it memorized?"

"yep. It looks like this year isn't going to be half-bad."

After about an hour of sitting and talking to my new friends we came to a cape with a view of a blood red sea. We got off the bus and moved on towards the academy. On the way we passed an area that had gravestones sticking in the ground.

"ahhhh, watch out!"

Out of nowhere a bike with a girl on it flew out of the forest line and crashed into Tsukune.

"ouch, did someone get the license plate number of the truck that hit me?"

"oh, im so sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you."

"its okay. Ugh. My name is Tsukune by the way."

"my name is Akyshia Moka, ahh and im going to be late. Im sorry but I need to go." She got her bike and went off, she had bright pink hair. That reached all the way down her back. I didn't catch the color of her eyes, but I did notice that she had a strange energy around her, almost like chakra but more stable and more like life energy.

We finaly got to yokai academy and miraculously we all had the same classes. Our teacher was Nekonome-sensei.

(A/N the p.o.v. is mainly going to be for naruto since the main pairing is naruto and...well i dont want to spoil it ;P )