Just a forwarning folks...I'm not used to writing action sequences. So trying to take on the battle set up at the end of RE:A...seems impossible.

But I'm going to try.

This isn't necessarily meant to be my take on the 5th movie...more like a set up for some development in the relationship between Alice and Chris. I don't know...maybe it's a combination of the two :P

Anyway, I don't own RE of course, and I hope my attempt at drama/action doesn't disappoint!

They were coming….

Things happened so fast that Alice had to blink several times to convince herself that life was not moving in slow-motion. As the dozens of Umbrella helicopters closed in on the Arcadia, she flinched slightly when Chris's voice called out into the crowd on deck:

"Everyone back into the ship, now! Go…..GO!"

Her eyes softened in sympathy; these people had just been freed from the tyrannical corporation's grip, and now their hopes, so short-lived, were crushed. Amidst the screams of panic, she picked up several sobs and sighs of hopelessness….they were defeated. White shirts flashed past her, back into the haven of their former prison.

The air was suddenly violent; wind whipping her hair into a tangled frenzy, Alice could just barely make out the sight of the lead chopper preparing to touch down in the center of Arcadia. The others were for the most part stationary, some circling the clearly doomed ship of apocalyptic refugees.

Claire was pulling fiercely at K-Mart's arm, practically dragging the frightened girl toward the hall they had only just emerged from. Chris fingered a gun in his right hand, and glanced in her direction.

"Alice, this isn't going to end well. But we can at least go down fighting, right?"

The man was blunt. But realistic.

She didn't think they stood a chance either. If Umbrella wanted them all dead….

Then this would be her last day on this damned earth.

Her ears rang with the almost deafening noise emitted by the helicopter as it made its landing only a few feet away. The engines were cut. The noise died down, the wind settled.

A woman with blond hair and a very familiar metallic device attached to her chest stepped down from the chopper and strode toward them, motioning behind her for the six or seven armed soldiers to wait where they stood.

As she approached, Alice tilted her to one side, a realization hitting her. She knew the woman…Jill. Her name was Jill Valentine. Alice eyed the device on her chest.

Jill probably did not remember her, however. And even if she did….her memories were most likely distorted by whatever lies and fantasies Umbrella had been feeding her.

Chris stepped forward quickly, almost startling her.

"Jill? What are you doing?"

The woman only smiled in response.

Alice blinked, confused.

"You know her too?"

He looked at Alice.

"YOU know her?"

Jill released a chuckle.

"Small world, isn't it? Project Alice, Umbrella has deemed you a dangerous threat to its operations. We are giving you one chance to surrender yourself, your friends, and our experimental subjects to us, and all of this will end with minimal bloodshed. Resist us, and everyone on this ship will die. Will you comply?"

Alice's jaw set at the nearly robotic tone in Jill's voice. She wasn't lying, and Alice knew it. They could all die. And yet…..a irresistible feeling of rebellion overcame her, and before she could stop, she said it:

"Go to hell."

She did not miss the smirk on Chris's face at her words.

Jill motioned again, and the soldiers fanned out around them.

"Alice, we are aware of the serum injected into your system. You are no longer a physical threat to us. You're human…just as weak and helpless as the people hiding beneath our feet as we speak. Do not make such a rash decision. It will only end in death. I will ask only once more….will you comply?"

Alice looked down. Yes…..the people hiding in the bowels of the ship….their fates were in her hands. But what would be a more acceptable fate for them? To die, right now….or return to their non-existence as Umbrella experiments? Did she even have the right to make such a decision?

She had apparently thought it over too long for Jill's liking.

The blond spoke into the headset at her ear.

And the helicopters began moving again…..getting closer.

"I'm sorry, Alice. The order was clear. If you resisted, you die. All of you do.

Chris lifted his pistol.

"Not before you, Jill."

And before Alice could yell at him to stop, he fired.

With nearly inhuman speed, Jill jerked to the side, dodging the carefully aimed bullet.

Everything seemed to slow down again.

Alice watched as the soldiers behind Jill raised their weapons.

She watched as the choppers took strategic positions, some armed with guns, some with ship-sinking missiles. She watched, and desperation threatened to overcome her.

And then she felt it….

The familiar feeling of every one of senses sharpening.

The dizzy feeling swimming about in her head.

Her heart rate increasing, her breathing likewise slowing down.

She couldn't believe it….

One of the soldiers fired at Chris.

And Alice snapped.