"Help me!" She screamed and the river swallowed her down. She could not breathe and she couldn't swim very well. Her life, all 17 years, started flashing before her eyes as her strength and life started to slowly leave her.

The birthday party when she was 8, when she tried to kiss her best friend. Let's just say that he pushed her away and the girl he liked slapped her. They're no longer friends.

Her first kiss from a boy with the nickname of "Winter" when she was 11. Then they were "boyfriend and girlfriend" for three months. But then he broke her heart.

When she was 12, she almost got ran over, as she was crossing the street, by a drunk and speeding driver. Thankfully her dog, Ace, had saw it coming and pulled her out of the street just in the nick of time.

Rough hands grabbed her around her waist and she screamed, swallowing more water into her lungs.

'Who's grabbing me?" She screamed into her mind. She spit out a mouthful of water as she was hefted to the surface. And she started to scream.

"Put me down!" Was all she could scream.

"Calm down. Do you really want to be put back into the river where you can drown?" A harsh, familiar, yet soothing voice replied. She looked at the person whose arms were tight around her waist. He looked familiar with his piercing blue eyes, shoulder length black hair and a bitter, yet inviting smile. He looked a lot like…

She gasped out loud. She knew this boy. She cried out his name. She was… Happy and yet scared.

"Hey." Was all he said as he set her down onto the shoreline.

"What are you doing here? I thought you hated me ever since my birthday party?" She was utterly confused and she started to wring out her hair and clothing to get rid of as much water as she could.

"I don't hate you and I was saving you. I thought you would be at least a bit grateful." His voice has softened a bit but it still held that same bitter tone.

"I am grateful. But I'm just wondering, why did you save me?" She asked.

"Because I love you and I want to protect you." He replied.