Zion and Winter were sitting in front of me and the seat next to me, where Winter usually sat, was empty. I was glaring at their backs. I really didn't care if they keeled very right now. I actually wanted them to keel over. That's how pissed I was.

I let out a quiet sight and I began to doodle in my open binder. I knew what I wanted to draw. And so I started to draw it.

By the time class was done, I had the girl wielding a bloody sword finished and the outline for the two dismembered boys finished as well. I was the girl holding the bloodied sword and Zion and Winter were going to be the dismembered boys.

'Ah, if only this could be real.' I thought with a smirk. I tore out the page my drawing was on, closed my binder and put my pencil back into its bag. Then I stood up, picked up the piece of paper and pushed in my chair. Then I walked out of the classroom.

I was the first one out as I made my way to my locker. I stopped at my locker, opened it and shoved all my stuff into it. I had lunch now for two hours.

That was when I remembered that if I wanted to draw, I would need a pencil. I grabbed my pencil bag, opened it up and took out a mechanical pencil. I then zipped it shut again and threw it into my locker. Then I shut my locker and turned around, only to find Winter and Zion standing in my way.

"What do you guys want?" I asked with a snarl.

Zion stayed silent as he regarded me coldly with his piercing blue eyes. But Winter completely ignored what I said and how I said it, grabbed my drawing from my hand, looked at it and said, "This is pretty good, Sarena. Did you draw this?"

"No. It just fucking appeared on my paper." I said sarcastically as I rolled my eyes.

"The girl looks like you." Winter ignored the sarcasm in my voice.

"That's because it is me." I replied.

"Then who are these two?" He asked, pointing to the two outlines of the dismembered bodies.

"Those are going to be boys and the two boys are you two." I looked between Winter and Zion before I yanked the drawing from Winter's grasp. Then I pushed past them and I made my way to the lunch room.

I wasn't that hungry so I decided that I wasn't going to get lunch just yet. I sat down at a table, placed my pencil and drawing on it and I pulled out my iPod and ear buds from my left skinny jean pocket. I untangled the ear buds and I plugged them into the iPod.

"What should I listen to?" I muttered to myself as I unlocked my iPod, touched the music button and started to scroll through the songs.

"Do you have any Asking Alexandria on that thing?" A male voice asked. I looked up to see a scene looking boy sit across from me.

He had hair like Zion's; black and down to his shoulders. But this boy had blue streaks in his. His eyes were blue gray but more gray than blue and I only could see his left eye; his right one was covered up by side-swept black and blue bangs. He had an Asking Alexandria short sleeve shirt on and on that shirt; there was a purple elephant that was holding a skull in his claw like features for hands. And from as far as I could tell, he was wearing black skinny jeans. He had his right ear pierced and he also had spider bites. On his wrists, there were scars and spiked bracelets. I wouldn't ask about his scars. I had a feeling that he had cut himself in a suicide attempt or a bout of depression.

"So do you?" He asked after I didn't say anything.

"Do I what?" I replied, finding myself looking into his eyes and smiling. He was cute. More than cute, in fact, this boy was sexy.

He laughed softly and I found myself smiling huger. "I asked if you had any Asking Alexandria on that thing."

"I think I do." I replied. I scrolled through my songs and found several by the band he mentioned. "Final Episode (Let's Change the Channel)", "Hey There Mr. Brooks", "Alerion", "A Prophecy", and "A Candlelit Dinner With Inamorta" are just to name a few of the ones that I had. "Yeah I have them."

I looked up at him as he stood up and came to my side of the table. I smiled as he took his spot next to me. I offered him an ear bud and he put it into his left ear. I did the same, but my ear bud went into my right ear, and picked a song by Asking Alexandria. "Final Episode (Let's Change the Channel) was the one I picked. I looked at him and smiled as he looked at me and did the same.

When I looked away, I noticed that Winter was staring at me and him. I scowled at him and flipped him the bird. I internally cheered when Winter looked away.