Sap For SMacked

Summary: drabbles for my favorite couple Mac and Stella, of them just starting their relationship. Every little moment means everything... summary sucks, but drabbles are worth it

Disclaimer: I don't own CSI NY if I did I would do sanything to make Melina stay

Drabble 1: Best Birthday Present

Mac came into Stella's office, she was doing paperwork.

"Stella Bonasera is doing work on her birthday?"

"You sound surprised," she looks up at her friend.

"You still never told me what you wanted for your birthday."

"I thought you would know."

"I have one, but don't know if you would like the present."

"Mac, it's from you, I always love your presents."

"Well, you'll have to get up to get it."

She sighs, getting up and Mac came towards her, he took a deep breath and put his hand on her cheek. He slightly wraps one arm around her waist, and connect her lips with his. It was soft and yet passionate.

"I can't wait until your birthday," she replies, kissing him back.

Okay so how was my first drabble, more to come, and if you guys have any idea throw them my way.