"What do you mean?" I asked and I heard my mother sigh.

"When your father and I were younger, before you and Dane were born, we were vampire hunters. The best in the state of Washington. We killed over 700 vampires together. Then when Dane was born, your father and I would take turns going out and killing vampires. Mind you, we did have time to ourselves. Or else you, Sienna, wouldn't have been born. And after you were born, we gave up hunting for good. That way we both, me and your father, could raise both you and Dane." Mother said softly.

"Oh, so now they want to kill me for revenge." I replied, having a hollow feeling in the pit of my stomach.

"Yes. That's why Ferra and Zehn must protect you. I will not lose my little girl. Not after I lost my son." She said defiantly.

"Kylie, if we were to take her to the King, would you be alright?" Zehn asked.

"Of course I will be!" She cried. She seemed appalled.

"Plus I'll be here." Jase said, looking at my mother.

"I still don't want to go." I aid as I crossed my arms over my chest. Ferra and Zehn looked at me, Ferra was scowling.

"Too bad. You are coming with us." Ferra hissed.

"I don't think so, girly." I said and she walking over to me.

"Yes you are, you little bitch" She snarled and her eyes turned purple.

"No. I. Am. Not!" I yelled, emphasizing each word and I threw out my hands. My hands connected with Ferra's chest and I pushed her hard, causing her to fall to the floor. She didn't stay down long. A split second later, she was up and her fangs were bared at me and she was hissing like a wet cat.

"Down kitty." I smirked. "Put your claws away."

"Ferra, calm down!" Zehn shouted, was by his sister in an instant, grabbed her by the waist as she attempted to leap at me.

Jase ran over to me and wrapped his arms around me defensively. "You are so stupid for doing that." He whispered into my ear and I felt myself shrugging. I didn't really give a damn at that moment in time.

"Zehn, I'm leaving." Ferra looked at me with a murderous glare and a look of hatred on her face that was similar to Zehn's. "I hope you die, you little bitch." She spat then disappeared into thin air.

"Well fuck you too." I replied and stepped out of Jase's arms. Zehn looked at me and scowled.

'Great, he's mad at me as well.' I thought with a sigh.

I walked past Zehn and went to Jase's bed again. I sat down, put my hands over my eyes and began to cry. I heard nothing for what seemed like an eternity. But when I felt someone sit on the bed next to me, I looked up, through teary eyes, to see Zehn. He wiped away my tears as he whispered, "Don't cry, Sieā€¦"

"I thought you hated me." I muttered but then I realized that I didn't hear my voice say it. I said it in my mind. Zehn shook his head and that's when I realized that Zehn could read my mind.

'Then why did you scowl at me?' I thought. I still didn't really trust my voice at this moment in time.

He shrugged and said, "I guess I blamed you for making Ferra leave," which caused me to stand up and glare at him.

"Thanks for making me feel great. I really appreciate it." I said sarcastically and I looked around. Jase and my mother were no longer in the room.

"Hey, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it like that." He replied as he stood up. Then he wrapped his arms around me and hugged me tight.

"I know. But the way you said it, upset me." I said, my voice was soft/

"I know and I'm sorry." He whispered and I shrugged.

"It's fine." I replied and I hugged him back. He kissed me cheek which caused me to smile. Then Jase walked in.

"Are you two okay now?" He asked.

"Yea, we are." Zehn replied.

"Good." Jase said. That was when I pulled myself out of Zehn's arms and walked over to Jase. "Hey." He pulled me into his arms.

"Hey. I replied, leaning closer to him.

"How are you?" He asked.

"Good, and you?" I responded.

"Good, I guess." He said.

"Why do you guess?" I asked right as Zehn said, "I'll be right back, you guys. I'm going to see if my sister is calmed won."

"'Kay." Jase and I both said. And we watched as Jase disappeared.

"So now that we're alone..." Jase said his voice seductive. "What should we do?" He attempted to pick me up but I stopped him before he could.

"You never answered me." I put my hands on my hips.

Jase sighed. "I'm sorry. I was just trying to be cute. Now what did you ask?"

"I asked you why you guess you're okay." I stated.

"Oh, I'm just worried about you. You always seem to be doing stupid things. And no I am not calling you stupid, Sie. I'm just saying you do stupid things." He replied which caused me to sigh.

"I know. But you don't need to worry about me." I said.

"Why?" He asked.

"Because, no matter how many stupid things I do, I'll always be okay." I smiled.

"If you say so..." He trailed off.

"I do." I grabbed his arms. "Now, onwards to happier discussions and times." I giggled and threw him onto the bed, causing his eyes to go wide.

I quickly joined him and kissed him roughly. He seemed surprised to my actions. "What should we do?" I whispered into his ear after I pulled away.

He flipped us so that way he was on top. Then he was the one who was kissing me roughly. After a few moments of that, he pulled away long enough to whisper, "Make love." Then he was kissing me again and I was blushing deeply but I was kissing him back.

'I love you, Jase.' I thought. 'And I want you so bad.'

Jase pulled away and smirked at me. "I love you too, Sie. And don't worry; I want you just as bad."

"Good." I whispered then kissed him.

HIs hips ground into mine and I found myself biting my lip hard, trying to ignore the sexual tension between us. I was- unsure of myself. I wasn't sure if I wanted this. If I wanted him.

"Stop." I heard myself say as I pushed Jase away.

"What's wrong?" He asked as he got off me and the bed and adjusted himself.

"I don't know if I want this..." I muttered.

All of a sudden, Zehn's head filled my head. Sienna.

What's up, Zehn? That was when I figured out that Zehn and I could communicate telepathically.

I'm coming back. Zehn replied.

Okay. I said. "Besides, Zehn is coming back."

"How do you know?" Jase asked.

"He and I spoke telepathically." I replied and shrugged as if it was no big deal.

Suddenly, Zehn was in the room. "Hey guys." He said.

"Hey." Jase and I said at the same time. Only thing is, Jase didn't sound too happy.

'Great.' I thought with a sigh. 'He's mad. And it's probably because of me.'

No, he isn't. Zehn's voice appeared in my head. That was when I figured out that Zehn could read minds, at least mine.

How do you know? I asked.

He loves you too much. He replied.

"So is Ferra still mad at Sienna?" Jase asked.

"Yeah." Zehn nodded and I sighed.

"That sucks." Jase said right as I said, "IK wish she wasn't mad at me."

"Same here." Jase said which caused Zehn to nod in agreement. "It was your fault though that she is mad, Sie."

"I know." I responded with a growl.

"So, what did you two do while I was gone?" Zehn asked, trying to break the tension between us.

"Talked." Jase replied a little too quickly.

"Sounds..." Zehn paused for a second. It was as if he was trying to find the correct word. "Fun?"

"Not really." I said.

"I know, I was being sarcastic." Zehn rolled his green eyes.

"I know." I replied then everything fell silent. And I was the one who broke the silence. "I have to go."