Anime: Hell Girl (Jigoku Shoujo)
Rating: T, becuase of ONE I repeat ONE swear word.
Warnings: I don't think there's any OOCness in here. I think.
Disclaimer: Don't own Hell Girl.
Notes: Second and last chapter to this "New Computer New Lifestyle" story. Enjoy~!

Ever since Ai bought and began using her new computer, her job has been so much more easier.

"I can now read my emails without waiting 2 minutes for each to show up." Said Ai.

It's faster.

"Instead of 2 minutes it's 2 seconds." She said.

It's prettier.

"I love all the customization I'm able to do." She said.

It's funner.

"I like the games it's pre-installed with." She said.

It's easier.

"I know exactly where things are, and why they're there." She said.

But most importantly...

"I can now read my Astrology page without the browser freezing and crashing on me." She said.

Ai adored her Tindows 7. It was everything she could ever want in a computer and more.

So you can imagine how much melancholy she was in when her computer got a virus. Well, Ai wasn't one to show her emotions though.

"Why is my computer directing me to Pornography websites." Said Ai to Ichimoku who was looking away from the screen..

"I dunno, Miss!" He said, hand covering face. "Have you downloaded anything suspicious?"

"Not really. The last thing I downloaded promised me a free pancake. If there's anything my grandmother taught me, it was to never deny a free pancake." She explained.

"Miss, I think you got a virus!"

"I do not get sick. I am the Hell Girl." Explained Ai.

"No, not you, Miss! I think your computer is sick!"

"If there's another thing my grandmother taught me, is that inanimate objects cannot get sick."

"Not literally. I mean... you downloaded a file that was harmful to your computer! That free pancake offer was a lie!" Exclaimed Ichi.

Ai stood up from her chair and stated, "I will send the liar who offered me the free pancake to Hell." She expressed.

"Can you do that, Miss?"

She sat back down. "I don't know. I just want all these pornography pop ups to leave." She half sobbed.

"Well, we didn't exactly buy an Anti-Virus software." Admitted Ichi.

"What's that?" Ai asked. Ichi sighed. He doesn't even have a computer but apparently he knows more about this stuff than Ai, the Hell Girl herself.

"I'm afraid we'll need to take another trip to GreatBuy... unfortunately."

Ichimoku gulped and bravely took the first step into the colossal GreatBuy electronics store. No annoying greeter. Ichimoku breathed a sigh of relief. To soon, apparently.

"Hi!" Greeted a familiar irritating voice that Ichimoku wanted to strangle to death. "Welcome to GreatBuy! My name is Jeff, are you—"

"ANTI-VIRUS SOFTWARE SECTION. NOW!" Stated Ichimoku. Jeff the Greeter smiled and said "Right this way!" It was only Ichimoku and Ai that went to GreatBuy this time. They followed Jeff.

"Jeff! What are you doing in the Anti-Virus section? You're a greeter! You GREET!" Shouted an angry voice from the next aisle.

"Sorry! I had to direct this beautiful young man and his daughter to the Anti-Virus section!" He apologized. He looked and Ichi and smiled. "Lemme just you an Anti-Virus specialist!"

"I swear, if Jeff the Anti-Virus specialist appears I'm gonna—"

"Hi, I'm Matt, the Anti-Virus specialist." Introduced a man that looked nothing like Jeff.

"So, do you know which Anti-Virus you want?" Asked Matt.

"Not really. We have this virus on our computer and—"

"You want it removed? Just bring that here and we'll do that for you. Free of charge if you buy Morton 360." He swiftly presented a Morton 360 Anti-Virus software.

This guy can bargain! Thought Ichimoku. "We'll take it!" He said.


They bought the software and brought the computer in the same day.

"Hi! I'm Jeff the GreatBuy Computer Specialist and— say, you look familiar!" Jeff exclaimed.

Ichimoku placed his hand on top of the box that Ai's computer was in. "Yea... our computer got a virus. Fix it for us."

"No problem." Said Jeff, putting his hand on top of Ichi's. "I'll do... anything for you, mi amor."

"Then you better remove your hand before I remove it from it's socket!" Warned Ichimoku, obviously sick of Jeff's shit.

Jeff laughed nervously and promptly removed his hand, a little scared. "Let me get you a number and a receipt so you can come pick it up later." He said, picking up the box.

"And maybe I can pick you up later on for a da—"

He was promptly interrupted by a female hand over his mouth. Jessica, the computer specialist from the previous story smiled.

"Sorry! Were still trying to get him to stop doing that." She apologized, and removed her hand.

"Dios mio, Jessica! Why are you always hovering over me when I'm dealing with the clientes?" Scoffed Jeff.

"Because, Jeff, somehow you manage to drive customers away and they never return. You can go ahead and put that computer atrás." Ordered Jessica, sending Jeff off. She looked at Ichimoku, smiled and once again apologized for Jeff.

Ai got her computer back the next day, good as new. Ichimoku helped install Morton 360 to her computer and if Ai ever tried to install a free pancake again, the program would stop her. Ichimoku was now happy to know there would not be a need to go back to GreatBuy for a long long time.

"I spilled tea on my keyboard. What do I do now." Said Ai to her three faithful assistants.

"I ain't goin. Hone Onna can take you herself." Said Ichimoku.

"My credit card's maxed out. Tell Wanyudo." Said Hone Onna.

"I'm old, so my bones are very weak. I do not feel like walking." Said Wanyudo.

"Hey! I have an idea! Ask that spider that talks to you to accompany to GreatBuy!" Suggested Ichimoku.

That shopping trip ended up with Jeff the Greeter almost killing the poor spider that was happily perched on Ai's shoulder with a broom.

I personaly really like the Jeffs I created for this story. ^^ They are the comic relief, I guess. Thank you for reading the last chapter to this story! Oh, and to note, the spanish words Jeff said , 'mi amor' means my love, 'dios mio' means my god, and 'clientes' means clients. And 'Atras' means in back.