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Ulquiorra of the leaves.

And so it begins

Ulquiorra couldn't beleive that he had died. he wish he could feel the outrage he should have but it never came. He then decided to reside himself to his fate as he saw a light before him but then a flash of green happened and he was standing in a room of silver and saphires. Standing in front of him was man of the same height wearing a black suit, trench coat and black gloves with claw points. He was slim and had black hair with odd silver highlights and eyes that burned yellow and seemed dragonic. Ulquiorra also noticed the man had an earring in his left ear. it hung down a little and it was asword with the Tri-Luna symbol behind it. Ulquiorra finally asked the man, "Who are you and why am I here?"

"My name is Nathanial Darkthorne." He said as he bowed slightly. "I know a great deal about you Ulquiorra Cifer and I've decided to give you a chancde at a second life. There are some conditions but you get to keep all your Arrancar powers except for Mercialago but you get new powers to replace it. The conditions are easy enough to follow. 1) You must keep your allegence to the government that rules the land I send you to, 2) You are not allowed to return to Aizen's service at all, and 3) I will drop in at time to time and you are not allowed to kill me. Should you break any one of these conditions your life will be terminated immediatly. So what do you say? Will you do it?"

Ulquiorra thought for a moment. The idea of living again pleased him. He then realized he had feelings. He looked down at the hole in his chest and it was gone! Nathanial noticed. "I fixed that incase you said yes. Through training you can learn to block out the emotions if you like. Also you no longer have that rediculous hemet piece on your head." Ulquiorra considered the proposition more carefully now. The thought of him having a true life was almost too good to be true but it was there. Ulquiorra thought for five minutes before he looked at Nathanial. He stared at the stranger hard trying to figure out how and why he would do this. Finally Ulquiorra said, "I will do it on one condition. Why do this?"

"You intrigue me. I would like to see how you fare in Konohagakure. Is that sufficient?"

"Very much so. I will do it."

"Good. I will send you at an important crossroads of destiny. A demon known as the Kyuubi no Kitsune is going to destroy the village but the ninja leader known as The Fourth Hokage will die sealing the beast in his newborn child. The mother is dead from childbirth. I will send you at five minutes before her death to see what you do. You will require this." Nathanial gave Ulquiorra a headband with metal plating that had a leaf insignia on it. "I put you in the records as a jonin level ninja. This way you won't be killed as a spy. Good luck." Ulquiorra tied the headband on his waist and it fell crooked on to his right side a little but he thought the look suited him. Nathanial nodded and snapped his fingers and red light covered Ulquiorra as he disappeared to fight one of the strongest demons of all time.

Konoha outskirts

Minato Namikaze watched as his one true love was dying from giving birth to his son. He knew there was nothing he could do but he still prayed that she would live. Just then a man with pale skin and strange eyemarkings and strange white clothes came in and went over to the woman. He placed his left hand on her head and it glowed green then gold as the baby was born. Kushina Uzumaki fell asleep but strangely she was alive. Minato looked at the man. "Thank you so much. I thought I would lose her." Minato began to cry. "Your an angel."

"No." Ulquiorra said in a whisper. "I'm so far from them that I can't see angels." Minato was puzzled by his words but thanked him again before he went off to seal the demon. Ulquiorra followed the Fourth Hokage and saw the Kyuubi. He then knew that if Nathanial hadn't have given him emotions, he still would have trembled in fear at this beast. This one creature was so might it would put the Espada to shame. "Lord Hokage! How do you plan to defeat this monster?" Ulquiorra asked.

"By sealing it in my son Naruto. The process will kill me but it must be done. What is your name?"

"Ulquiorra Cifer. I'm a jonin." Ulquiorra replied.

"Ulquiorra do me a favor. Help raise Naruto like he is your brother. Kushina will need our help. I ask this of you because even though we just met I trust you completely." Minato declared. Ulquiorra was reminded of the orange haired Soul Reaper he had fought. He now understood him a little bit.

"You have my word that he'll be looked after by both me and his mother." Ulquiorra said in a voice filled with emotion.

"Thank you. I must go now. I've told the Third Hokage to make Naruto's status Forbidden to talk about but he may still be picked on. Please help him throught these times." Ulquiorra nodded at Minato's back as he went off to his death and the prologue of Naruto's life.

Years later

Ulquiorra just got back from a mission in the Land of Birds when he heard some kids making fun of Naruto. He turned a corner and saw rocks being thrown at his "Little Brother". When the children saw Ulquiorra though they ran away as fast as they could. Everyone in Konoha revered Ulquiorra as a godsend. His missions always went perfectly and no ever got more than a flesh wound. They called him Konoha's Tears for his markings and some called him Ulquiorra of the Leaves for his stealth and some of his enemies and rivals called him The Demon of the Pale Moon cause of his skin and arrancar outfit. Ulquiorra's favorite titles though were Friend which was given to him by Kushina Uzumaki and Big Brother Which is what Naruto called him. Naruto turned and saw him standing there and ran to give him a hug. Ulquiorra was almost knocked over. "Heya squirt." Ulquiorra said. "I was only gone for a week."

"So? Your almost always on a mission these days!" Naruto complained.

"Sorry but since I do them so well they always call on me. But I have two weeks of break since I know some one's graduation is coming up." Naruto smiled that his Big Brother remembered and dragged him to the apartment that he and his mom lived in. Kushina had aged gracefully in the thirteen years of raising Naruto despite his love of pranks. She wasn't much of a ninja any more but they didn't suffer because Minato left behind so much money for them. Naruto didn't know about the Fourth being his father because Ulquiorra and Kushina agreed that it would be best. Ulquiorra told the Third and he agreed outright and made every one swear not to tell any one. Kushina saw Ulquiorra and gave him a bright smile and set the table for three.

"I didn't think you'd be back so soon." Kushina said. "Was it hard?"

Ulquiorra chuckled. "No. Turns out the bandits were very inexpierienced but they had the numbers to make it look like they were good. Most surrendered at the sight of us and rest just passed out." Ulquiorra turned to Naruto who had a huge mouthful of ramen. "So Naruto got a girlfriend?" Naruto almost choked at the question and Ulquiorra and Kushina laughed.

"Um well... There is this one girlI kinda like I guess." Naruto said.

"Well let's hope she feels the same way okay?" Ulquiorra said. "So what's your test going to be?"

"The clone jutsu which I suck at." Naruto groaned in pre-emptive defeat.

Kushina smiled at Naruto. "Maybe Ulquiorra can help. Do you think you can?"

"Yeah I heard about this. I know exactly the jutsu you can use Naruto. It's called the Shadow Clone Jutsu."

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